Dear Lamborghini, We Want Your Huracán

The Gallardo has cemented itself as the most successful Lamborghini ever. It’s been around for a full decade and in that time it has racked up 14,022 sales – both a damn good run and numbers for a supercar. That said, ensuring that it has a worthy successor to the ‘baby Lambo’ will have been of utmost importance to the Sant’Agata Bolognese based manufacturer. Judging be these first images of that car, the Huracán LP 610-4 is set to become an absolutely epic machine!


Yep, you’ve guessed it, the ‘610’ in the Huracán’s name is a hint at its power output – 610hp of  5.2-liter, naturally aspirated howling V10. This latest evolution of the Lamborghini 10-cylinder is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (finally!) and sends drive to all four wheels as the ‘4’ at the end of its rather long name denotes.


Underneath its aggressively styled exterior (which combines visible hints to both the Aventador and the Sesto Elemento) hides a carbon fiber and aluminium chassis that helps keep weight contained. The Huracán hits the scales at 1,422 kg, which will no doubt equip it with some pretty phenomenal handling characteristics. According to Lamborghini it will sprint from standstill to 100km/h (62mph) in 3.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 325km/h (201mph).


The interior borrows heavily from the jet-fighter like cabin of the Aventador – a good thing in my book. There’s a racked center stack where the flip-up cover hiding the start/stop ignition button lies, and an LCD screen making up the main dash instrumentation. The first deliveries are set to roll out in spring next year and we are positively salivating at the thought of getting behind the wheel!



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The styling strikes a very good (if somewhat impersonal) balance between edgy and radiused, especially the side-view of the rear is very effective and potent.

The side-view profile of the front overhang is somewhat 'tinny', it does not have the ground-hugging circuit-inspired look that would've made the profile outstanding (of course, they keep it for the spicy "R" versions that will follow).

Face pic is very convincing, and the way roof/"C-pillar" air intakes stretch widely in both directions is very clever, although, I repeat, that kind of aggressiveness deserves a more dramatic front-end solution perhaps.

One thing that is clearly styled intentionally in order to tame the car and prevent it from being prettier than the Aventador, is the placement of the door-handles.  It seriously ruins the otherwise beautiful proportions (just cover it with a tip of a pen and see what I mean).  The car would be far more attractive if they opted for a recessed-handle behind the door - clearly, this was intentional, as are several other things which you WON'T find on a top-end product from L (eg. the mirrors are also way oversized, almost absurd). 

Wheelarches are PERFECTLY executed - quite probably the most yummilicious radiused wheelarch/fender union I've ever seen.  AMAZING !  Actually, with such an amazing wheelarch design, one can "throw" anything in between and still come up with an extremely attractive body.

This also gives confidence that perhaps this body will react wild to certain tyre/wheel combinations, as some design shops will probably find out soon.  I predict that this car will even look OK with meatier tires and inch or two smaller rim diameter (a trend that's coming back with a vengeance).

Competition should be very very frightened.  In spite of some obvious compromises, L has caught the competition offguard with this baby, at least styling wise.  (Performance wise, most notably the weight figure - for a 4wd & DSG 7sp equipped supercar, gives hope that this one would quit probably end up to be the best "value-vs-real performance" entry-level supercar, objectively speaking).

Whether it will have the right mix of sound/NVH/handling excitement/generall "buzz&drama", remains to be seen.
But even if it doesn't, this will be one serious poser and a sight to behold.

Supercars are....err... back.


alpinaweiss Fully agree with every point you've made. Great analysis.


Looks stunning!! Even with that rear scoop integration similar to the Esprit prototype.


Build the Miura concept...prego!


At last.
A beautiful Lamborghini. Aventador and others are technical Fightertype masterpieces, but no nice-looking cars to see on boulevard.
It is somewhat very refreshing to see one - a change definitely.Although it just looks like facelifted (okay, more like bodylifted) Murcielago. 
I am glad, they found ellipses tool from designers table.


like this more than the aventador


Its not really a good thing with dual clutch gearboxes. They get trown out in racing for a reason.. they are heavy!


MatsNorway If they were concerned about weight then they wouldn't have made it AWD though


Nice Esprit! no wait...


mini aventador with really bad name..... what happend with the iconic lamborghini names??


i think the door handles is big for install a  system  similar to tesla s 2


MarcosMendozaCruz Erm...Huracán was the name of a bull. So were Miura, Murcielago, Gallardo and Aventador.


lamourghini's version of a porsche boxster to a 911.

too fitting into the cheaper lambo, good looking car but nothing amazing, may as well have an audi badge on it.


lamourghini's version of a porsche boxster to a 911.

too fitting into the cheaper lambo, good looking car but nothing amazing, may as well have an audi badge on it.


goatlamb u sir are into some heavy stuff. you should check ur head


First Lamborghini in a long time that I have actually thought was pretty. Very nice imho


goatlamb Both Gallardo and R8 were made by VW so what's your problem?


apex_DNAgoatlamb Actually this may come as a shock but the Gallardo was made by Lamborghini and the R8 was made by Audi. Being owned by Volkswagen does not translate to "developed & manufactured by Volkswagen".


or should I say: bitte?


goatlamb LMAO.  what do u drive i might ask?


aussieANONMatsNorway Might be true but with 600hp and likely to continue to increase during its lifetime you probably get faster on most tracks and certainly during sub optimum conditions.


the horsepower output is 602 not 610


MatsNorway aussieANON ...and hence a little bit more weight vs fast shifts for cheaper (and faster shifts without having to be rebuilt as much), dual clutch is good enough


Surprised Liberty Walk haven't released crazy prototypes of its wide body kit on it yet...


looks the same as any other recent Lambo! no newer shape? how about an Espada Lambo?


kamranexir Depends on your horsepower.. (Why can't people give up with their ancient agricultural units and convert to SI)


koko san Lamborghini has always been forward looking company. Why should they make a retro model? Makes absolutely no sense. What they should do is reinvent supercar like they did with Miura and Countach but haven't made ever since


Vittorio Janokoko sanLOL ...because I am old and I like the Miura. That doesn't mean I don't like the Huracan.


Honestly I wouldn't buy it. Other than being a fast car, it has nothing special to offer. With a shape between the Gallardo and the Aventador, it lacks personality and character. The name also does not know...
For this amount of money I would buy something from another neighborhood, let's say 40km southwestern from Sant' Agata Bolognese!


Vittorio Janokoko sandoesn't have to be the Miura...anything that doesn't look like a fighterjet, would be a great change.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner



Damn this thing is ugly


So a Sesto Elemento had a sexual relationship with an Aventador...


Lamborghini, Porsche and Aston are getting pretty good at this mini-me stuff...


Now make a rear wheel drive version...


Good looks,beautiful structure and brute power make me love this Huracan,well done Lambo!!!!