Later in the month we’ll be reliving the last week in September 2013 with you which for Dino, Rod and myself was spent in Northern Italy hunting speed in the very purest sense. We were welcomed in to the Pagani facilities with unprecedented access and as part of that, we spent a sublime morning at the Autodromo Di Modena. This short film is just one of the experiences that emerged from that morning.

We’ll bring you an interesting and often surprising interview with official Pagani test driver Davide Testi as part of our Pagani coverage. But for now, go full screen, sit back, and enjoy an empty track, crisp early autumn sun and a Pagani Huarya doing just one of the things it does better than almost any other car on the planet.

This my friends is one man and pure, unadulterated joy of machine. Pagani style.

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: Speedhunters_Bryn

Autodromo Di Modena



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Wow amazing sound ! But the center console just reminds me of a hotdog with its mouth open anyone else see it ??


Should've chosen a track where he'd been able to actually use all that horsepower, with so many turns on that track it'd probably be a good equalizer between the Pagani and say.. a Miata? lol


pagani interior is so good, so many details! like intricate jewelry




Ah, how could I have forgetten that noise? :) Gotta love the key for it as well - a mini Huayra!


Oh that interior!! That right there is craftsmanship overload. And those turbos! wow, talk about sensory overload as a pilot of such a wonderful machine. I could care less about lap times or numbered performance, that car is the most sensory satisfying thing on the road and im just watching a video!


My God that car makes some good noises.


I think I just had and Ear-gasm! Horacio Pagani has perfected the Combination noises that are the produced by that engine. Even individually the sounds of the Turbos Spooling, The Wastegates releasing and the exhaust note are all amazing and yet together they compliment each other so well without one being more dominating then the others. Perfection. And it looks like such fun to Drive.

I have seen videos of the Huayra before, but they all had someone talking all over the top of the machines perfected noise . Thank you SpeedHunters for not ruining that beautiful soundtrack.  @@Speedhunters_Bryn  @speedhunters_dinoSuzyWallace


Is that the Italian Stig?


SuzyWallace The noise is breathtaking but the key is one incarnation of what i dislike about modern cars. Please start making real keys again. Not overly big toys. Just a key. Nothing else - like the old VW keys for a T3 or Golf I/II, which are simple yet elegant. From a practical view it's absolute rubbish that you have to take that cap of before you can use it. 
The car though ... what a machine!


maxproof SuzyWallace Interesting. I think the Huayra is all about show as well as go though - for instance, it doesn't NEED such an elaborate gear selector either, being a flappy paddle gearbox, but I'm glad it does because it's a work of art to look at. A standard key in a Huayra would be disappointing IMO. In a normal car, I agree with you, but here I think it fits perfectly.


What like an airfield? The track isn't that small, the Huarya just devours it with ease. You'd need a seriously, seriously tricked Miata to come anywhere near this thing. 
So who's got one? Let's make this happen! :)


koko san He's like the Stig's Playboy cousin.


BrockHarvison speedhunters_dino SuzyWallace The amazing thing is everything is tuned to each buyer, this being the demo it's all turned up to eleven. In the flesh it's just a wonderful thing, and yes why would you spoil it with mere music? ;)


MikeDonnelly Sorry Mike, its just that the car made the track look small. It ate distance like Usain Bolt on meth.


It's a neat looking car but boy they couldn't have chosen a worse color scheme.