The Hachiroku Drops Its Top

It looks like the topless version of the hachiroku is set to make an appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show later on this month, and while the automaker still labels it as a ‘concept’, I think we can safely assume that Toyota is gearing up to make an 86 convertible. It’ll be interesting to see how weight suffers on this soft top version, and more importantly, whether the coupe’s superb handling is affected in any way. Still, there’s no doubting that Toyota has done a good job of keeping the profile clean and the 2+2 seating configuration intact. Let’s hear your thoughts – is Toyota onto a winner here?



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It's like an S2000 without the hardcore performance edge to it. Not a fan to be honest but I feel like I'm not really the target market...


Stepping directly up to the Miata... it is still pretty though. It still just seems like a tease though without more power. I've owned one, and it is tremendous fun and the insurance was shockingly low - no doubt a direct result of it NOT having more power. That being said, I think being closer to 300hp than 200 would change (and increase the appeal of) this car more than losing its top.


If they make it lighter, cut the back seats and keep it in MX5 price territory they might just have a winner here =)


Nice mini-Jag Toyota...


Don't really get the 2+2 in the convertible. Not with the 86's driver focused orientation!


Looks elegant. Not something I would consider buying here in Thailand. A normal equipped 86 GT Manual sets you back a whopping 79687 US$ due to crazy import taxes.


I think this needs to be a roadster.


No no no, not good. Doesn't suit the platform. Looks like a Jag-Bmw kind of convertible from the side. The 2+2 is a joke c'mon. What kind of person fits in the back? 
Get rid of the Backseats, that 2+2 thing is purely a marketing joke. Personaly the only Convertible I would consider buying is a MX-5 or a S2000, the rest is just bogus.
The 86 in my world is a non-convertible...


I like that with the convertible, now everyone can see how small the rear "seats" are.


The 2+2 is to make the insurance cheaper (to create more potential buyers). Almost any sports car you see with a completely useless backseat is for that reason. We often forget (myself included) that carmakers are there to make money. But real talk, yeah, the back seat is stupid.


InnerToxicity that i can agree with. the whole 2+2 thing i a joke..


Nope, only if its a hard top..


I actually thought it was a new MX-5 at first glance, I wouldnt buy one, 4 seater convertibles always look wrong


I honestly don't think they can make the rear seats any smaller.


No thanks. My Dad would love it though...


I thought this car was already shown at Geneva Motor Show earlier this year?


This kind of just strips any "liniage" that the Toyota Marketing Development had managed to concoct around the Subaru fairly completely...


HLB Nothing is better for sales than ruining a car by making it a convertible.


Look, another Miata.


Cool. But prefer the original.


nickmmele HLB Hah. True enough.


PaddyMcGrath They're for insurance purposes, so they aren't seats: they are just "theorical" seats. They are seats in the same universe where people have 2.2 children.


@driveCircles You mean another well crafted, fine piece of machinery that's a blast to drive?


Well that should sell well in Los Angeles, I've been seeing lots of younger women driving the hardtop and this will just appeal to them that much more! As others have said, the rear seats will look comical with the open top. Otherwise, it looks pretty good, kind of like a miniature jag from the side, they did a good job not making it look too fat with the top down.
Could we get a sport version next? Semi stripped interior all around, bucket seats up front, rear seat delete in the back, throw on a wing, some real wheels and bump the power to 275hp... it's like they came up with the perfect sports car ethos originally but for some reason, they are really hesitant to offer us exactly that. 
Maybe if Toyota is doing the convertible, Subaru will do the turbo - the one that they are adamantly trying to convince us doesn't fit...


Ben Scales It's already a great car and I'm sure the convertible roof will work fine, but really, how many requests have we seen or heard asking for a soft top versus the number of people asking for wider wheels and a little bit more HP?
The car is also definitely competing with other 'Driver's cars' out there like the 370z, but being 125 HP short is not exactly exciting. IMO, if they were to put half the amount of work as the interior as a Lexus and give it a bit of power, it would knocking on the Cayman's door at a pretty attractive price.


Dalton Bedore Hopefully enough LA chicks buy this to fund a little TRD supercharger action...


Well I like it, looks good, but I thought it was going to be a 2 seater, those rear seats are a bit useless. I made a convertible version a long time ago with photoshop as a 2 seater and IMO looks way better.


I kinda agree with shiftyXTI, give it more appeal and more umph. The thing that still drives me away from Scion/Toyota, all of their cars were 16-18k, now it's 26k+? How is that still appealing to the young adult generation they were originally marketed for?


I would like to make an attempt to stuff the conversation about how this car needs more power. It needs NO MORE POWER from the factory. Zero. None. Period. 
Why you may ask? Well 99.9% of the time, 99.9% of people dont need even the little power this thing produces to drive around town and put a smile on his/her face. Adding more power takes massive amounts of R&D and this cost is passed directly onto the customer. So less power, cheaper car. We all love cheaper things. 
So now your probably saying "yeah a cheaper car is better, but I wanna go faaaast!" So do what we ALL do on this site. Turn to the aftermarket or *GASP* be a REAL "hot-rodder" and/or tuner and BUILD YOUR OWN parts to make it faster. Now this simple fact is what this car is actually about. It is made to be a great chassis and base to do a ton of customizing. To deliver these things to the masses in massive quantities, it needs to be cheap, which goes back to making it have low power numbers. If this thing is fun for younger people (mainly women) then EVERYONE will buy them. If everyone buys them, then in a few years you have a next gen 240sx...great platform that can be had for next to pennies used (in 15 years of course) and is RWD and has the ability to be greatly modified to suit anyones power needs.

So stop complaining it doesnt set lap records to scare your buddies at green lights. This car is supposed to rejuvenate the aftermarket. Let it do its work.


Popcorn1 This guy just won the internet. +1


Popcorn1 You're a dummy. The car needs more power, and is maxed with high compression. You may want to do aftermarket forced induction and can afford to have a fucked motor that will never last past 50k. 
Why the hell would I want an aftermarket chump piecing together a turbo system when it's one of the things subaru does best?
The car has 150ft pounds of torque, I own one as well an sti. The problem isn't it being slow, its that it FEELS SLOW when you have it pinned. It's simply a dog if you want any thrill from acceleration. The car does have a perfect amount of power for being able to drive the piss out of it on corners, you don't have to worry about going to fast, and don't get your entry speed to a non recoverable point which makes it safer and fun and easy to use it's cornering abilities.

The car has plenty to be developed and there needs to be an STI/TRD model.Basic suspension and tire and wheel and brake upgrades alone. However I agree  THERE IS totally a place for the stock car 150ft lbs as well., 34mpg etc.  We need both.


soobjm Popcorn1 Again, your missing the point. WHO buys this car? People who are interested in a low 20K car new. Even that is kind of a stretch but thanks to fantastic reviews and design, it can ask such a price. 
If you want 300hp you need to not only design an engine, test and redesign the transmission and rest of the drive line (driveshaft, diff, axles, hubs) and revamp the suspension to carry the extra load and weight, then get bigger brakes which means new wheels and probably redesign for better cooling with a bigger radiator etc.  So that all seems simple but the car would need to fetch ~30-33k msrp just with those design specs. No include "exclusive" STI/TRD badging and it will be damn near close to $35-36k. 
At this price point, you loose close to ALL the masses of people that are needed to make this car a worth while build for the manufacturer(s). Why would toyota/subaru try to compete in that market segment with a "teenage" car? 
Give it some years to develop your broader picture education and maybe you can see why logic beats your argument of build it and they will come. Looks like they built it how it is and people are coming just fine.... who is the smart one again?


Yeah, give it rocket bunny kit and a drag style aluminum wing and some ccw's... Itll get bitches


Popcorn1That's funny, I got my turbo'd Genesis Coupe for $23,900...273hp 275lb/ft torque.  It's not that it's not possible to get a the car with more power in that price range, it's that they solely focused the steering feel of the car...which isn't a bad thing.  I test drove both before I got my Genesis and in the corners the Toyobaru is a bit better, once the turbo spools it's not even close.


Gay car just got gayer.....who knew they'd ever make a RWD Paseo convertible!


Spaghetti lol. its a ft86 not a miata. ( runs and hides from miata owners )


nepias if this car goes production, you'll probably see it just like you describe this years TAS


Ben Scales Popcorn1 LOL.




Should be a 2 seater. Nobody can fit in the back anyway.


Noooooooooo please what's going on with toyota???? its look bad...
Thats not the spirit for a hachiroku


Not bad. I'm looking forward this to be at a nearby dealership!!
Should be a 2 seater though.


Any word on the 4 door version?


Looks like a grown up Miata, and what Toyota should be focusing on, not some Saloon.


No. Go buy a Camry.


Thank you. (From a real AE86 owner for the past 14 years)


Does having your hair blown the wind really justify the weight gain, trunk space loss, and even more useless rear seats?  A four door's practicality would allow those seeking an entry level drivers car without making the undeniable compromise of the two door.  Either way, its nice to see that image oriented individuals are still interested in driving.


Spaghetti I didn't know a car had an actual sexual intercourse preference.


Paseo's are FWD, 100hp shitboxes; that in no way resemble an FRS. Derp.


BMWarren, Yea because comparing a Japanese built car to a Korean one is apples to apples....


You know why? Because it's not a "Hachiroku" you moron.


Actually, it is an 86.


luisgsalas1 4-door vert? Is that even possible?


It doesn't look bad. Although the rear seats are probably unnecessary.
I would like to see this car painted black with bronze 5-spoke alloys.