Honda Previews 2014 WTCC Civic

2014 will mark some big changes for the World Touring Car Championship, with new technical regulations taking hold next season. That of course means updated machines, and Honda has just released a render of its new Civic WTCC entry. The new car will include larger wheels, more aggressive fenders and better aerodynamics all around to go with its more powerful engine. It’s also easy to spot the resemblance between the WTCC entry and the upcoming production Civic Type R.

With two works teams set for 2014, Honda looks like they are in good position to defend the manufacturers’ title they won this season.



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Nice! Now, how about a road-going version? A Type R with the huge arches!


Love the look of this!


Hmmm... I wonder if those wheels could fit on the street car.


That's more like it!


Looks epic! Can't wait to see it in action!


wheatgod You mean Subaru?


good looking but i think it needs a little bit more aero on the front


looks awesome...until it get covered in sponsors liveries!


I dunno, a speedy car that can haul me and more than one friend/kids plus a good amount of cargo sounds pretty ideal to me.


wheatgod The 4 dr. vs. 2 dr. hot hatch problem is near and dear to my heart, but has become a bit of a lost cause.  The manufactures have decided that 2 dr's. don't sell, so 4 it is. And trust me, I would love to buy a 2dr. Focus ST, or the Fiesta ST.  I even wasted my time requesting such on Ford's website.

Oh and next your going to ask for a brown, manual shift, wagon, with a diesel engine.


wheatgod japanophile25 Ha, my four-door does alright... :P


wheatgod SuzyWallace japanophile25 yeah, but not everyone can afford multiple cars.


Open letter to honda. Rear wheel drive that civic R please, thank you.


wheatgod AlanPeterson1 Ridiculous you say? How about the the fact the that a factory FD2 lapped Suzuka faster than your favorite '90s sport cars - BNR34, FD3S, an NSX and even a  certain Ferrari 550 Maranello.


Listen up Honda folks: Rear wheel drive, 2 doors, 400BHP, Brembos and dump those McPhersons please


wheatgod SuzyWallace japanophile25 What a stereotypical arrogant prick. No wonder people hate Americans and all for the wrong reasons - yourself. I'm beginning to find it very hard to believe you actually like cars, as majority of car manufacturers would beg to differ what a performance car really is.


AEROHUNTER Strict rules on aero for these cars. However, that orange lip on the edge is quite clever...


AlanPeterson1 wheatgod 4dr vs 2dr? you mean 5 vs 3..
If people don't buy many 3dr's then surely as a manufacturer you might as well make 5dr models which more people will buy


TomHoward AlanPeterson1 wheatgod yep, your right on the door numbers. however that was my point, as a car company one must make what will sell.  and here in the USA 3dr hot hatches don't sell.  Maybe because if your in the market for a domestic sports car, it would never be a Focus, it would be a traditional "muscle" car.  The euro's however don't have that mindset and so they get all the good stuff.  
Now as for me, I worked in the plant that builds the Ford Focus ST installing the assembly line, so to buy one would be full circle.  Just sad Ford won't build a 3dr for us americans.
Which maybe someone knows, are euro ford focus's built overseas?  I don't know but i would imagine so.  Cologne Germany i would think.


wheatgod SuzyWallace japanophile25 I think wheatgod is trolling just a bit, but he makes a good point.  
If you were to have the option on say the subie or the evo, what would u pick?  4 doors or 2 doors.  I would think most would pick 2dr.


wheatgod apex_DNA SuzyWallace japanophile25 Look who's talking.


wheatgod apex_DNA SuzyWallace japanophile25"Seriously, Im not interested in your stupid troll rants."
And neither are we.


All this talk about doors etc.. This is their 2014 BTCC car!



wheatgod apex_DNA SuzyWallace japanophile25 Talking to yourself again?