Need For Speed Hits the Big Screen

I think most anyone will agree that 2013 has been a standout year for car movies, with several films debuted this year that are sure-fire future classics. Luckily for movie-going-petrolheads, things are looking good for next year as well with the release of video game turned action flick, Need For Speed next March giving us even more to look forward to.


Based on the popular gaming series, the live action feature film pretty closely models the gameplay – complete with unobtainium exotica, high speed pursuits and massive crashes. Of course there’s also a plot intertwined in there as well…


You can pretty well get the idea simply from watching the trailer, but the beautiful thing about a storyline like this is it gives ample room for chase scenes. Essentially there’s a rivalry between Tobey (played by Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad)…


… and Dino (played by Dominic Cooper from Captain America: The First Avenger) who is responsible for Tobey’s conviction and subsequent imprisonment, not to mention the death of his friend. Naturally the only way to truly settle the score is a race. Anything else would be uncivilized.


Along the way I’m sure there’ll be many twists and turns in the plot, and tons of real life action. After a trip across country, everything mounts to one final race at the end of the film where things get really crazy.


And I should know: I was actually on set during the filming of some of the final scenes and will be sharing an inside look at what goes on behind a film set. If you’ve ever wondered how much work goes into filming something like this, you’re in store for a real treat.


I’ve got a post lined up with all sorts of behind-the-scenes action including a close-up look of the real stars of the film: the cars. So keep a lookout for an in-depth post soon and watch out for Need For Speed in theaters March 2014. But for now, sit back, crank up the volume, full screen the trailer and enjoy!



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Seeking Perfection

I am not sure if I am impressed more by the main character's fake teeth or the fake hypercars.


I'm sorry, but which car movies are sure to be instant classics from 2013? You better not mean Fast 88756. And honestly, I'm tired of being fed garbage like this from hollywood. NFS is a videogame (i understand its one of your sponsors), and since theyre built like movies, a bunch of suits thought it would be great to actually make a movie. It's going to be bad, and not the Fast and Furious kind of bad. Like JarJarBinx bad.


johnbezt "Rush" pretty much will be one
too bad Speedhunters will have to hype this movie here more or less by contract, I expect no objective features on it :/


Acc johnbezt Hey if y'all don't like it don't support it. I think this movie will be fun to watch! It's based off an arcade racing game not GT or Forza. It's supposed to be over the top, anyways I'm probably going to go see it when it comes out. Cars are cars man and I love cars!


Acc johnbezt I agree - I find it hard to get hyped over "The Stars of the movie" when they are fake. But without NFS there would be no Speedhunters right? So it is what it is and we can just ignore the posts.


Rush! Forgot that one, and I missed it in theatres.


Where's Walt?


johnbezt "Easier Said Than Done" is unquestionably my car film of the year. Rush is good, though some  (unnecessary) tweaks were made to the true story for the purpose of the film.
Can't forget Turbo either: instant car classic there. ;)


in your a s s suzy


"We'll settle this behind the wheel!" lolz this film looks terrible.

 I'm sure SH will tell us lots about how great this film is as it's from Need for Speed from EA.


Rich UK true I guess. Someones gotta bankroll this, so I guess the occasional sell out is okay...


johnbezt it's not a sponsor, it's the owner! EA NFS is Speedhunters


There has never been a film adaptation of a game that was any good. And the trailer already proves that this isn't going to be the first one.


This is going to be mindless fun, and hopefully not as bad as Redline...which had atrocious acting. At least the actors here, while B and C level, are some what proven. You can already tell the script is passable at best. Movie is about cars, speed, and explosions. Don't see any reason it won't deliver on all three points. You're naive to think there will even be a modicum of justifiable plot.  That said, still wondering why no one made a SpyHunter movie. Now THAT has the potential to be good.


Oh wow, another Keanu and the Wrapper drive movie.  That hasn't been done before...


So the meth lab is inside the Mustang? Dayum!

Seeking Perfection

louisFCO  At least Redline used original cars in the movie. They even crashed a real Enzo due to a rapper's incompetence to drive.

Seeking Perfection

1100110011 MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


it looks so fake. all of the hipsters are going to love this film. I love the amount of cars they destroy in making of this film. NOT


Oh god...Another blasphemous bucket of you know what. A waste of time, money and space. I couldn't even finish watching the trailer after I heard "Racing is an art but racing with passion is fine art." Really?


I'll see it. Because I've played NFS since the first. 
But I know the movie will be atrocious. But better than Speed Racer.


anyone remember redline?...ypu know the movie!...i believe this is worst!.


johnbezt I'm pretty sure Rush and The Snake and the Mongoose will go down as some of the best racing movies ever made. Le Mans they are not, but they're definitely far better than most ;)


Step back and remember that these movies aren't made for car enthusiasts like us rather the mass audience. Fast & Furious is one of the TOP grossing franchises of movies of all time. They don't care if the cars or story plot suck. It makes fist fulls of money. 
This movie has the potential to do the same and that's what the bottom line here is. I personally have no issue with that, it's a movie not a documentary so it can be as silly or stupid as it wants. 
Also remember that the budgets and profits from a movie like this trickle down into the car industry in one way or another (who do you think built all the cars for a movie like this?) so the more of these movies we have the better.


A Mustang as the Hero car... Gah... Definitely need to make sure my brain is turned off for this one!
 Hyper car crashes though... that has me interested


The shame with this film is that even if it's great, nobody is going to admit it. Critics are too snobby! It definitely looks better than the recent Fast & Furious movies, so I don't see what everyone's so worried about!


What do hipsters have to do with action movies and exotic cars? If anything, the mainstream audiences are gonna love this. Duh.


I'm a hipster, I wear skinny jeans, a beanie hat with my fringe poking out and often have my pants on display due my low slung jeans. And I think it looks poop.


Critics like a film within meaning and substance. I see they've gone for the 'revenge' angle, which will make an 'interesting' change from the normal race cars, blow shit up and get out of there angle. Oh hang on...


@Seeking Perfection 1100110011 #bummedout


I think this is going to be good entertainment, car enthusiast or not. The latest Fast & Furious movie didn't have enough driving scenes, this looks to be the opposite :-)


D1RGE Speed Racer was amazing and everything the cartoon was if not more! It's also apples and oranges, at no point was speed racer supposed to be a serious car movie, just more about the passion of racing in a anime world. People that dislike the speed racer movie usually never liked the cartoon from what I have come to find or are just too serious for there own good. Seriously the movies on my top 10 list.


I down with it, been playing need for speed on the Iphone for a while now, and just got Real Racing 3, which has links about some cars to the Speedhunters site.  All good fun, i know the mechanic's of game are pretty fake, but I really like the real tracks in RR3.  New respect for Mt. Panorama, and Spa.


Anyone else cringe when they hear live action?
if they can make it seamless, then that's alright. But sometimes it's just so obvious when they switch that it sort of ruins it.


And none of the pretty boys in it have developed shoulders yet... rank, wank - all the way to the bank.


I miss when Need for Speed was more into non super cars. Don't get me wrong, i'm gonna watch the movie and most likely enjoy it. But after watching the trailer and playing NFS Rivals on the ps4, it really made me cringe a little seeing mostly exotic cars.


we love all about car, but movie like FF and NFS like this trailer i am gonna watch it ONE time and not gonna watch it again after that, but for movie like RUSH, initial D the movie i am gonna watch it again and again because its all about the car and the race, not because you are the villain and i will kill you


louisFCO For the most part I agree, but Aaron Paul is a FAR better actor than this movie deserves.


I'll be waiting for this. I wish there would be tuners though...


That looks horrible...


JungleBlues13 Erm...Need For Speed has almost ALWAYS been about the exotics. The only games that DON'T have supercars were NFS Underground 1 and 2.


A tear has been shed for the P1 rolling over in the fourth photo. :'(


Looks like a prime opportunity to switch the brain off, grab some popcorn and a beer and enjoy some EXPLOSIONS!!!! as well as crashes and super loud audio. Good to see the mindless action flick is still alive and well!


2xthefun D1RGE 
Fuck Yeah! Thank you Thank you Thank you for defending Speed Racer the movie.
As a young kid I watched the cartoon with my brother. As and adult? Ive watched almost all the episodes and you know what, its pretty repetitive, ridiculous, drawn out but you know what: the cars are amazing!
If you like ALMS or endurance racing its like a cartoon version of motorsports. The mach 5 has some crazy specs, the Shooting Star is bad ass with mid engine and velocity stacks, the Grx was so fast you needed to be on drugs to drive it. The mammoth car is gansta and i could go on...
people who bash it are riding the critics and/or fondling their fuzzy dice
and/or have a gated shifter up their tail pipes


to whomever it may concern at EA: PleasePleasePlease make the engine/exhaust sounds legit.
Even if its after the fact in post production just make it fast and furious..I mean Loud and Proud!!


This HAS to be good! It looks like Micheal Keaton is channeling Super Soul from Vanishing point :)


i'll be watchin this for the main stars of the movie.. .the cars ;)


I really hope the cars that are being wrecked here are not real... >_<


datsunsss I'm fairly sure they are space frame replicas for the race/crashing scenes. If you look at the Koenigseggs during the trailer you can see some uneven panel gaps: never seen a real Koenigsegg look that rough! ;)


I hate to say it but I'm sure it will be ruined for actual car enthusiasts by completely unrealistic car comparisons, wrong facts, wrong car related details etc. etc. But I'm sure it include plenty of explosions and pretty cars for the fan boys out there


ToyotaSupraMan JungleBlues13 And NFS: Porsche, for that matter.


The movie looks stupid they should have at least based off the need for speed games like carbon, the original most wanted, and underground series.


240powerforthewin lol if you watched the teaser month back you will realize this movie based on The Run mixed up with Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted


I think for the Need 4 speed movie, to be good, it has to explain how everyone is driving multi million dollar cars to meet the bare minimum of believability.


tbtstt datsunsss I thought something looked a bit off... Makes sense though.


Haters gonna hate!!! 1 short trailer


Haters gonna hate!!! 1 short trailer


I cant wait to see the behind the scenes of how they "wreck" these hyper cars!


hmm of cours it should be like in the games  action action and fast cars...
but i miss a car movie with less gangster  action and more passion for the cars more detail 
like in your post and writeups here on speedhunters.

a movie with cars like the Toyota 2000 GT   and some normal street cars of course nothing speaks against the königseg .
but  the feeling that i have is   in all that car movies ther is to much unreal action and gangster trash and no love for the cars


It looks cheesy and unrealistic, but so was the original Fast and Furious. It was a shitty movie by most standards. And no matter how much we criticize that movie and all its ricey-ness, we still secretly love it inside and have watched it numerous times.


the movie could be awsome iam not saying i would not watch it.
i just wish ther where a movie with the car in focus


SnoozinRichy The worst part is that I will still probably go see it just because its almost tradition for me to watch these silly movies.


I just wished there were movies about cool cars that weren't absurdly juvenile and silly. Sure, most of the people that will see this are the kinda people who don't care too much for intelligent movies, but I think a 'real' movie would still do very well in the market.


It really bothers me how noticeably fake the Agera R is...


This is goinf to suck. I just hope it's going to suck less than the F&F franchise...


Yo  bitch, Jesse has a new movie!


looks decent...but id rather watch Rush a million times over!