Is Nissan Bringing A New Silvia To Tokyo?

Ever since the S15 Silvia was discontinued back in the early 2000s, people have been wondering when – if ever – Nissan would release a new version of its popular rear-drive coupe. The recent excitement over the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ has only heightened anticipation for a Silvia revival. Well if early reports are true, we just might be seeing a new Silvia (or at least a spiritual successor to it) next month at the Tokyo Motor Show.

According to an article from What Car? , Nissan is planning to show two sports car concepts in Tokyo, one of which will be their answer to the 86 and BRZ. The car will apparently be close to production spec, and may be powered by the 1.6 liter turbocharged four cylinder from the Nissan Juke Nismo. Styling will be inspired by one of Nissan’s models from the past, although they haven’t said anything other than it’s not the Fairlady Z. If reaction is positive, the car is likely to see production.

We will have to wait for the big show to see what really appears, but it’s hard not be excited by this.



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i wish we can have new silvia as s16


So, Mazda....what's up...?




Not according to though...
According to them, Andy Palmer stated that they were redefining the Z as a smaller, lighter car with a downsized turbo engine.


1.6 liters is the new 2 liters.


I really hope they do and pull it off well like Toyota did. In a way, Toyota got rid of their boring, econobox reputation in north america with the FR-S. Maybe the new "Silvia" would do the same.


I smile every time I see comments like "1.6????? WTF".
In all these years apparently no one has learned that engine capacity means nothing.
The Alfa Romeo 1750 Tbi is a good example that you can build a small engine with the right amount of power and a good km/L rating too.
I think it's amazing how manufacturers are exploiting turbochargers and superchargers again, it's a new "turbo era" and it's pretty exciting.
I wonder how much time will pass until we see 1.6 hybrid turbo/super charged engines with 350+ hp on the streets.


dont forget mazda are getting that new mx5/spyder collaboration with alfa... when, i don't know though


I am really happy with the new japanese cars XD. GTR, 86, nsx, the new supra and now the silvia


I want a 510 Wagon successor …
RWD, longitudinal four-pot, manual 6-speed gearbox, compact, light, room to boot, classic styling, modern safety, four-door, economical when cruising but able to drift around a wet roundabout.
Fire all the Market analyzers for a month and trust me, Nissan.


if the s16 comes out, i hope mazda step up their game with an rx-7 Definitely something to look forward to


2 liter turbo, 1350kg, 2 door!!! And no ugly 350/infinity front.


FrancescoDiGiuseppe You should look no further than Hondas of the '90s...small engines, big fun.


The need for a new Silvia was almost as obvious as the need for a diesel Wrangler pickup... Auto execs are such bleeding idiots.


Can't wait when I'm like 30 years old and my kid start's making the S16 a drift slut. lol


PohLegoTeoh too bad mazda discontinued their rotary


Please not that engine....... that thing is a piece of crap. Make a new new KA or SR engine.


Hopefully its a Silvia and looks good. If not looks like I'll be adding a FRS/brz or a genesis coupe to the collection


Honda should step it up a little. Come out with a new rwd like s2000 but bettrr obviously. Non-convertible too.


Mazda doesn't need rotary. I understand that was a signature thing. But some mazda motors make power




ZacharyOuzts Or just a new RB engine ^^ :)


No, I'd still prefer if this was bringing the Skyline back to the old days when it wasn't a shitty family car which came in a 2-door version. I want a good straight-6 and the lower, lighter body it used to have. I don't think a new silvia would be quite the same though, they'll ruin it in the same way they did the skyline.


@TheOGMara ZacharyOuzts  the new rb would be a vq, they're just as good as rb's, just replace the stock rods, apply dual turbos and uv got 1000+ reliable hp


MattJaz all they need to do is use the 2.3L DISI from the MS3


dear nissan. please dont screw up the next successor the the S chassis car. please don't style like like the sentra/altima/maxima/pathfinder/quest. and also please dont single the US out of great looking cars like the quashai and the elgrand. maybe people would buy them if they didn't look like the rogue and quest only available in the US market. that sh*t is hella wack yo.


Itchys2 ZacharyOuzts VQs aren't as good, I've worked on them before and an RB30 with a 26 head gives you more power than a twin turbo VQ35, and it's more reliable. They're not bad engines, but I'd always go for an RB before I get a VQ.


Please bring back a low sleek coupe like the s13,14 and 15's, make it rear wheel drive, 2 liter turbo at minimum, but best with a straight 6 with a turbo, 6 speed gearbox and a limited slip diff. if you make it light and not a luxury sports car, it will get tonnes of fans from the drift scene alone.


FrancescoDiGiuseppe +1. also the delta wing is a 1.9 liter engine which makes 350 hp and 270 ft pounds of torque. there are plenty of engine choices out there


so will this be the 160sx?


nisco This article says Nissan is showing 2 sports car concepts, and one will compete with the 86/FRS. That article you posted shows the car that ISNT the car that will compete with the 86/FRS. So that Z-car and another will be shown, which is what is talked about here.


FtsArTek The skyline has always had a 4 door normal version apart from the late 70s. The current model 370 coupe is the 2 door regular sports model and is 6 cyl.


Negotiate a deal with the US to allow lowered emmision turbos, extra catalysts advanced designs or electronic controls, We are your biggest and most die hard customers, even if its somewhat limited or expensive, I would preorder one today, even right hand drive, more displacement, more boost, same quality handling and drivetrain, consider a equal stoke / bore 2.5 Litre or possibly a 6 Cyl inline, sacrifice nothing when it comes to quality though, there is a huge huge market that would pay just about any price to have these dream machines.
I have a 91 240 SR Blacktop, Disco Potatoe, old chassis, suspension, ceramic clutch, lsd . . .but if you can update with new materials and stay true to the magic formula that is the 240SX (2.0T) and balanced weight ratios left right and front rear, wider tires, stronger links, and make it as rustproof as possible, 6spd or 7 MANual hydraulic, medium weight axles and flywheel, and not change the styling except small aerodynamic improvements, I would sell everything I own and buy as many as I could afford, This car is THE car, its art, its practical, its quick and handling is phenomenal, Send the word and I will start selling off my possessions day 1 , oh and non radioactive too please, I would be willing to spend up to 35k if it was done right and needed little or no aftermarket chaos and expense


ZacharyOuzts What don't you like about the engine, have you driven it? It's more or less the same engine as in the delta wing racecar and although I've never personally driven it, I'm told it's pretty nice! In a light weight FR I think it could be prettty damn fun!


people have to realise it's the turbo not the engine capacity that makes the power. The same turbo will make the same power on a 1.8L as it will on a 2.8L. It may spool faster on the 2.8L, but at any given boost pressure, it will make the same power (within a certain capacity range).
(yes I do realise smaller engines will not mate so well with some of the much bigger turbos).


lol bro, go look at what engines f1 cars run... simple minds


The Silvia is the shittest car ever made, a liberty could beat them


slcw88 you're a faggot


d3c0y FtsArTek nahhh man, pretty sure that is the silvia


@Wael Habboub we all know that nissan copied off of holden


@Karl Silvias are wannabe skylines


Though it would never happen, they should just make the S15 USDM-legal and people would buy them. S15's look amazing WAYYYY bettter than the Suba-Yota.  The "Target Audience" Nissan would be hoping to reach with a new FR Coupe have all bought FR-S/BRZ/GT86 by now though.

Turbo BEAMS ae86

MattJaz so?  if i wanted power i buy a mustang.  Think before you post.  Rotary emission-outlawed was a very sad day for the world.


Donal watson you're a faggot at trolling


I have one of the first 88 2 tone s13s.  Blue and gray.  Brings a smile to my face every time i drive it.


d3c0y FtsArTek I know that, what I mean is that particularly from the R32-R34, the Skyline was designed as a 2-door sports coupe and then a 4-door sedan was modelled off that. But since the advent of the V35 (or G35 in america) the Skyline was designed as a 4-door sedan and then modelled into a 2 door coupe from the same frame.


@Turbo BEAMS ae86 MattJaz  The rotary is not gone folks. Mazda came out and said that a few months back and are supposed to show it soon. I would expect it to show up around the end of the year. Emissions have not been Mazda's issue but rather fuel consumption and reliability.


Donal watson slcw88  Dude you need a different hobbies besides making dumb comments.


wheatgod walshatron Yes, the curve is less sudden with a large displacement engine, but mating the right turbo choice to the 1.6 should still bring in the realms of high 200s hp with little lag. With tuning and bolt on turbo swap ~350? As far as I know, these 1.6s have large exhaust ports compared to the old sr20 heads and should bring on boost early, so compared to the sr20 it would be a similar engine in terms of performance.
Also, as far as safe power? The big japanese I6s that make safe big power are all built like a brick (and as heavy as one). But there's plenty of 6s that can't safely handle that power, and plenty of small engines that can, correct tuning helps. Eg. a 1.8L golf R has almost the same power as a 3.0L twin turbo supra and similar response.
Many well built evos take 600hp all day. My SR20DET has been running 360hp as a daily driver for years. Small engine doesn't mean less power, the turbo size dictates the power. But any 1000hp car will be tempremental. If we're talking about a drag car, the displacement argument on the "new silvia" is valid. If it's a reliable, light, factory sports car, then I believe the 1.6, especially if it's a VET motor, would blow the old SR20DET out of the water.


I'm all for more cars in the miata/brz-frs space!


wheatgod While that may be true in a way... There is always the hope that they get it right the third time eh?


walshatron wheatgod Turbo, fuel pump, injectors, cams, ecu, intake and exhaust dictate power. You won't push massive numbers without the supporting mods. Don't slap a 70mm turbo on to a factory SR20 and expect 500horses when you won't have the fuel supply (pump) or volume (injectors) or map (ecu) et al to support it.
It's not all in the turbo.


Donal watson never owned a good S-chassis, have you princess?


They BETTER bring the production model to the US. Were getting sick of being stiffed out of all the cool nissan's. Im about ready to convert to toyota racing dancing. 
Jk. totally not. but still!


Hopefully they will not load the thing with electronic stuff. The 1.6T engines nowadays can make as much power as their 2.0T 90's counterparts so I don't think that would be a problem. In any case we can always shoehorn a bigger engine in any chassis hehehe
I think auto makers still need to listen to what car enthusiasts want: a simple, reliable car with decent power


Or you know what?
Why doesn't Nissan just invent an 5.0 Inline eight cylinder quad turbo and stick that into their new Silvia?!
I'd buy that....


@Turbo BEAMS ae86 MattJaz Emissions didn't kill the rotary, economy did. Mazda couldn't get the same mileage and reliability out of a turboed rotary as they could out of a conventional.


I don't mind if it is 1.6L turbo.
If it will have the potential - then it is fine.


Mattsda where the heck are you gonna find the space for a 5 liter inline 8? A supra engine is already huge and its a 3 liter inline 6,looool


Get a job with Nissan an invent a reliable CAFE compliant straight eight and I think you would probably win some sort of Nobel prize. Longer cams are hard to work out properly. Not cost effective. If you want a 100,000$ Silvia maybe... I wouldn't complain yet. Especially since it hasn't been officially announced.


nickmmele not just US please... :)


Donal watson  The H6 Liberty can smoke an Evo. Why are you surprised a Liberty can beat a Silvia?


Mustang? Power? Ive never seen those 2 words in a sentence together


It's all about the S12 3.0V6.


my aunt just got a new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible by work using a lap-top... pop over to this site


Why doesn’t Nissan just reproduce their Silvia chassis ?
They are very popular now and Nissan would make a fortune if they brought back Silvia’s such as the S14 , S15 , and 240sx