Generation Next: </br> The Rocket Bunny x MadMike FD3S

‘Sup Speedhunters! I’ve got some big news that I’m super stoked to bring you: my collaboration with the aero magician Kei Miura of Rocket Bunny. Let me show you the renderings of our new Rocket Bunny TRA-Kyoto 6666 MadMike FD RX-7 kit.


Miura-san and I have been playing with ideas and concepts for an FD kit for a while. This is a dream come true, because being a classic rotary enthusiast since I was 13, I really dig his old school styling and the rad shakotan boso builds he’s been doing since the ’90s.


As aggressive as the MADBUL looks right now, I really wanted to step away from the typical big lip, skirtboard-style, blistered and bubble-fendered BN Sports kit that the car has worn since ’07. As for the fenders, we’ve gone for a classic SA22 RX-7 IMSA bolt-on fender style, and Miura-san has done a perfect job of adapting the look to suit the FD’s curved body lines and extra 100mm width per corner I need so my big dish feet fit nice and flush.


The 6666 kit’s vents, cuts and lines on the front not only give the FD’s face a fresh and unique look, but it will also do a better job of keeping the 4-rotor engine running nice and cool.


I really like the way the ZN6 6666 kit looks at the rear, and losing the large skirt off back will lessen drag and get smoke out of the cabin much quicker. I can’t wait to show you all the final product when this new build rolls out of the MadMike Motorsports stable soon! So what do you guys think?

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Looks fantastic! Front isn't quite to my liking but that's just nit-picking. Great work


Front is a little straight for my liking, but the rest was awsome!


Nice location in Florence.


Absolutely flawless.


Rocket Bunny just jumped the shark.


I hear they're gonna make an e36 kit. That would be sick




Will probably need mud flaps to be legal! You can't have exposed tyres like that for most countries. Looks good though.


You can't have exposed tyres like that, you need mud flaps to make that road legal. Looks good though, track only!


Now you can look just the same as every other rocket bunny cars.


Front is ugly!


So freakishly mean looking! Thumbs up!


Ladies and Gentlecars...I present the neeeeewwwwww Lightning McQueen.......


Love he sides and rear but the front complete goes against the classic FD body lines


Nice! Will you be using the same livery as the current Madbul?


musgravecycles kapao kachao!


BrianDavis4 i think were looking at prototype pics


Perfect don't change a damn thing, spot on out of this world and really pushes the envelope, super aggressive, only one thing id change if it was in my hands is incorporating  ftps or signals up front... and ditching the tiny holes. if needs air flow there leave gap below.


P.S. Fc3s Next...


Tate Nolan


ChrisKennard i like the sides and the back. the front looks like its missing something like.... a black chin spoiler or canards...or projecter headlights. or even lazy headlights.


U are on point and a trend leader........LOVE IT


Rocket Bunny is the new rice. A decade from now we will all be looking back like wtf was the scene thinking? The whole bolt flare thing is over done well done burnt lol


Me encanta! El frente fuera de lo común, algo original se ve fantástico! buen trabajo MadMike y Miura San


The front doesn't quite work for me. It just doesn't suit an FD's shape as it's too stubby/backward angled in the side shot and from the front it's too squared off at the bottom(just my opinion of course). The flares look OK and flow well, but I don't quite get this half finished flare look that everywhere, the amount of shit that will end up on the body behind the tyres will be ridiculous!!!! Will look good going sideways though, and with all the camo/signage.....but the front bumper design needs some fiddling with I think.


I think the arches are perfect and I like the clean look at the rear too.  But as a few other people have mentioned the front end would suit the fd's shape more if the inlets were a little softer. 
I look forward to seeing what you come up with for the livery too.


kinda looks like its ready for a NASCAR event..


soo next level! love it


Aside from the front bumper looking a bit to edgy compared to the rest of the body the direction you're going in is awesome. I for one think an unfinished flare look works a lot better than a finished flare look. There's something about the tapering effect that gives the car a much more sleek yet aggressive presence.


Aside from the front bumper looking a bit too edgy compared to the rest of the body the direction you're going in is awesome. I for one think an unfinished flare look works a lot better than a finished flare look. There's something about the tapering effect that gives the car a much more sleek yet aggressive presence.


this needs to be in gran turismo 6..




Holy crap. That is the most beautiful thing on four wheels this side of a DB5 or an E-type...


This is a dope looking kit without a doubt, but I don't think that this kit will appeal to the average FD owner.  FD prices are still a little out of reach for the average drifter.  You are going to have the sickest FD drift car on the planet,  but from a marketing standpoint I'd be surprised to see this kit sell in large numbers (I'll be more than happy to be proven wrong though)  However, I've long thought that the Rocket Bunny treatment would look equally smashing on the FC chassis and will sell in larger quantities too (I'll be first in line).  
Make it happen, Mike.


That has got to be the finest aero kit I've ever seen on an FDS3! I can wait to see the finished product, I sure it will be amazing :) #gt6six


I love it! Looks so good. Saw the teaser shots on Instagram but had no idea you were behind it. Now I'm even more excited to see the real thing. Buuuuut... Is it replacing MADBUL? I think that will make me sad. I love the current MADBUL as it is. Still, this will look great once you put your spin on it


Wow.. just wow. Its a stunning work of art. Desktops now is right!


Excellent work, guys! The concept looks really unique!


Simply P most people buy bunny kits to park hard, and the average drifter outside of japan doesn't buy genuine anyway


Spaghetti Looks like a Wangan Midnight drawing done in 3D.


d_rav BrianDavis4 It's all digital...are you freaking serious?


Thats what ive been waiting for, to bad i just sold my 7! It looks awesome, really like the simple front bumper too!
Did fabricate similar front fenders out of my Blister kit, in the hunt for this look, but never made it to the rear fenders before selling it. Pics taken fresh out of the paint booth, before coilovers and tire change for better fitment i recommend a little cation looking at these:
Did run another take on it too before the above:




wow good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats what ice deen waiting for to dad i just sold my


Front view reminds me of Days of Thunder for whatever weird reason. Looks super sleek. Complete opposite of all those WTAC cars with their crazy wings, canards and other aero parts. Should look awesome in real life. Any plans for a livery yet?


I think it looks great except for those 10 or so little holes in the front bumper


@getwell Haha! Glad I'm not the only one that sees it.

Turbo BEAMS AE86

hated the new FRS, loved this one.  I didnt know why speedhunter love this Miura guy until you did the full feature, showing that his production and design methods are far ahead of most competitors, now I got a lot of respect for this my man.  Enjoy Life.  Create Peace

Turbo BEAMS AE86

JonahVipraio i believe they are LED fog lights bro


needs a front splitter


stick some eyes on the windshield and it looks like Lightning McQueen from Cars....Ka Chow!


@Turbo BEAMS AE86 JonahVipraio that's for DRLs, just like the new 86 kit


I absolutely love it!... Although... It could use some lazy headlights to break up the front a little.


Hey Mike, Muira-san,
It's hard to improve on one of the best cars penned by Tom Matano ( and his crew, but this is a nice first shot.  I dig what Muira-san did on the FRS, and look forward to what you two can sort out for the FD.  
A few thoughts:
+ The side skirts look look spot on, they carry the sensuous lines and blend with the original intent of the design.
+ The front air dam is where I have trouble- it looks just like what was done on the Silvia.  The hard lines don't blend with the FD at all, and the multiple hole intakes are distracting.   If you dig the three intake style, cool, then soften it up- echo the forms that occur in the headlights and put them on some steroids if you want more air under the hood.  
+ The duckbill in the back is sweet, but it needs some softness.  The RX-7 was sculpted by hand, more like an Italian car.  It has a sex-factor that rivals J-Lo's ass, so don't go flattening it out completely.   
Good luck!


I think I see Ezio lurking in the background there :)
But on topic: The kit looks awesome, goes to show that the beautiful curveous shape of the FD can look really 21st century if you change its face a little. From an engineers pov I can't  wait to see what this kit does on a racecar with the right splitter on it. For now: Stick some sick deepdish wheels on it and keep it sideways ;)


I think it's a great idea. All those skirty cars aren't really my thing. This here looks pro




Suuuuper sick! Wow, one of the best FD kits I've seen yet.


I think overall it looks amazing the side, the over fenders look delicious. Just something about the front that takes away from the natural flowing lines of the FD.  Just my personal opinion though!  I will always be a fan and look forward to the final finishing product!! I also want a new updated body kit for my RX-7.  Props to Mike for stepping out of the boundaries and this colab with Kei.  Cant wait!!


Seconded. Initially I thought it was another Silva from the front.


Seconded. Initially I thought it was another Silva from the front.


WOW WOW WOW  This is sick.!  I really like the Rocket Bunny style but man he out did himself this time. Simply amazing.


thats sex on wheels . and with the ANIMAL driving it will be classic


Just a detaiL.. there is a KW suspension sticker on the car, but KW has no dedicated suspension kit in their program. Willl you be working with them for the FD3S. As a Europea and FD3S owner, I would really like to know as they certify their kits so they are legal for European use.
As for now ther eis no road legal kit for the FD3S whatsoever..


fuckn sick! repn nz all day way yo!!


It will replase the widebodykit that currently is on the MADBULL, mike has run the same bodykit since 07 and wanted to change it up a bit.


Wow. That is beautiful.


R32 Rocket Bunny please.


Ok I'm only 12 and I'm obsessed over nissan but I could never find the difference between the 240sx and the 180sx is one better than the other or is one luxjury please explain it in the way I can understand it


what are you going to do with your old car


THEJDMOBSESSER  Okay so this is just a little off the topic but the difference isn't one is luxury and one not.  It mostly comes down to engine package.  180's could be found with the SR and CA motors, one was turbo, one was not.  the 240sx was release as different evolution featuring 4 wheel steering (where the back wheels turn to help stabilize in turns and grip better).  The 240 also had a KA motor which was NA and had a larger displacement than the SRs, I can't recall whether they had a Turbo option from the factory or not.  mostly they are the same Vehicle, the 240 did have more weight to it because it was designed for the American market and came with American necessities at the time.


Crazy mean mike, outdone ur selves , can't wait 2 c it in da flesh.


I love the guards side skirts and rear, but improvements could be made on the front bumper and duck tail. Id say series 7 bumper lights would look much better in the front bumper and possibly sleepy popup lights like Mike has allready and incorperate Muira sans L.E.D driving lights in the opening? the duck tail for me looks out of place and looks as if its just been pulled of a silvia or 86 rather than being designed specifically for the fd3s, although it could be improved by being more curved and more like the factory body shape.
I am looking forward to seing the finished product hopefully these elements look better in the flesh.


also a vented bonnet would be cool! in more ways than one


That is so beautiful, can't wait to see and hear that with flames exiting the 4 rotor within!!


i normally dont like kits on these cars cuz the oem body lines are perfect imo. but this looks great. love rocket bunny stuff.


Please do a MX5 next!


Referring to the S13 chassis, produced in various guises from 1988 to 1999
240SX is the USDM model. It came with the KA24DE motor.
180SX is the JDM fastback model with pop up lights, It came with a CA18DET motor for earlier production models, and an SR20DET motor in later type X models. Also it came with SR20DE motor in the type R model. The 180SX is also known as a 200SX in export markets such as europe and australasia
Silvia is the JDM coupe model and originally came with the CA18DE motor in the Qs model and CA18DET motor in Ks model. after 1991 production of the CA motor ceased and it was replaced with the SR20DE and SR20DET motors in their respective Qs and Ks models.
All of these models with the S13 chassis are pretty much identical underneath and inside, aside from factory options such as the HICAS 4 wheel steering, R180/R200 differential, different braking options like slightly larger brakes on the Ks models, and internal drum handbrake on the 180sx. 
If you are having trouble with the engine numbers, this is how nissan identify their motors. The first letters (CA/SR/KA) are for the block. The number (18/20/24) represents the displacement of the motor 1.8litre, 2litre, 2.4litre. The D is for double overhead cam, the E is for electronic fuel injection and the T is for Turbo


Dear God! It's beautiful. It has a real stock car/NASCAR look to it. Reminds me of Daijiro's Discount Tyre S13 some some reason, but I can't think why or how. The two of you know "style", that's for damn sure.


I REALLY HOPE that you can use the factory front bumper with those fenders!!! Fenders look PERFECT.
The FD is one of the purest shapes out there, I think some of the front bumper curves aren't ideal, such as the vent next to the hood, and of course those little circle holes.  As well, the wing does not fit with the curves of the FD... Looks a bit tacked on- I'd really love to see a duckbill that is "extreme" like this, but more streamlined/sleek- taking cues from the Shine lip wing- but more exaggerated.
I AM SO very excited to get these fenders someday... This style perfectly fits the FD. When released?






Wide !


It would be crazy to see this thing drifting


Love it


Can't wait..


0100  My thought exactly!


I'd love to get my Cappo made up on CAD, and then put into a CFD program to help me design the bodywork! Awesome man!


That looks sick! What kind of paint scheme will you be running on this kit, camo or something new?


Looks the tits dude... Love it!!


Looks Amazing lads!! I want this so bad for my FD :-) Will this kit be made available? P.S. Brap on Mikey :-)




pal that design sick. ive seen many 3rd gens online and in trinidad and tobago where im from,and let me say yours is CRAZY


love it bro


What Rendering software is used to make this, In a Beng program, and it'd be awesome to learn how to render something like this.


Great! Looks like Lightning McQueen, but I love it!!!


@AutoWerkez Keyshot


Wicked kit MadMike!


Looks awesome! Nice to see a 6666 conversion on a different car! Will you be doing one for the RX-8 as well?


SICK!!!!!!!!!! Patiently waiting for a FC3S version!!!!!!!!!!!! FC3S FC3S FC3S!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Love it!!
Cant wait to see real life photos


Thats good, that you decide to change look of you fd, very good


IF you lose that massive rear spoiler of yours, the madbull wont be as mad as it is now.




D4W BryanRipolio THEJDMOBSESSER You all just fed the troll...


Thats Hella fugning awesome!
I want that for my rc car!


Holy crap-  if you dont chuck a 95 and some rusteeze stickers on this thing when its done, your boy is gonna be spewing Mike!


Second on the Lightening McQueen comment


Any wallpapers of these?

One of the best cars I've seen, no joke. Up there with the awesome aspiring lancia


binary0x01 I TOTALLY concur - please share images in wallpaper-size (1080p+)!


This looks so gorgeous and is a long time coming, can't wait to see it on the mad mike car!!!!


That is spectacular..................well done both of you.


Street legal or not?


Super clean right color Miura-san is a true craftsman excellence


I wonder how my 94 NISSAN Maxima would look with the rocket bunny kit


Best looking RX7 ever.


lol, they totally ripped off Lightning McQueen... or Corvette Nascar.


front bumper looks waaaaaay too boxy; too much like the s13, other than that its perfect!


wow that is amazing look!


T is for turbo and turbo is for me
Ok I can remember that


Need to cover the rest of the front tires, going to have issues.


@Chic Hicks You ruin everything!! :(


i have been raving to my mate about "if rocket bunny doing a fc kit". basicly, in my opinion there are no kits out there that can beat the original lines of the fc3s. please, prove me wrong.
your first garanteed customer for an fc kit.


I would drive the hell out of that.


please tell me you are going to add the 99 spec and up front lights under the pop up headlights :)


Where the S2k version!!


Id love to put this kit on my chaste white 1994 FD3s.


The shape of the SC300/400/Soarer 92-00 would look perfect with the RocketBunny treatment! I vote that car next!


Perfect! I cant say anything more about it! Great Job!


Jochem camos been his trademark since day one, i don't think its going anywhere


aslong as the air filters are popping out the hood, it'l look sick. when you gonna dump a six-rotor in that thing?


bradjh True???


Superb. Gorgeous. Classic.
This might be a radical viewpoint, but i never did like the stock FD looks-wise. I mean i knew there was a good-looking car in there somewhere, but the styling, esp. at nose and tail, always seemed off-key to me. (Perhaps that explains why there have been so many kits produced that make such radical alterations to the stock styling. Just a wee theory...) This sorts all those niggles out and reveals the FD as the handsome, timeless shape it always should have been. No camo please Mr Whiddett - keep it red!


JamesOConnor yep it certainly will be available to the public!


stylez nz Jochem a new camo maybe!


If this kit makes it to production, I will get a stock ls6 for my vette and my 710hp magnacharged monster WILL be sitting in a fd within a month.


TaylorUnderhill  I second this. If Muira-san designs a kit for the rx8, I'll buy it. Guaranteed.

138  Please use the FR-S V.2 front bumper on the FD- would be so much cleaner!!!


I'd be real interested to see an update on this project :)


Any progress on this Mike?


Any progress on this Mike?


I edited it further today- no graphics, no wing, and the same FR-S V.2 front:


Loving the... silenced AR15 chilling behind Kei's desk.


I want it as an RX 7 I want it cause it's old school looks. make mine look like this pleeese I'm serious
I drive all sorts of cars and nothing thrills like a rotary


I don't think you can ask for much more than a set of Foresight wide fenders on an FC... then maybe piecemeal the rest. I've got the 45mm fronts and I'm easily running 275s all around, and they change the whole presence of the car without losing the original flavor. To each his own though.


hmmmm....the looks are debatable. Its not easy to change the styling on an FD whose body is already close to perfect nor is it recommended. I'd leave the body of an FD ALONE.

Andres in rocklin ca

At is the most perfect looking car I have ever seen. What's the cost?

Andres in rocklin ca



Seriously, we NEED these pictures in high definition, This is hands down the most bad ass and sexy RX7 I have ever seen.


Love it ! Inspired me so much it willbe next build. Dan


Here is the finished project. Photo taken with Glenn Harris, General
Manager, Vehicle Sales and Marketing Mazda New Zealand with Mike surrounded by the MADBUL RX-7 and Mad Mike’s new customised Arashi BT-50 and
Mazda6 Wagon.