Wagons Are For Winners

A couple of weeks ago, Honda gave us a look at what we can expect from their new and improved 2014 Civic WTCC race car. The WTCC machine won’t be the only new Civic touring car competing next year though. The British Touring Car Championship’s Honda Yuasa Racing Team has also announced plans to switch over to the new Civic Tourer (read ‘Wagon’) body style for next season. That’s right, a wagon is back in the BTCC.

Some of you might remember that Volvo campaigned 850 Estates in BTCC back in the ’90s, and photos of those cars still circulate the internet today with much appreciation. Given the Honda Yuasa team’s success in BTCC over the last few years, there’s also a very realistic chance that this Civic Tourer could in fact become the next series champion. How crazy would that be? Regardless of the result, there’s no denying the buzz this move has already produced.

Do you welcome the uniqueness of a race wagon, or do you think estates should be left for grocery store parking lots? Several of us here at Speedhunters (including myself) own wagons that we love to death, so our thoughts on the matter are pretty clear. We can’t wait to see a longroof getting thrashed on the circuit next spring!



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oh my oh my........make me miss my nissan wagon turbo..........


I'd always opt for the wagon .. Z3 Coupe, RS6, Accord, CLS Shooting Brake .... the lot. Always cooler ..


For some reason I've become obsessed with the Nissan Stagea.

That said, the Civic Tourer is one of the nicest looking estates around.


maxproof cadillac cts-v wagon, the brabus e-850...


Wagons can be very cool, the Germans noticed that long time ago. So why not race them?


as a road car a civic estate is pretty bland but throw some NGTC bits at it and makes for a brilliant looking racer. Im happy to see a estates on the grid, variety is the spice of life


Type R wagon anyone? :D :D :D


As far as wagons go: It's all about aerodynamics: Wagons tend to create less drag then their hatchback, sedan or coupe cousins. And it's already been done before. Look at Volvo in the "90. Same reason....


I "welcome wagons" but the modern BTCC is a joke (and has been ever since the start of this era where punting people off is accepted as proper racing.) Almost all new cars are seriously ugly anyway, so I watch 80's-90's Touring car racing instead because I personally don't like looking at ugly cars.


Dalton BedoreI agree, aesthetically the '80s and '90s touring cars were freaking amazing!


Jason HardyIndeed!


No love for these in Canada unfortunately.


Wagons all the way! I just got back from a 3000km round trip for a volvo turbo wagon...probably shouldn't admit that in public


I want some credit for this story! Look at the last comment on the Civic Wtcc car. Link provided. 

Just kidding!! Looking forward to 2014. Personally I want more builds they give me ideas......but then so do shows and events. Especially Ber Grennen HILL CLIMB