#JoyOfMachine: The Time Is Now

First there was the behemoth Year In Global Automotive Culture, then the second volume, the epic celebration of ripping up tarmac and burning rubber that was #MaximumAttack. We’re now very proud to present the third volume in Speedhunters’ limited edition art book collection: #JoyOfMachine.


Due for release tomorrow, #JoyOfMachine delivers another healthy dose of the stunning high resolution imagery that you’ve come to expect, and this latest tome contains 160 glorious pages of new content in which we celebrate our collective love of the automotive world, held inside a high quality hardcover slipcase.


In our previous book, #MaximumAttack, we explored the world of motorsports: a celebration of ripping up tarmac and burning rubber. #JoyOfMachine steps back from the frantic action and takes a very different approach, searching out the things that sum up the joy of the automobile and the culture that surrounds it. In #JoyOfMachine, the Speedhunters team have scoured the globe to uncover the cars, people and places that keep the automotive world turning.


The introduction has been written by someone who’s no stranger to providing automotive joy on a global scale: none other than Miura-san, the mastermind behind Rocket Bunny.


Each of the six chapters tackles a specific subject in its celebration of #JoyOfMachine, six areas identified by the team as summing up the theme at hand. Speedhunters have visited the humblest car park meets, the biggest international shows and the most famous car museums in the world; we’ve been given the keys to secret private collections and to the most exciting cars imaginable to discover epic driving roads.


There are The Festivals: global gatherings that celebrate the automobile. We visited the insanity of Norway’s Gatebil and drifting at Ebisu, sampled Bonneville’s salt and Goodwood’s tweed – they’re all here and so many more. The Builds looks at making the machines that bring the joy, taking you from the bare metal skeletons through the crafting process and on to the most magnificent machines on the planet. This includes legends like Rauh-Welt, McLaren, Koenigsegg and Pagani.


The Collections takes you behind the scenes of the finest collections. We’ve unlocked stunning displays of automotive nirvana from around the world to present you with a personal tour of an incredible range of genres and models. The Meets means cars, clubs and friends – it’s the perfect combination. Cars are nothing without passionate people, and club meets are the soul of the scene. Crisscrossing the Atlantic and the Pacific, we’ve searched out the perfect bucket list.


The Shows covers the places to see the best the industry has to offer. They can be big or small, national or international, but they all have amazing sights to see: overwhelming gatherings of exotics, hot rods, classics, modifieds, racers and more. The Drives? A great car needs a great road. Pounding a highway is one thing, but what really gets the heart racing is an Alpine mountain pass, a twisting set of switchbacks though the Californian hills or the bustling streets of a modern metropolis like Tokyo.

Priced at 45USD (32GBP), a limited print run of individually hand-numbered #JoyOfMachine books will be available at 11am PST/7pm GMT tomorrow. Keep an eagle eye for the official launch announcement tomorrow with a link to the Speedhunters store.



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I will so totally have all the Speedhunters books... Make sure I can fill a bookcase within a decade Speedhunters!


Are the shipping costs going to be the same price as the book again or will there be a North America printer?


@Beany Art is money.

Seeking Perfection

RensAdams  muahahaha. That is a good one son.


Woohoo I'll finally be able to get some sleep after I've bought it!


just wanted to confirm - after this limited edition is sold out, there will be a normal print run of un-numbered books right?


There will not be no


We have found a way to reduce the North American shipping costs.




RodChong whaaat! Dino said you'll be bringing copies to TAS! 
sigh. guess i'll just have to keep an eye on the site then.


Looking forward to the book, but the limited number is a touch frustrating: will have to make sure I'm sitting by a computer this evening!


what time is the UK release?


jinglis 7PM


you got me there...but I ordered a Windshield Sticker instead.   :) 
Good you guy changed from Royal Mail to TNT for shipping to Thailand, last time the key chain and sticker never arrived.


The question is....where to get volume two ?


Ordered with lanyard, will join books one and two =D Love the work guys!


Bought :) look forward to reading it. Any chance you will be doing a re-run of Volume one? I missed out as they sold very quickly!


@Woodylicious As part of the bundle! £52 bargain. I need volume one


Any chance of a re release for volume 1? Have 2 and just ordered 3
Thanks :)


Ordered ;) I love flipping through these for inspiration every once in a while.  Also snagged a Maximum Attack shirt--some early Christmas presents to myself.