In The Moment at SEMA: A Supra Idea

It’s the end of day two at SEMA in Las Vegas and the sheer magnitude of this show is only just starting to sink in. We’ve seen some pretty interesting things in the last 24 hours, so you can expect a variety of articles coming your way soon. But for now, I just have to show you this!

Earlier this afternoon I went in search of something that JD Youngblood had mentioned he was putting together. JD and his father Don built the RB-powered ’32 Roadster that we featured last week; but now stood here on the Brookville Roadsters stand I’m getting to see their next project: another all-steel ’32, but this time with a 1000hp Toyota 2JZ engine. JD’s sister ‘Hot Rod Ali’ who drives the RB-engined car (and now this one), is on hand to modestly tell me that she hopes to make it into the 200mph Club at Bonneville with it. I love that. I also love the fact that this has been built for drag, salt and drift duties. Anybody want to see an American hot rod icon going sideways? We do and we’ll show you too…



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This is exactly what I wanted to do one day, can't wait for more on this.


Mmmmm, brushed steel flames. :)


A hot rod going sideways? DAMN GOOD..


koknyol You know that! :)


SuzyWallace Gloss black and satin black brushed steel flames on the Evo?


Why did they waste a good 32 and put a 2jz in it arguement goes both ways brother Respect your roots


Like your plastic supra is a nice piece -.- looks like a half peeled banana


I don't understand how I can come here of all places and see some immature little queef  trolling because he doesn't like American cars. If you want to talk about how good a Supra is go to a Supra forum, if you want to admire, respect, and learn from wonderful builds of all types from across the world, come to SpeedHunters and act the age of someone who actually owns a car.
And Ford was the first company to open a major production plant in Japan. I'd say ultimately the Supra has some roots in "old domestic heaps."


Keen to see the intercooler setup, appears to be behind the firewall.


Maybe I got alittle off point with the whole half peeled banana thing ( kinda funny tho ) I guess what I'm trying to say is no part of that build or any build is a waste... They are doing something different and doing it quite well. Really a high quality build, and that's kinda what it is about. Isn't it ?


wheatgod Cuz you have none, roots that is? Did it ever occur to you that if it wasn't for "tin shoes" there wouldn't be no Supras to begin with?


The X wheatgod Ford was also the first company to mass produce a car period.


wheatgod Why did they waste a perfectly good '32 by putting in that ricer engine? Does this sound like an opinion to you too? Calling someone out is cool and all, but there's no one to call out've got the best hot rod chassis and one of the best inline-6s on the planet, to create a one-of-a-kind hot do know that Speedhunters could have called themselves Hot Rodders and it wouldn't take away from the meaning, by not one bit? Of course it will take ricers a few years to catch up (like always), but that's another subject.


wheatgod The X 
Well you didn't simply say what you didn't like about it, you instead wrote uncalled for insults, repeatedly. Now get the fuck out of here.