Killing Supercars – I Want To Be A Stuntman!

As you’re probably aware, the upcoming Need for Speed movie is going to feature some rather crazy automotive stunts. During production of the film, Royal Purple got together with stunt coordinator Lance Gilbert to share the story of his career as a Hollywood stuntman and also to show off some of stunt work being done for the NFS movie.

With all of the CG and green screens in movies recently, it’s definitely cool to see that the old school stuntman is still alive and well.



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it was nice to see the wrecked white agera was mostly tube steel and bodywork


Hun'er MANtz Everyone would burst out in tears (including I) if it were a real Agera.


I think those were real Agera Rs in lead and follow in that flip scene.. just imagine the damage if it landed on one of them _


Agreed. I was going to post the same thing, but figured I'd just add on to yours. Best part is seeing daylight in the car's cracks to know that it was just a shell of the car and not a real fully functioning car.


Hun'er MANtz  Haha I definitely felt sick for a moment seeing that Agera being airborne, I feel the same relief as you guys!


Daaamn... I want to be a stuntman!!


Need for speed movie!


I'm so excited to see this. After seeing the dreadful, dreadful Fast 6, I was worried that this was going to be another heist movie with cars thrown in, where they do ridiculous stunts that defy the laws of physics. But it actually looks decent. Aaron Paul is a great actor too, so hopefully he has been given a decent script to work with. I like the sound of the plot, it seems to be sort of based on Need for Speed: The Run, which wasn't the best NFS game but had a good premise.