Track-Ready: The BMW 235i Racing

Last month we reported the latest news on BMW’s 235i Racing, and now we have some official images and the car’s final specs. The 235i Racing joins BMW Motorsport’s lineup of factory racing machines, positioned as an entry level option for those looking to break into the world of competitive motorsport.


Along with a twin turbo inline-six making 333 horsepower, the 235i Racing comes with adjustable suspension, a mechanical limited slip differential and FIA-approved safety equipment. It also gets a number of body additions direct from BMW’s M-line. Pricing for the 235i Racing is set at 59,500 Euros, which actually seems quite reasonable for a brand new factory-prepared race car.

You can expect to see the cars on the track for next year’s VLN racing season along with the BMW Sports Trophy series.



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All hail the inline 6 !! and twin turbo ??!! thats pretty sweet!!!




i think this is what the m3/4 should have looked like.


Inline 6 twin turbo?! Hell yeah!


sick, so much better without the headlights moulding into its nostrils like all the 1,3 and 4 series


goatlambmy thoughts exactly. i love this headlight design also the m3/4 has the unattractive flap in the bumpers that is not present in this car. this is very attractive. i hope its as fast as it looks =)


As had been said, this is a far more attractive package than the new M3/4 (M three quarters?).
The new M and three quarters has a busy face and an afterthought for a rear; eyes forming into nostrils, lines appearing and disappearing inexplicably and a rear "diffuser" relief that could easily have been copy and pasted from any of BMWs cars from the past few years. The side profile, interior, turbo-6 and a lighter chassis are hopefully signs of BMW returning to their senses.
Don't even get me started on the naming convention though. If the 4-series is the 4 door version of the 3 series, is the 2 series the 2 door version of the 1-series?
Further more, if continuing with that convention and the 6-series being the 5-series sized 2-door, why is their a 4 door 6-series?
BMW seriously needs to gain control of their brand before it runs away from them. Building a car to meet every sub-set and demographic is seriously diluting the core values that we as customers had come to expect. This 235i though is hopefully a hint of better things to come from our beloved BM.


Anybody else feeling the fender/arch flares? I think they look better than the render we showed you before. Maybe that's because it's in Motorsport colours though. I was worried there'd be too much space between the top of the rear arch and the bottom of the rear window, we'll see the real thing soon enough though.


goatlamb I'll stick with my 1M for the road ;) How you doing pal?


d_rav Maybe it's a hint towards the M2...


Speedhunters_Bryn Needs more rivets...


so much want so little moneys


Verdigrie have faith in bmw my e30 reminds me of greater times. maybe those times will return


Verdigrie I think BMWs naming isn't half as complicated as your description of it ;) The four-door 6-series is called the Gran Turismo an simply bigger and more Gt-ish parallel to the 5- or 3-series GT. I don't think it's complicated at all as it's logical and actually easier to call a car 435 instead of 335 Coupe (just for the length). It's just that we all are used to certain names and as of the humankind tend to disagree with any form of change. ;) 
Concerning the urge to diversification of the line up i totally agree with you.


Will this be street legal? I'd buy it...


Step 1) Purchase M235i
Step 2) Rebadge to M3



Whats the engine's capacity? If its above 2.5 litres its basically running in a class on its own in the VLN, like the Nissan GTR does (it may even be the same class). Most other turbo pertrols are in the 2 litre class (SP3T iirc) and those below, and having competition in your class is what matters most in the VLNs points system.


Cole Trickle goatlamb Im doing alright mate, are you? 
Theres a private trackday you might be interested in at blyton in may next year if you want to show me that 1M of yours, PM me on the forum if you have chance. 
hows the baby and your new child?


Dear Santa......... 
Please send me a 235i Racing for Christmas.


Street legal by chance?


Speedhunters_Bryn Dare I say it.... They're very TRA kyoto -  minus the rivets.


goatlamb Might well be tempted by that, no kids but the 1M is incredible. Perfect in every way


Cole Trickle goatlamb let us know mate. its a cheap do and youd be more than welcome in my ST. are you on Facebook mate? not heard anything of you since you left the club.


Nihilation WHY?


I wish this! :)