Toyota To Build Four-Door 86?

Just last week during one of our regular discussion posts I was talking about how nice it’d be to see a modern day interpretation of the Datsun 510. A lightweight, rear-wheel drive sedan with great driving dynamics and room for a few friends or a small family. If a report from is true, such a car may soon become reality – only it won’t be a Nissan but a four-door variant of the beloved Toyota 86/Scion FR-S. According to sources within Toyota, the sedan would sport a wheelbase 100mm longer than the coupe and would also be available with an optional version of Toyota’s new Hybrid R system. Rumors suggest the a concept version of the car will debut next year in Geneva and pricing is expected to be within range of the coupe.

This is surely exciting news for those who’d love an 86 but need something a little more practical than a coupe with a miniscule backseat.



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Wow that's a pretty exciting rumor. If anyone was going to do a light, sporty, FR sedan I'm kinda glad it's Toyota (can you imagine Nissan nailing it with any of their current chassis/engine/styling combos?)


I would sell my ser spec v and buy one!!!


@blitz I'd sell that sweet Spec V SER and buy a Toyota Sienna


I like the idea that Toyota is making a light weight sports sedan. I don't like them using the GT86/FR-S name. I hope it goes under another name.


More rumours:
86 will be stopping production in 2016 or 2018 (due to all the disagreements between the companies)
BMW and Toyota will be making their Supra, released once production has stopped,
Toyota will be making an MR2, also once production of the 86 has stopped, which will be MR and light.
Also a potential hot hatch using the Celica nameplate.


Meh, a 4 door RWD Paseo, booooooring!





LouisYio Pretty sure the chassis would simply explode plus it's hardly a cheap motor to stuff into an econobox.


i wish more companies would jump on the affordable rwd sports car bandwagon. either way toyota and subaru did a great job with this car, i can't wait to see the new supra or celica. and although i understand nissan has the 370z they need to make something smaller and cheaper


I say yes, only if it packs a flat six.


It will be too small for us big 'Muricans...


Grand213 I'll take it with forced induction, but the motor can't take it, they'll have to create an upgraded version of the motor. Heard through a VIP at Toyota that Subaru engineers told them that forced induction simply would exceed reliability limits for their production standards. I bet they make an uprated 4 that can handle the power, and then we'll see the turbo/SC BRZ/86/FRS we want.


missile new 240Z PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
That will be the only thing that tempts me away from buying an 86 in a year or two.


Brett Allen LouisYio No, they will engine swap BOTH cars, and create simultaneously the two most confusing and worst imagined cars ever. GT-R sentra? 1.8L N/A GT-R? They crack me up just thinking about it.


Why not? and an estate version like those hot Ferraris..... can be used as a family car then :D


Spaghetti Boring? What other new (non premium brand/SUV) rwd 4 door vehicle is on sale today? I honestly can't think of any...


missile I wish car companies would get on the rwd bandwagon full stop. With BMW making the 1 and 2 series fwd and with Mercedes doing the same with the A, B and cla's then it seems all car manufacturers are leaning towards being disappointing. At this rate if you want a brand new reasonably priced rwd vehicle you'll be confined to a toyota hiace or a hyundai i800.


uh no..


Note to self: Get my damn Z done!! :)


Here is what I think it could/would want it to look like:
For a dad of two, the idea of a small-ish, fun-to-drive MT sedan that has Nav is a great thing (are you listening Mazda/Acura....). After all, the wife would have to drive it from time to time, and the FR-S just wouldn't be allowed.


Yikes. Some of the comments are less than stellar representations of good ideas. A four door FR-S is also a bad idea ... just like when they make a good looking coupe into an awful looking convertible.


Brett Allen LouisYio It's no crazier than putting the GT-R running gear in the Juke, and they did that.


robzor Brett Allen LouisYio  
Guy rolls up in a GT-R
Guy in Civic wants to race
GT-R guy cries, knowing that his loss is immenent


RacingPast Spaghetti Uhh, Dodge Charger?


PowerTryp RacingPast Spaghetti Dodge Charger, yeah very sporty and lightweight!!!


caltemus True, but that was basically a fully built one off. Again, not cheap.


Everyone who hated on a turbo and more power and thinks the 4 door is TOTALLY SWEET DUDE, is a tool bag clueless of function who should find a different hobby from cars.


MatthewScott1 missile  pretty sure new 1 series is still rear wheel drive.


PowerTryp RacingPast Spaghetti True, but we don't have the Dodge Charger in South Africa... Actually, the only Dodge available to us at the moment is the Calibre. That is just Nasty!


I just wish Nissan would wake up and smell the damn coffee while it is still fresh (well, sort of...) and come to the party like Toyota has done with the 86. Very disappointed to say the least...


to all dudes who dream on about turbo/supercharging the AE86, and who moan & bitch for "moar power" (moan power?)  :
purrrrrrlease find another car to masturbate your power-sliding / would-be-drifters' fantasies on.   
the AE86 was designed purely for the driver who CAN (and WANTS to) enjoy the delicate on-power balance with "only" 200 HP on tap whilst loading the tyres to the max and enjoying the car's designed-for-the-limits handling.   full stop.
if you need a masturbating / drifters / powersliding platform, there are PLENTY other RWD cars to use.
 . . . .     got it ?

NOW  P L E A S E  get  your  dirty  spunky  hands  off  this  gem  that  God  (and Toyota/Subaru) gave us!

P.S.  OF COURSE we want a 4-dr version - now that would be seriously good times on planet Earth !  You see, Toyota, the AE86 is indeed designed for mature, serious drivers (not masturbating drifter gangs & co.), and, you know, mature and serious drivers often do not have time to take some winding roads alone, instead they carry some kids / wifes on board too..      Thank you Toyota, mine will be beige  ;-).


georgievski32 By far the weirdest comment I have ever read on this site... And it is called the 86, not the AE86. That was the car from the 80's... #justsaying


georgievski32 I like to think it was a car designed to be whatever you want it to be.


Yeeaah...I don't think this is a very good idea Toyota.


Kill it with fire!


Four doors, higher equipment levels and an optional hybrid drive system. All well and good, great even, but what this is going to do is drive the price upwards into a price bracket where even the rear wheel drive enthusiast friendly drive train may not be enough to save it. I don't think its a good idea to deliberately put the car in a price bracket where it would face off against two other Toyota and Subaru products (namely the Camry and the Legacy), people would definitely buy it but not in numbers high enough to justify itself. Why not maintain the sports car get-up and build a convertible to take on the MX-5 (which has no real rivals)?


I liked the idea of this but imagined it would be hideous. Then I saw a rendering of an FRS I really want this to happen!! The wagon rendering reminded me of the IS300 Sportcross.


ColinSpears Nuke it from orbit.