Military Aspirations: </br>Volklinger S14
Setting the theme

When does style start to hinder functionality? Everyone probably has a different answer to this – we all have varying ways of looking at cars and of course that’s a very good thing. Satomi-san, the builder… scratch that… the creator of the Volklinger S14 probably has a totally different outlook on stuff compared to me and you. However, like most things that are born out of passion, it has been a step by step process that has lead his Silvia to look like something out of a war movie.


Satomi truly let his imagination run wild, bringing together a few of his hobbies: cars, drifting and plastic military models…


… and spicing it all up with tons of curious details. It almost looks like the car was put together in a post-apocalyptic world, where devastation led to people scavenging for whatever was left from a previous civilization. It could well be the perfect car for a remake of Mad Max – where the protagonist is into drifting!


I can already hear the negativity: it’s undrivable, it sits too low, it has stupid camber, it has metal in place of side glass, you can’t see out of the windscreen cover. Strangely enough, there’s a very good chance that Satomi didn’t really build this car for outright practicality. While some may assume it’s just a way to raise the middle finger to society or to make a point, the truth couldn’t actually be more humble – he just wanted to do it for a bit of fun, for himself, to see just how far he could take the whole military theme.


And while doing so he never sacrificed the car’s true purpose, and that was to be his weekend drift car.


So with temporary plates in hand, Satomi was able to meet me right outside Ikkyu Temple…


… in the outskirts of Kyoto, a rather fitting background given the sheer contrast of the subject at hand. A passing hoard of elementary school kids instantly swarmed around the S14 to get a closer look and ask what it was.

The details tell the story

You may have spotted that the base aero kit that Satomi chose for the conversion is TRA Kyoto’s 6666 Customs wide body kit, setting the feel for the rest of the mods that were planned.


There’s so much to see as you walk around the car. Like the iron bars that are used to armour cement – here cut, bent and tacked on to one of the front fenders. The other fender as you’ve already seen has been covered in American license plates, bent and welded in place as a sort of armour.


The car runs Trust adjustable coilovers that have allowed the car to sit as low as possible on the custom painted set of Mickey Thompson Classic II rims, fitted in the same 10Jx16″ size all round and running Pinso rubber, a Japanese drifter’s top choice for remarkably affordable tires to smoke. Some trick suspension arms up front are there to give the wheels plenty of negative camber, the either you understand it or hate it onikyan – or demon camber.


Satomi carries a few accessories in his trunk, props that he uses when displaying the car at track events or at shows, items that on top of the cut bomb shell…


… include a slammed jack of his own design!


The engine room has been finished off in what can only be described as a Stealth Bomber look, each and every single component, pipe, hose, cable…


… and even filter sprayed in flat black. Underneath all that hides a slightly massaged engine, set up for a bit of extra power for those especially challenging and potentially fast tracks. The SR20 head cover has been removed and a set of Tomei 256-deg cams dropped in, a good match to the Trust TD06 turbo that is low-mounted on a GReddy exhaust manifold. Custom piping connects everything up and thanks to a well programmed Apex Power FC, Nissan’s four-banger is able to churn out a healthy 400hp. So there goes the ‘all show and no go’ comments out the window.

Cans of flat black

What really cracked me up is that Satomi carries a few cans of flat black in his trunk, just so that every once in a while he can freshen up areas of the engine bay that may have started to look a little dull. He just sprays it everywhere!


One of the main reasons the car is unable to be registered for street use is due to the simple fact that the side glass has been replaced with something not quite so transparent: metal sheets. The door’s glass has been swapped out for appropriately curved and cut diamond-pattern sheets that go up and down just as smoothly, actuated by the electric motors.


Covers on the side match the removable tank-like armour plate that Satomi made for the windscreen…


… with a louvered cover at the back.


Satomi has done everything himself on the Volklinger S14, things that include the flat green paint and the extensive air brushing needed to give the exterior a look resembling a rusted out battle tank, with rust and dirt lines running down from the exposed rivets.


Ducktail? On an S-chassis? Yes please!


Another example of how extensive the detailing stretches is the assortment of model missiles and bombs, glued in place to the side of the car!


Remove the rear bumper and both the exposed chassis below and the inside of the bumper have been painted…


… much like the underside of the trunk lid, a slightly more eighties take on the whole camo thing.


To finish it all off, a custom center exit exhaust system, capped off like some bike mufflers to make a raspier and ultimately louder sound.

Individualism rules

One of the latest modifications at the time of the shoot was the extended hood which wraps down over the headlights for quite the evil look when those main beams are flicked on.


The cockpit, which may be the darkest interior of any car in history period when the side glass is up and the windscreen is covered, sports yet more unique decorations. Usual additions that you would expect to find in a drift car are there like the second or third hand Recaro bucket, equally well-used racing harness and of course a chunky and deeply cupped steering wheel…


… mounted on… four bosses! We assume Satomi favours a more WRC-style seating/driving position then!


The nine yellow auxiliary gauges and main instrument cluster are there to make it all look like a tank’s command post, a cool addition against the colorful dashboard. Those notes that you see are reproduction German wartime currency bills that Satomi managed to find on Yahoo Auctions.


Satomi knows very well his car might be hard to digest to some, but at the same time he really doesn’t care. He set out to achieve something different, letting his imagination take decisions and has managed to make his car look like some sort of full-sized scale war machine, one built for drift rather than killing people.



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In a disturbing sort of way I actually like it.


I like it. Although I'm not really fan of the onikyan camber. I just love how he went completely wild with it. So major props for him.


aussieANON yeah. Me too.


I've seen the car before, but not in this kind of detail. I thought the kids surrounding the car was cute, then I saw him spray painting the car on the spot. That made me laugh. :D Looks like a fun car to have! And it's definitely very unique. I love all those little details and the car as a whole is not bad either. This car will kill in a post-apocalyptic movie. :D


meal stub aussieANON Three!


This car is an absolute work of art. The fact that the area beneath the rear bumper is painted and detailed as well let's you know just how much this man loves his car! I also loved the picture of the children around the car, they're being fascinated and inspired! It's great!


This car annoys me and inspires me in equal measure. I'm torn.


This is my car of the year. Amazing. Game over. Great feature!


If it's crazy enough it's OK. Thumbs Up!


Ben Chandler Thanks Ben!


koko san Well no denying the craziness....


PaddyMcGrath Objective achieved then :)


MartinBrandan Yeah they were cute, asking what it was haha


meal stub It's all in the details


There's a clear line between artistic vision and following, no, exploiting a fad to the Nth degree like a certain previously-featured rotary-powered car. This is a great example of a unique vision executed well. I especially like the windshield cover. Must be a blast to drive around in too.


been waiting for this feature forever! love the details. was really hoping to see it at the hellaflush event but it didn't turn up this year. there were a couple of other military themed ones though...


It takes true thorough execution to carry over the engine compartment paint theme so far as to flat black spray paint the foam air filter element.
Poor strangled engine, never had a chance to breath.


Hasn't he been featured before?


I think this is great - the level of attention to detail on the whole car is spot-on (the airbrushing is great). I laughed at the windows, then you said they went up and down as normal - fair play! And I'm loving the matte black engine  - what an awesome way to not have to worry about how clean your engine bay is. Hehehe.
Oh, and I want that jack!!!


Brad_S I've posted images of the cars from last year's Slammed Society show yes.


@Honto Ni If you ever used those filters you would know they don't really filter that much, a little paint won't hurt lol


FunctionFirst i was thinking the same


azmedaj The owner did turn up, but with his new car.  Have a look here:


Awesome build. very unique. great story. The only thing WHY in the world would you spray paint your air filter??


reno808  it's only the mesh that's painted, not the actual filter


i have a couple of questions about this:
1) the license plate front quarter panel, that's painted isn't it? (or am i being a bit thick)
2) why the rocket bunny tag?

awesome looking machine, even if I'm not a fan of the negative camber (or the choice of wheels - the colour just looks out of place on the car)


Both question are answered on top of the second page, right after first 2 pictures.

1) " The other fender as you’ve already seen has been covered in American license plates, bent and welded in place as a sort of armour." So no, it's not painted
2) "You may have spotted that the base aero kit that Satomi chose for the conversion is TRA Kyoto’s 6666 Customs wide body kit, setting the feel for the rest of the mods that were planned." hence the Rocket Bunny tag


Asko M AdamBasing  ok, i guess i just need to learn to read...


speedhunters_dino I think there's a video of it somewhere around here


AdamBasing reno808 ummmm you need to look again lol


Just wondering, why did you wait for pretty much a year to drop this article?


I love everything about this car. It may not be my exact style preferences, but it's just so  cool and awesome that this guy just does whatever he wants because he likes it that way. So inspiring


Not even legit. Plate with red slash means temp plate. The rules are strict for it too. You can only drive during the day,to a garage,insurance office,registration that's it. Not after dark or on weekends. Might as well not even have a plate cause that car isn't going to pass inspection from the GOJ on JCI.


ryukyustriker Yes I did mention it in the story. Not easy to pass Shaken with metal windows, might slightly obstruct vision ;)


Brad_S speedhunters_dino Yep video too


reno808 AdamBasing Seems Adam is batting a thousand today. /s The actual filter is indeed painted but I am pretty sure painting it gives over 9000 horsepower (when in Japan, of course. In the US, it's more like 7500hp. Don't know why).


This is the most Alive car ive ever seen. If it was a Transformer it would be a
Drift-cepticon haha. Detail on top of detail Wow!
The windows work?!! Wow : O


Asko M AdamBasing I was wondering about the license pale fender as well, since it looked too smooth and painted to me. I ended up finding an close-up of it elsewhere that clearly show that it is actual license plates.


vroomtothetomb LOL yeah they work but not too transparent :p


Damn you, now I want to see a drift-style Mad Max remake!


Couple of things on the car are cool, the rest is just a little too much for me. Than again Im not building my 02 to please anyones tastes but my own. 
One touch that would have been slick is fender exit exhaust but eh


stayshift reno808 AdamBasing lmao


JoeWhaler they did drop the article a year ago, I guess they just decided to re-do it. Doesn't even look like the pictures are new.


@PhilippUlrich LOL


I am all about the creativity put into this one.  Certain aspects of it remind me of 1990's SNES side scrolling shooters like the text used on the windshield.  Very cool.


zephoto haha interesting


TyPetersen Ah that's a good one...I'll mention it next time I see him.  Maybe screamer pipe through the hood lol


When i saw this feature pop up on the main screen, i thought 'Oh, Dino's recycling car shoots!' Y'see, I instantly recognised this car from a cover feature in a well-loved/commonly hated Australian magazine title *cough* Hot4's. But F**** me, this feature proverbially sh!ts all over that feature, so many more details covered and a much comprehensive article to accompany it. 
Top marks on this feature Dino - i love this car even more the second time reading about it!


Beder Thanks Beder, there are some people (person lol) around here that usually criticizes me for posting stuff I've shot for other magazines. Truth is I'm in no way hiding the fact that I've previously shot some car features for paper publications, but when I run them on SH I not only rewrite the story but include a lot more pictures (in some case different sets) that could ever be used in a mag-story for the simple issue of space. I'm very happy you appreciate this, so thanks for leaving a message to let me know! :)


speedhunters_dino Beder I guess some people don't realise/care that print media can only be circulated so far around the world, so a repeat is a repeat in their eyes. The way I see it, Speedhunter's hits all corners of the globe, so sharing is caring! If I see you at WTAC, I'll come up and introduce myself :)


good stuff, I read through all 4 chapters without looking at any comments, cause I thought the Trolls and Flamers would be alll over this.
I was wrong.  Myself I love the car, the custom jack, the windows, the whole car, wow nice.


Did this car once have a swastika on it's rear bumper


speedhunters_dino Very true. HKS' filters are some of the worst in the industry...they are like FRAM oil filters - you might as well as not run one, period.


meal stub Yeah, reminded me of Dave Scholz of Slide Squad when he used to slide his Civic.


This beast is the best looking s14 around!!! theres just something about the camber and purple rims the dirty paint job the pipes just the car!! It would be so dope if there was a s12 s13 and s15 that had as much stance as this brute to roll around beside!




why photoshop out the swastika?


the Nazi reichsadler logo makes it not so cool.


nananananabatman I know, right? Swastika was used as a peace sign, before Nazis butchered it that is.