In The Moment: Double Down And Out

For most of the world, the working week has wound up and the weekend has begun. It’s been an incredible five days for us here in Las Vegas at the SEMA Show, and as ever we’ve only shown you the tip of the jewel-encrusted, injected, twin turbo, 40-inch tyred, jacked-up and matte-wrapped iceberg.

My mind is already wanting to escape though; the constant bombardment of my senses from all angles has me craving for wide open spaces and a complete lack of people. I need a release; and some air. Thankfully, the surrounding Nevada desert can provide me with plenty of that, so here’s what I am going to do. At daybreak tomorrow morning I’m going for a drive. Vaughn Gittin Jr’s latest project – the Double Down RTR Mustang – has been scowling at the crowds all week, silently squatting on the show floor. It must be wondering ‘Is this what I was built for?’ Really?

I think both of us are ready to get out of here and run to the hills. I can’t wait!



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It's a shame I can't make this font green. :-D


A lot of things get a pass in American cars now days. You see fake big brakes on a lot of American cars at shows--oh I'm sorry, MGP brake covers (I'm terribly sorry for getting them confused as fake brakes). Perhaps I get confused because they are big brake covers with bright colors and fake bolts, I don't know why I would first think that they were a big brake kit from far away. I guess that's just my lying eyes.
My point is that there are a lot of things in American cars-mustang world particulary-that have accepted trends or products that a few years ago would have been taboo. But a persons car is a persons car, so I'm happy that people are getting a little more adventurous.
Riveted fenders I think is a just a trend across the industry that is extremely popular. I think it's being accepted pretty broadly now.


Enjoy the drive!


Sounds like you're missing the British Countryside! But don't worry, it's all fine and well, and very wet.


wheatgod Why do you care, troll?


wheatgod apex_DNA Wildcardfox  my new hobby: clicking on peoples screen names and looking up how many times the words "troll" and "opinion" appear in their recent posts...


robzor may you like a cup of tea as well, sir? ROFL


hmm.. bolted fenders.. must be Liberty Walk. oh wait, it's not a dark paint, so it must be not..


wheatgod apex_DNA I don't, and to answer your original question, what kind of a question is that? That's like asking if American cars get a free pass from domestic enthusiasts on ANYTHING that's been done to cars since the birth of hot rodding itself? Of course they do...seriously?!


Riveted, bolted, glued, bonded, gaffered... the rally cross boys in Europe have been running over fenders like this since the late 60s. Nothing new. Either out of necessity or the must-have from the then latest Grant catalogue: Minis, Vivas, Escorts, Maxis all ran wobbly old stick-on arches. Nasty they were too...


And that's grubby, nylon-padded-rally-jacketed, tab-smoking, Mackeson drinking, mud-and-shale-under-the-finger-nails Rally Cross boys. World Of Sport style, just after Giant Haystacks slaps Big Daddy and before Dickie reads the match results...


definitely not saying it is new as if it was just created. Riveted fenders is definitely old. What I was referring to that is "new" is the trend of show cars or highly finished cars with riveted fenders (bensorpa, liberty walk, rocket bunny, etc.). That is a new trend of style that is becoming mainstream.


AlClark Needs more cowbell... And Bloody Mary for that matter :)


koknyol We've just put a discussion piece about this, I think it's worth remembering that they've been around for a very long time...


The fenders don't look too bad on this body style, but the wheels are way too small. I'm a big fan of the mustang and RTR stuff, but this one just looks a bit off proportionally.


have fun buddy you're living the dream