BMW’s New Ring Racer

The new 2 series BMW is already shaping up to be a popular addition to the Bavarian manufacturer’s line-up, but the 2014 BMW M235i Racing looks to be the perfect meaty addition to perk up our ears. The car will be available as a stripped down, turn-key racer ready to compete and available for privateer teams to run on the Nürburgring in the VLN Endurance Championship, and will replace the M3 GT4 as BMW’s entry-level race car.

The body design has been aerodynamically optimised: the first thing to notice is the obviously increased track of the car thanks to those widened front and rear arches – the extra 3.5 inches helping to fit some no doubt wider wheels and tyres on – but there are also slightly more aggressive front and rear bumpers, and a diffuser to boot. The twin-turbo 3.0-litre straight six receives a mild power boost, from 322hp to 333hp, while an FIA-approved roll cage, limited slip diff and race-spec fuel tank make this into a competent racer for any teams looking for a new car. Assuming things go well on the Green Hell, expect to see the car being rolled out to race teams around the globe.

Obviously this is a render, and as such shouldn’t be taken as the ultimate finished article but could this be a hint at what we’ll see from the BMW M2? Only time will tell…

Suzy Wallace
Instagram: speedhunters_suzy

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Looks like a new take on the old E30 M3...
and that is a VERY good thing IMHO.


trying to get a place in this for next years VLN :)


cute. i can't wait to see it chasing tail. im not familiar with the 2 series... do they come in 4 door sedans or hatch backs across europe?


d_rav 2 Series is a two door coupe only. I think.


d_rav It's basically a 1 series coupe. It has a small bump in wheel base, length and track. It replaced the old 1 series coupe.


Ugly! looks like a BMW Impreza


backhouse78 was thinking the very same thing :)


The grill looks so non-sport... Not enough excitement, not sure how to put it hahaha. Overall it's looking good!


backhouse78 Me too, looks brilliant. The 1M Coupe was WAY too short lived. Hopefully this signals a return to a wide ach, small coupe.


Option86 Too straight up. Like a Long nose hauler or something.


I think this is even better looking than the 1 M Coupé! And it's got a very cool "(bolt-on)-overfender"-style about it - like the E30 M3 as previously mentioned. Superb!


I pray to God this is in the WTCC and BTCC.  That way I can go see these at Sonoma when WTCC comes around.


PaddyMcGrath d_rav the front facia is very well designed. i like this better then the current 3/4 series. i wish it was a larger car though. the more i look at this the more it grows on me. thanks for the info guys i can't wait to see it in show rooms across the pond =)


d_rav PaddyMcGrath Even numbers are coupes, odd numbers are sedans.


KyleGonsalves .....because subaru has made sooo many coupe imprezas lately, but seriously i see not a hint of subie in the design of this car.... the rear end reminds me of the 6 series though for some reason though


Pingue Carro!


This is definitely a shoutout to the e30 m3. I like this a lot. It reminds me of seeing old rally cars put into production so they can compete.


235i head lights looks so much better than the weird 135i ones...


333 horsepower? The spiritual successor to the E46 M3. If they made a road-going version, I'd take this any day over the new M4! Glad they resisted the urge to put a mahoosive rear wing on it! Box-flares FTW!


Sounds really cool and exciting.


Sticking with my 1M Coupe until I see this in the flesh... sounds exciting though


I always found the power rating for the twin turbo sixes surprisingly low. if you look at many other modern V6 engines (Nissan Hyundai) they are .7 and .8 L more displacement and make equal or more power (3.8L Hyundai 348 HP). and they tend to make equal or only slightly less torque.  In comparison this engine is making similar power figures to a 2JZ GTE but it is over 20 years newer. If you strap 2 turbos to a 6 cyl engine now a days you would think it would make closer to 400 HP 
car looks great though!


scottcpynn Oh, that engine could easily make 400+ bhp, but, as it is with car-manufacturer politics, they have to keep it at that level to maintain the lineup's hierarchy. In other words, they don't want it to step on the toes of the M4. Same reason for why Porsche won't put a proper 991-spec engine in the Cayman, because it would essentially make the 911 obsolete.


Cole Trickle I'd stick with it regardless, that car is a future classic.