Large Format Art Prints Are Here

From today we’re making available large format, high quality art prints of an exclusive selection of curated images from the #JoyOfMachine collection. The prints will be available in two sizes: for maximum impact there’s the huge A1 size – that’s 841mm x 594mm, or 33.1 x 23.4 inches. The second option is A3 at 420mm x 297mm, or 16.5 x 11.7 inches.


It’s all about quality. Each print will be individually output to order on 220gsm premium art paper with a semi-matt finish and lay-flat PE backing coating, on a high-end proofing device. The big A1 prints cost £27/$37.50, and the regular A3 £8.50/$12. The images are printed full bleed with no outer borders, and will be sent out rolled in protective heavy-duty cardboard tubes.


This is something we’ve had in the pipeline for quite some time: we’ve taken our time experimenting to make sure we can deliver the maximum quality that the images deserve and you expect. So without further ado, here’s a complete run down of the images which will be available as part of the initial range.

LC_0008_Gatebil Drifters_1920A

Perfect harmony: the Speedhunters drift team
Rudskogen Motosenter, Norway
Larry Chen

AP_0001_Stelvio Pass_1920A

Mountain climbing, Impreza style
Passo dello Stelvio, Italy
Alok Paleri

BM_0001_BAC MONO_1920A

Ghost rider: the BAC Mono
Private test, Anglesey Circuit, Wales
Bryn Musselwhite

DC_0001_FRS Rocket Bunny_1920A

The Miura marvel: Rocket Bunny GT86
Fuji Speedway, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

LC_0007_March Meet Famoso_1920A

‘Duster’ Nostalgic Nitro funny car, driven by Joe Lepone Jr
March Meet, Famoso Raceway, California
Larry Chen

PM_0001_Worthersee 911_1920A

The Distraction
Wörthersee Tour, Lake Wörthersee, Austria
Paddy McGrath


Doing the salt
Bonneville Speed Week, Utah, USA
Larry Chen

DC_0008_Street 962_1920A

Racing on the streets with a Porsche 962C
Somewhere in Gunma, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

LC_0010_Gatebil F40_1920A

Flat-out fast: the Gatebil F40
Rudskogen Motosenter, Norway
Larry Chen

LC_0013_McLaren P1_1920A

The face of the future: McLaren’s P1 hybrid hypercar
Los Angeles, USA
Larry Chen

LC_0006_Grand National Show_1920A

Rodders’ heaven
Grand National Roadster Show, Pomona, USA
Larry Chen

DC_0011_Nismo Festival Hakosuka_1920A

Nissan Magic
Nismo Festival, Fuji Speedway, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

SK_0002_Liberty Walk Aventador_1920A

Sensory overload: the Liberty Walk Aventador
Roppongi, Japan
Sean Klingelhoefer

LC_0004_DP Motorsports 911_1920A

The last project of Ekkehard Zimmerman
DP Motorsports, Overath, Germany
Larry Chen

DC_0003_Matsuri 86_1920A

Custom Garage Speed N2 AE86 racer
AE86 Matsuri, Tsukuba Circuit, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

LC_0005_Gatebil Crowd_1920A

And the crowd goes wild!
Gatebil, Rudskogen Motorsenter, Norway
Larry Chen

PM_0004_KRB Audi & Lotus_1920A

Turbo terrors: the KRB Esprit and Quattro
Rudskogen Motosenter, Norway
Paddy McGrath

DC_0004_Daikoku 86s_1920A

Daikoku nights
AE86 meeting, Daikoku PA, Yokohama, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

DC_0005_Rauh Welt Meet_1920A

The voyage towards Tsukuba
RWB Crew, Ibaraki, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

LC_0011_Grand National Show_1920A

Candy-colored low riders
Grand National Roadster Show, Pomona, USA
Larry Chen

SK_0001_962 Laguna Seca_1920A

Nine-six-two in the screw
Rennsport Reunion IV, Laguna Seca, USA
Sean Klingelhoefer

DC_0006_GTR Plant_1920A

Godzilla’s lair: the Nissan GT-R production line
Nissan Yokohama plant, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

RC_0001_RLR BMWs_1920A

Under wraps: BMW North America’s private car collection
Rahal Letterman Racing HQ, Columbus, USA
Rod Chong

DC_0007_Hellaflush Kansai_1920A

JDM Playground
Hellaflush Kansai, Central Circuit, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

PM_0002_Ford Heritage_1920A

Protecting history: the Ford Heritage Collection
Secret location, United Kingdom
Paddy McGrath

MG_0001_Nismo Festival_1920

Nissan Magic
Nismo Festival, Fuji Speedway, Japan
Mike Garrett

DC_0002_7s Day_1920A

RX7 generation celebration
7’s Day, Umihotaru PA, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

DC_0010_Liberty Walk F40_1920A

The lady in white: Liberty Walk Ferrari F40
Nagoya, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

BM_0002_Classic Le Mans_1920A

A Porsche 935 driver contemplates his machine joy
Le Mans Classic, Le Mans, France
Bryn Musselwhite

DC_0012_TRA Kyoto_1920A

The launch pad for Rocket Bunny: Miura-san HQ
TRA Kyoto, Japan
Dino Dalle Carbonare

JM_0001_F40 Parade_1920A

Seeing red: the biggest gathering of Ferrari F40s ever seen on track
Donington Historic Festival, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Jonathan Moore

LC_0009_Willow Springs_1920A

Just Drift Top Drift
Willow Springs International Raceway, Rosamond, USA
Larry Chen


The Aventador machine of dreams on the road to nowhere
Los Angeles, California, USA
Larry Chen

LC_0012_Urban Outlaw_1920A

A Porsche lover’s dream garage
Magnus Walker’s Porsche warehouse, Los Angeles, USA
Larry Chen

RC_0004_Gatebil Mini Quattro_1920A

A Mini riot at the Gatebil Festival
Rudskogen Motosenter, Norway
Rod Chong

PM_0005_The Shed_1920A

The Shed
Undisclosed location, Ireland
Paddy McGrath


Pursuing performance on a Welsh national treasure
Brecon Beacons National Park, United Kingdom
Paddy McGrath


The production of perfection: 12Cs await the next stage of their construction
McLaren Production Centre, Woking, United Kingdom
Rod Chong

LC_0003_Rauh Welt Shop_1920A

The wildest, widest Porsches you can find
RAUH-Welt Begriff, Kashiwa, Japan
Larry Chen

RC_0003_Bilsport Elmia_1920A

‘Rat Fink’s Swedish Nightmare’: the bare metal Volvo Amazon Gasser
Bilsport Elmia Show, Jönköping, Sweden
Rod Chong


These 40 images are just the first step in our mission to dominate walls around the world, so head over to the Speedhunters store to browse the opening #Joy Of Machine art print collection.



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I don't have enough wall space for the amount of these I'm going to want to purchase. I guess I'm gonna have to wallpaper my room with them.


Thank you!!


Is it possible to make a worldwide delivery? It would be great.


PositionChrome Where do you need shipping to? Our EU store ships almost worldwide.


Would love to see some prints in a portrait setting :)


Would love to see some prints in a portrait setting :)


PaddyMcGrath PositionChrome I trying ship it to Russia.


PositionChrome PaddyMcGrath Unfortunately you're based in one of only a handful of countries that we've been unable to source a reasonably priced and reliable delivery company. We are working on it, but we have no date as of yet to when this will be sorted. Our apologies.


PaddyMcGrath PositionChrome oh damn, very sad thing. So wish you'll fix it soon. Anyway thanks for great prints!


Jordan_Burgess Exactly what I was thinking! A feature wall (I think that is the correct term) with a Speedhunters wallpaper. Customizable Speedhunters wallpaper rolls, make it happen!


@randomswedeJordan_BurgessHave you been listening on our tea breaks ;)


These are great but more #JOYOFMACHINE t-shirts in more colours please (im going to keep saying this until you make them again) thanks!


Dang I thought you guys would have a more exciting first selection of images for print.


Have you considered adding a "print" option in the same pop up menu as presentation mode/sharing for selected images of future features? I'm not sure if you plan on cataloging all of your images for print but it could make a rather seamless direct to print workflow...


avidworksThat's ultimately where we'd love to be with this project, but there are some logistic issues to deal with first. If things go well, we'd love that to be a reality. So good that you're thinking the same :)


This presents a rather serious problem.... I don't have enough walls for all these amazing shots....


@Mike  The DP Porsche, Nismo Festival Hakosuka, Urban Outlaws Garage, Gatebil F40, Bonneville, Liberty Walk F40, Liberty Walk Aventador, Matsuri 86, Classic LeMans... all these I would be more then happy to wake up to and see in my home each day and that's over $330 in prints from what I just stated. Your eyes need some adjustments mate.


Jordan_Burgess I commented the same thing haha


So much WOW.


please do some Pikes Peak shots!


avidworks If dig into the SH javascript, you'll often find interesting surprises waiting #justSayin




No kanjo racers or Osaka JDM?!


We have five years worth of pictures to bring you... We've got a long way to go yet :)


Get me some RE-Amemiya shots and I'm in. Touge Monster preferably :)


2xthefun Ever considered some people have different tastes? Like Mike, none of these shots really does it for me. There are some shots that are stunning itself, but the cars I don't really care for. Others I like the car, but the background to bland to hang up. More variety would be nice (GT1, v8supercars, nurb, lemans, pit shots, etc)....I counted at least 6 Porsche shots in there.


2xthefun  Ever considered some people have different tastes? Like Mike, none of these shots really does it for me. There are some shots that are stunning itself, but the cars I don't really care for. Others I like the car, but the background to bland to hang up. More variety would be nice (GT1, v8supercars, nurb, lemans, pit shots, etc). I counted 8 Porsche shots in there....great for Porsche fans but I'm not one.

Now, I'm not trying take away from this selection. These are all stunning shots, but they just does not scream "DO WANT" to me. I shall eagerly wait for the 2nd batch if they should make one.


2xthefun Rent new flat. Job done. ;)


Manudotrue...quite a surprising selection of shots. In fact I'll even say I'm disappointed by this initial batch.


do you guys have any portrait style wallpapers?


Please in the next release add the intro shot Nguyen took of Yuta's S30 - that post made speedhunters a site I spend more time on than I should.  Love the Art Prints!!!!


AM81Linhberg's work and that particular post also brought me to SH in 09!!


Beautiful pictures.
"‘Duster’ Nostalgic Nitro funny car, driven by Joe Lepone Jr." Nope. That's a nitrous Pro Mod not a nostalgia funny car.


This is great!  I would love to see some more artistic, if you will, shots.  Perhaps with more emphasis on the background/scenery or something?  Like the pic of the sun setting over the Viper at 12 hours of sebring.  Maybe I'm too picky.


AM81 mooooooar Linhbergh Nguyen !!!!


This is a little Dino-heavy selection huh guys?


AmericaMan It's a toss-up, I think Larry might have more actually. Pretty representative of the book and site contribution though, those two shoot way more than the rest of us.


sean klingelhoeferAmericaManYour Liberty Walk rolling shot takes the cake anyway. Quality, not quantity, as they say.


ClintDavis AM81 Linhbergh Nguyen YESSSS MOAR LINHBERG


Sean's images are crushing it - the Aventador at night on the street will be exquisite in extra-large


sean klingelhoeferClintDavisAM81Linhbergh NguyenLinhbergh Nguyen's pics and Jonathan Brooks's writing were what glued me to this site. All the new guys have their strengths and warrant their posts, but those two were special. A remake of the Larry Chen + Linhbergh tag team is due :)


Speedhunters_BrynThat Kanjo racer shot of the Civic and Prelude rolling onto the loop.....NEED THAT

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

YEESSSS!!!!!! Portraits are a must!!

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Oh, Oh my! Just spent $400 in my head! Portrait pictures are a must but! Hey Jonathan, how about a #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER portrait pics idea?


Would love to see a couple of your best Nür track Photo's available as prints!


I may need to build a "man" cave first.


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner pretty sure you would get some complaints from the submitters about not having a cut in the profits, not all of them but some for certain.


azmedaj Manudo post the shots and links to what you want, speedhunters is a bit of a democracy and they listen to peoples feedback. Your not going to see the shots you want if you don't ever ask for them specifically. I will agree it's easy for me to find shots I like because I like cars, if it's a car I like it! 2 of the shots I named are of an F40 when in reality that's a rare car that pretty much 99.99% of speedhunters users do not own, but the engineering behind it is to be admired like with the McLaren. Urban Outlaw puts a lot of passion into his work and you hear it when Magnus speaks so his image evokes that philosophy. That hakosuka image is 40 yrs in the making!!! It's just crazy to think how 40 or so years ago that car was in a dealership brand new, was purchased, didn't get totalled, crushed, incinerated, wiped out by a flood, survived earthquakes. Did it turn into a barn find? Did it get restored? Did it get slowly upgraded over 40 yrs to what you see in the image? The image is the staple of the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" except maybe let's replace words with questions... Some of the images I like have a lot more depth then the badge on the hood. I hope the next set of images that roll out give you what your looking for mate!


I have complete faith that SH will put more images out in due time.
You're right about the F40, Hakosuka, passion etc and it's cool that you
found so many you'd want as a print. What I was trying to say is that
given the awesome photographic content they have churned out over these
past few years, some of the images in this initial lot didn't seem
poster worthy. Desktop wallpaper - yes, but not A1 print size. For ex-
Magnus Walker's garage. that was a great story about a guy with great
passion for Porsches and what he does with them. I already have a
wallpaper of it. It's not something I would pay for as a print. What I
would pay for is any of Sean's images from that STR shoot.


for the start up  a real nice selection
pls go on on with the customize idea:
The Lambo picture, great
The RWB  and the Rod also, but knowing of Seans RWB Meeting Pictures, and the Cadillac mint coloured Kustom shot by Larry....


Just placed my order, can't wait to get them!!! Your cart system likes to not keep the items I picked though?? Took multiple tries to make it show all 3 items.


AmericaMan sean klingelhoefer Cheers man, I appreciate the compliment.


You could print to order, no ?

Damn no Nuerburgring, no ALMS ?


Where is the epic low mount bumper shot of Mad Mike's RX7 sideways (I think it was at Gatebil)?
I want that please so can do a special order?


cant wait for more shots!!


How long will these prints be available?  Will they still be available when future collections are released?  Or will they be discontinued?


MadBull taken by Larry Chen is just epic! Please print this and sell trillions. Enough said!
Oh please :)


roido11  this is honestly one of the best speedhunters photo's ever taken.  

hat tipped to larry chen.


Hi, awhile ago I saw a print available in the Speedhunters store. I was not able to purchase one before it was no longer available. I am asking to purchase this print if possible. It was taken by Paddy McGrath (I believe), and its of the Ford Heritage Collection. I am looking for the largest size possible. 
If this is possible it would really mean a lot to me. I am a huge Ford enthusiast and a long time Speedhunters reader. 

Thank you very much,