Cooper-von-Wankel, Moonshine’s Rotary Mini

One of the things I feel the most appreciative over about my experiences working for Speedhunters has been the opportunity to travel to Scandinavia a handful of times. In this strange land full of beautiful places and beautiful people I’ve learned to re-evaluate the way I look at the world. In a place where nothing is as it seems, you start to just stop questioning anything and just have a good old-fashioned look.


When I first saw the Moonshine Racing team vehicles, they were still strapped onto one of the official support trailers. I went right up close and within seconds I released that these cars were pretty bonkers. I didn’t yet know anything about the owners, but after one look at the cars I could tell that whomever built them had likely done so while drinking Moonshine.


The outsides of the cars are all painted a matching primer grey color, with miscellaneous stenciling around the body; some hinting at possible performance upgrades while others were non-sensical and others yet simply lewd.


On this particular Mini Cooper, one of the stencils contained a combination of numbers and letters unmistakable to any petrolhead. It read simply 13B-REW. That’s right sports fans, this Mini is RWD and rotary powered. Now I’ve seen it all.


Speedhunters driver and resident rotary fanatic Mad Mike even stopped on track during our photo session to check out the mini, and the next day the owner offered him some time at the helm. Watching Mike wrangling the grippy-tired-and-ludicrously-short-wheelbased Mini into a drift was comical and incredible in equal parts; a memory I won’t soon forget.


With every Gatebil event we are slowly getting around to unearthing more and more of these builds, but try as we might, there are more being built all the time. It’s pretty mind-boggling at times just how many incredible cars are out there in the world and I often can’t help but wonder what future hotspots will be discovered. South America? Middle East? Africa? The search continues…



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Pretty sick


wow! does anyone have a video of this thing in action??


No feature on this?!! :O

Kjetil Alm Knudsen  Some sideway-action from Mad Mike!


Oh Sean you little tease! A spotlight isn't enough for a build as incredible as this, I couldn't believe my eyes when I scrolled down and wasnt offered another 3 chapters! Get back on that plane and finish the job :D


Oh Sean you little tease! A spotlight is not enough for a build as incredible as this, I couldn't believe my eyes when I scrolled down and wasn't offered a further 3 chapters of infotainment. Get back on that plane and finish the job! :D


godders I shot this as a full feature, the decision to turn it into a spotlight wasn't up to me... Glad you like the car though!


Vojislav Vujanic I wish man, unfortunately we were forced to run a spotlight on this one.


jay8393 Nope just a tidbit. Sorry!


Perfect engine setup for that size car, love these kind of merges.


Needs more pics, show us the rest Sean!


Ditch the rotating dorito. Lame sauce.
And horribly done appearance


Adaptronic powered. Nice!


More, give us mooooore!


Rotang errthang!


aaaand, the video of mike actually doing it is..?


SassySquatch ad you drive what, a hydrogen powered electrical hypertubinator???? (made up name, i know how internal combustion piston engines work, this is a joke) why hate on rotaries??


This is a really nice MINI. It's like a toy for grown man


You should do a compilation of posts with Minis... Now that Project Binky is under way...


This is great , make me real excited .
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