The We Are Gold Collection: 48 Hours Only

As the off-season drags on it’s time to bring some bling back into life, so for 48 hours only we present the chance to get hold of a range of limited edition gold-themed swag in our Speedhunters gold rush.

Speedhunters EDTN We Are Gold-1449

We’ve woven a golden thread through our three Collection 04 shirts: these are like the angelic opposites of the original blacker-than-black releases. Each shirt features an individual logo and complementing graphic device: choose from Speedhunters, #Need For Speed and #We Have Boost.

Speedhunters EDTN We Are Gold-2038

Each shirt comes with a matching logo and graphic on the shoulder.

Speedhunters EDTN We Are Gold-2142

As ever, the shirts are all top notch American Apparel – heavyweight jersey cotton – and are available in a full range of men’s cuts. They come up slim, so upsize for a baggy fit.

We are gold-03

Beauty is said to be skin deep. Well, normally that’s the case, though here the beauty is the skin: the We Are Gold iPhone 5 skin. Each set comprises a pair of heavy duty protective sheets for the front and back of your iPhone 5, finished in a brushed gold laminate and complemented with a spray of Speedhunters logos.

We are gold-02

The skins can be applied directly to the phone and are soft peel for easy positioning. All the necessary cut-outs are in place so your iPhone features are unobscured, and you can stick it on top of a transparent screen protector if you want.

We are gold-01

The high quality gold skin isn’t just full-on in colour: it’s also finished with an anti-scratch laminate to protect your treasure.

We are gold-04

Last but not least, there’s the matching gold sticker sheet: an extravagance of frontwards and backwards shiny sticker joy. Buy one, buy them all – and paint the town gold.

Speedhunters store



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That iPhone skin makes me want to buy a 5...

And I guess if Drifting dries up, Fredric has a career in modeling.


What happens if all this stuff isn't sold in 48 hours?
Also, SH camera straps. That is all.


The girl is the picture is #maximum beautiful


Stickers ordered - gold is exactly what I needed


midgeman Even the Speedhunters photographers want camera straps!


midgeman Even the Speedhunters photographers want camera straps!


midgeman Speedhunters x Takata camera straps. That is all.


Cheaper freight to Australia!


This post makes this run through my head...


Tempting, but I have already been waiting 3 weeks for my last order to arrive and still nothing.
The Gold does look great though.


Couldn't resist... 2 iPhone skins, 1 gold tshirt & 2 takata speed hunters two hooks  :D


It's manufactured on demand :)


how about a gold takata strap??


We want camera straps


Ordered an iPhone skin and the gold stickers


23$ to ship a sticker from the UK to germany?
Thats a joke and the most unprofessional webshop ever!!!


BrockHarvisonHave you contacted anybody about this? Much want must be satisfied! :)


Not yet, only just realised how long it had been since I placed the order.
Time flies when your busy producing boost!


HolyMoly Can you try again? We found an error that was affecting the cost of shipping.


I contacted the store via email. The issue was all sorted in 3hours. It appears that the system didn't pick up on my payment. Very happy with the response and swift resolution. Much satisfaction is now on it's way.


midgeman Yeah, I would totally a camera strap, too.


xrbsp Awesome, thank you :)


MadMigMR2 Thank you for your support, it honestly means a lot.


BrockHarvison Glad you got sorted!


gtuned or could return to his career as a successful graphic designer. The man has too many talents.


PaddyMcGrathgtunedWait... Really? IS THERE ANYTHING HE CAN'T DO.


Br3ntb0y What are they going on?


PaddyMcGrath HolyMoly did it impact the shipping to the US also?


PaddyMcGrath Br3ntb0y Graphite gray G37 S coupe


Ordered a #wehaveboost T and some awesome stickers for my build!!


Much love for what the entire Speedhunters team brings! I had to pick up a couple goodies.


Tinj Genius, this man deserves a cookie


Br3ntb0y PaddyMcGrath HolyMoly It didn't affect the price of shipping, it just set the default to the more expensive courier option although you could still have availed of the cheaper rate. It was rectified immediately once it was noticed.


I would love to buy more but I'm upset with the poor services of your E-shop team. I would like to sell your genuine product here in my country but no replies from your end.. That's okie. Latest purchase arrive with an incomplete quantity and I hope I get an answer from your team.. SPEEDHUNTERS are well-known of it's friendly-ness among every post but business part it's abit upsetting for me...


Still waiting for my Gold iPhone Skin and some Air Freshener...order status "processing" since January 23 :( order #6518. Can I have some feedback from you guys.


Can you make the skins again I reaaallly wanna buy one!!