The 2015 BMW M3 & M4 Debut

For a couple of years now, BMW enthusiasts around the world have been eagerly anticipating the debut of the next generation M3. Well the car is finally here and will soon be making its debut alongside an all-new M4 model. Essentially, they’re the same car in two different body styles – BMW designating what was the 3 Series coupe as the 4 Series, while leaving the sedan to carry on the 3 Series line.


No matter what you want to call them, the new M3 sedan and M4 coupe both carry on the M tradition while embracing the latest in performance tech. Gone is the naturally aspirated V8 found in the current M3, and in its place is a new 3.0-liter twin turbocharged inline six.


This follows the industry trend of moving to smaller engines with forced induction, and whether you choose the M3 or the M4 the new engine will produce 425 horsepower and 406 foot pounds of torque.


As for transmissions, both cars will be available with either a traditional six-speed manual gearbox with throttle blipping, or a seven-speed M double-clutch trans with launch control and other high tech goodies.


If you opt for the old school gearbox, BMW is claiming a 0-60mph time of 4.1 seconds, and if you choose the optional double-clutch you’ll get to 60 in just 3.9.


The suspension has also been improved with lightweight aluminum construction throughout, and the chassis tuning was perfected at the Nürburgring with help of BMW’s DTM drivers.


Additionally, both the sedan and the coupe feature trick bits like carbon fiber roofs and bodies designed to cut through the air as efficiently as possible.


Aside from the more powerful and more fuel efficient powertrains, BMW is also touting the decreased weight of the new M cars. The M4 coupe weighs close to 200lbs less than the old M3, and this marks the first time the car has lost weight in a new model transition.


Both models are scheduled to make their official debut next month at the Detroit Auto Show, with deliveries expected to begin next summer.


Now that the wait is over, what are your thoughts on the new M3 and M4? Will you miss the naturally aspirated models of the past or do you welcome the turbo technology with open arms?



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Love the charge cooler set up! RB26DETT tuners/parts makers take notice


The duck tail on the M4 is sexy! Not sure about the rear fake diffuser/bumper though, looks a bit messy. I have no problem with BMW going back to inline sixes and turbo is more or less a must nowadays. I'm sure they will produce a good soundtrack, even if not as good as an NA.


Doesn't happen too often, but this car is pretty much perfection off the showroom floor. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard they were making the move back to an inline 6, and elated when it was confirmed to be fitted with a snail. Engineers at BMW put the old M3 through hell at the gym, and the result is a lean, mean driving machine. Lol New muscles to flex, and curves to break necks. haha Simply stated, I love this car already and I haven't even seen it being put through it's paces yet.

In my opinion, BMW has regained supremacy by once again offering the paradigm enthusiast daily driver. This is going to be a tough one to beat. I'm interested to see if and how Lexus and Infiniti will respond. If the IS-F coupe (new Supra) ever comes to fruition, it has some serious competition. "New" Q60s coupe is no slouch, but it is clearly outclassed by the M4.

Things are heating up! It's certainly a good time to be an enthusiast!


The coupe is stunning, the duck tail boot lid is something that reminds me of the E46 CSL. Cant wait to see what happens when the tuning companies get their hands on them!


Your comment should be added to the article.


I have a hard time looking at the M4's side profile and not thinking Hyundai Genisis, makes me real sad but on the lighter side I'd probably pickup the M3 in a heartbeat!

@randomswede  you're right about that messy back bumper diffuser, I'm sure an aftermarket solution will come up. (otherwise I'd make it more subtle by adding some black vinyl on the sides.


Looks great! and I'm psyched to see them bring back phoenix yellow.  What is that carbon fiber boomerang in the engine bay?


I'd love that M3 in that blue with some charcoal Work Emotions or similar, the wheels are the only thing that let it down for me, and that's just a personal aesthetic foible =P


Might be some kind of engine bay bracing? It doesn't seem to be positioned to be piping of any sort


InnerToxicity Yap. It's actually meant as a strut bar that needs no extra space on top of the engine.


Love it. Although the back end could be more agressive ..  still BMW finally makes nice steering wheels again ... (i know they had these earlier in the M6).


Miss the NA, love the styling, hate the ipad nav


A lot of potential in the M4.
Keen to read/learn more about the active front quarter flaps (?).


I dig the smaller engines with forced induction compared to the naturally aspirated engines of the past, this way people still get the power they want along with better fuel economy. Besides that turbo whistle....damnnnnn


Amin_nfs  Haha I'm no journalist, but thanks!


paablob Engine porn (??


Drove the M4 around in Gran Turismo 6. Pretty cool, I guess.


2014 M3, here I come!!!


paablob sergiofruto rokxx Como le doy murra al M4


paablob sergiofruto rokxx Como le doy murra al M4


what are those flaps beneath the headlights in the brake cooling air inlet? some sort of active aerodynamics?


those bumpers are too messy... the only thing replacing that v8 sound track is the turbo whistle...


nisaazahra mobil kita ntar yak hahaha


i'll take the sedan. i bet the sedan is faster around a track than the coupe just like the e90

see 4:35


looking forward to driving this puppy in GT6!


looking forward to driving this puppy in GT6!


Great looking & Most powerful darling with 425 horsepower and 406 foot pounds of torque.


I completely welcome the turbo technology!


lighter, good. turbo straight-six? awesome. "throttle-blipping" on the manual transmission? Gimmick so people with no skill can feel cool. Remember how legendary sports cars used to be the ones that seperated those with money from those with passion? If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.


mmmm..... sorry you sorta lost me there pal.  i don't know a whole lot on all cars but i know kitchen heat is quite different from introducing new technology to make a car faster, safer, even cooler ;)  and money...  well, sometimes new tech does cost money, and, old does not necessarily mean better.  but for sure some old classics are priceless for its esthetics and nostalgic value.


sean klingelhoefer hi..  i'm the new kid on the block but already loving your stories and photography.  they make me wanna be there!


I agree with you DB there, leave the throttle blipping for the DCT and let the full manual be the purest form of motoring. Also, I hope they don't try and beef up the in cabin sound with a synthesised engine track like they do with all their other cars. Looks horn though. I'll have the sedan.


I agree about turbo engines. But I'm sorry to say that most modern turbo engines run very low boost so I would not be expecting any GTR style whistle on this one. That us until BMW come out with a higher performing option as they say they will. Might have up to 500hp. Now there you'll hear the whistle.


What's with the yellowish color on that M4..? I know that's typical for M3's but I've always disliked that color. Haters gonna hate... :)



Woman who knows her kitchen...legendary :)
Thumbs up!


The lines on the coupe are great.  To me, its more appealing than the 46 and also 36 / 92 .. The e30 is a classic and vastly different internally, so i won't compare the two.  The rear fenders are perfect ... the character line is nice and aggressive.  The overall shape is classic coupe proportions.  They have gone back and taken everything good from past BMW Designs and installed it into this design, seamlessly.  Wonderful work and chuffed that it is indeed an inline 6.  Thankyou!


After seeing how the M6 was like a big AMG style GT that seemed over powered and smoked its tires everywhere, I'm happy they have opted to retain the precision handling with the new coupe.