The Best Film You’ll See These Holidays

We’re going to interrupt our feature car and event countdown for a very special reason. What you’re about to watch is a powerful combination of many things we love here at Speedhunters: pure bred race cars, Le Mans, Japan, enthusiasm, dedication and taking things to the street. Car Maniacs : Life With Le Mans’  is a wonderful short film that’s been put together by our friends at Motorhead magazine and Maiham Media. Part of the reason we enjoy collaborating with people like this is because of their constant hunger to simply do things better; something that really shows through in this amazing 4K ultra high definition production.

Maiham Media Le Mans Film 4

We bow down to the three owners of these thoroughbred machines and revel in their celebration of ownership. I mean, when was the last time you saw a Jaguar XJ220, let alone one unleashed on the streets? The 962C you’ve seen before when Dino went hunting in 2012, but here it is now in glorious motion; the owner certainly not shy when it comes to exercising the Porsche. Add in a crazy-rare, four-rotor Mazda 767B and you have a reason to find a quiet corner somewhere, switch the quality mode to that incredible 4K resolution, and lose yourself.

Maiham Media Le Mans Film 3

You’ll need to guess the maximum speeds involved in the video, but it’s worthwhile noting that in 1992 when the XJ220 was first launched it was reputedly good for 220mph (354km/h).

Remember folks, as somebody once said: ‘If racing was outlawed, only outlaws would race.’

Now turn it up…



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This video is amazing, I love it. My only wish is that it just kept on going. I actually hope Speedhunters does more work like this in the future. I know you guys have done videos before, and it's hard to categorize this style but I think Speedhunters could top this and do something much bigger.


I cannot understand why they added music to this video. Worst choice ever.

Seeking Perfection

2xthefun SH made magnificent videos with Will Roegge a few years back. On the other hand, Luke is producing outstanding videos on his own. I doubt this is a collaboration with SH, but this a terrific video and the content is mindblowing. "We own racing cars, so we may as well use them in our daily lives. It's only natural'' #nextlevel #balltillifall


Would love to see some of the raw behind the scenes clips of these cars. Great video, wish it was longer.


Maiham Media has really one upped himself. Everything looked amazing, some even considered beautiful in this film. The man with the XJ220 with that white backdrop really makes a statement. When he got in the XJ220, wow. I don't even know how to describe it. It's always a treat to see Luke Huxham produce something new.


Swonz Thank you kind sir,my favourite sequence as well.


Watched it once already today, and I'll probably watch it again. I love his style of editing and filming, every video by him is amazing.


Maybe they could cut some of the whimsical techno out of some of the scenes so we could actual hear these cars. For me that is one of the best parts of a full race vehicle, being able to hear that sound and response to throttle.


Awesome video. More please!


@Seeking Perfection 2xthefun No SH was not part of this collaboration, I can see how my comments made it seem I said otherwise. I agree SH has made some great videos, I think they should be making more and something above and beyond this level. But yes, fantastic video.


I want to drive to work in a 787B.  Once I've done that, I'll start saving for the Sauber Merc C9.


Amazing short film! So excited after watching this!


"The Best Film You'll See These Holidays"

...Well I just watched Anchorman 2 so..... second best best film?

Donald Jackson Jr

Luke does it again. dude puts in his time as a fellow outsider in Japan tons of props.


Great video! Great, great, great video!
You guys should make a video about the Overtake International GT-R R35, when it will be finished.
That would be cool... ;)




@Joseph Couldn't agree more. The video fell short of expectations due to that same song in the background the whole time. Visuals were stunning


Awesome, made my Dad sit down and watch it too, awesome to see the cars on the streets, and it makes the XJ220 look so unaerodynamic compared to the 962/767B because of it's higher nose. Agree with the music wanting to be a bit quieter, couldn't really here what the guy who spoke in English was saying, which was ironically not subtitled. Love the post pro on this too, lot of skill.


this is so epic my laptop crashed...twice!!!
Another day in Japan...!


Great video...but I gotta agree the sound is completely blown out. The bass is overcooking on every hit. Then add in the fact that the music is way, way, way too loud in comparison with the dialogue and engine noises and it's not good. Still a very cool video, but the blown out loud music really takes away from it. Shame since the rest of the video seems so well produced.


i wonder what do they do for living in order to afford those kind of car....


Just imagine, you're out on the Wangan with your buddies, thinking you're top shit because you can hit 250... And these three just breeze past you. That would be awesome
One day.


Stitch Jones Some people have said that but I have had other test it on multiple outputs and also myself have tested it on laptops, 5.1 surround, ear phones etc and no blow outs. People have said if you watch it in any mode under 4K it seems to be worse. Myself or friends cant replicate the problems.


Is there a reasoning behind that other than the possibility your just a fan of rotary engines. Because besides winning one race, they were terribly unsuccessful and unreliable. And dominated by the Porsches, Nissans, Toyotas, Jaguars and Sauber-Mercs


awesome vid! but why not just own the fact they were driven on the street with other cars around??? seriously, who gives a shit...


Great sound effects but what happened to the picture???


Superb video. Would like to have heard more of those engines (especially the four rotor!) without any background music, but this is still fantastic work.
Only in Japan!


Beautiful and inspiring, I love it.


Superb video and just great to see cars being used and not locked away.


Jezza k I too also love the 767B / 787B, its amazing looks and incredible sound. A cars success or stats will never rival someones personal taste or the emotions they feel when the first lay their eyes on the car.


Jezza k Non rotary fans like it because the engine makes a great noise, and it's an under dog story.  Mazda back then (and now)  didn't have the money and resources to throw at racing compared to Toyota, Porsche, Nissan, etc.

Rotaries actually made a habit of finishing endurance races. They had lots of class wins before the overall victory, not only at Le Mans, but Daytona 24 as well.


Wow.. so good. so very good. Maiham are on fire right now


Luke, this video is bananas.  Ignore the naysayers, the music is perfect.  You have a great cinematic eye.  Keep it comin'.


So inspiring....


Thank you Luke Huxham and Motorhead for an amazing film.


LukeHuxham Would you care to share the track so we can listen to the original recording? I actually enjoy the soundtrack, along with the sound of the cars, but am also having some strange sound issues. Thanks, and nice cinematography. Mr A's stare was bad ass.


Chris Nuggets LukeHuxham I want to know the same thing! The song at the beginning is amazing!


LukeHuxham Swonz May I ask what the name of the song used at the beginning???


that was awesome.


LukeHuxham Swonz Great way to end the year, here's to hoping next years content would be amazing.


Why adding background music when the car already have a unique one?


LouisYio i saw Anchorman 2 as well, i enjoyed this much more haha


LeGuyTremblay These cars at constant RPM don't sound very inspiring. The 962C is very flat and just hums and the Jaguar is much the same. Listening to engines at constant RPM on the highway is quite boring in itself this was the main reason why the film was filled most with music. On a race circuit with down shifts, up shifts and constant variation in the RPM you would have engine music.


airforce1 Much appreciated. Along time ago someone told that you can take something constructive out of every comment people may have from about your work. I really appreciate the negative comments just as much as the positive.


Nicely done production.  It is good to see the preservation of fine and important machines, especially on the public streets where the public can enjoy our passion of motorsports upclose.  Would be good to wear helmets though if you are going 180 mph.


amazing stuff! Love your videos