If You Go Down To The Woods Today:</br>The RB-Powered S13

The woods of Sweden are a beautiful place. Majestic pines soar towards the open blue sky, straight and proud, reaching for the sunlight. In the summer, the long hours of daylight bathe the area in a beautiful warm glow, and birds sing their songs from their boughs. A relaxing air of tranquility pervades the scene, a feeling of being one with nature and the world around us.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-21

At least, that’s what some people would have you believe. But I’ve seen enough scary movies to know that they’re wrong. No, monsters lurk in woods, hiding amongst the dark trunks, preying on the unwary. And if you needed proof, then you need look no further than these pictures.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-30

Alexander Lundborg’s S13 definitely has the makings of a monster. There’s the internal organs ripped from another, Frankenstein-style, the angry stare of a killer, the howl of a banshee, the smoke-creating capabilities and the rumours of the many tyres that have fallen victim to its whims.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-3

The tale begins seven years ago when Alexander bought the car. An unsuspecting S13, it likely had no idea of the transformation it would be subject to.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-8

But Alexander already had plans for his creation. With so many RB25 swaps being carried out, he was determined to go one step further and furnish the S13 with the beating heart of a GT-R: an RB26.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-28

And so the transformation began, from unassuming S13 to drift monster. On the exterior, an Origin Streamline kit provided the form to the body…

JapCrap 180SX Extra-1

… with the addition of kouki rear lights, smoked to match the car’s dark persona and specially-mixed JapCrap purple paint, which, coincidentally, only reveals its true colours in sunlight.

JapCrap 180SX Extra-2

Its muscular haunches are provided via Origin fenders, giving an extra 20mm of width at the front and 50mm at the rear.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-25

The extra track created by those fenders is used to house the Work Euroline wheels – 18×9-inch at the rear, and an inch narrower at the front. The chunky wheels add an almost Euro-style flair to the car’s appearance, but a touch of dish and the bolts from the two-piece finish give just the right amount of aggressiveness to make them suit.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-26

Capable of stopping the beast in its charge are the Skyline R32 GT-R front and rear brake set-ups which have replaced the standard fare.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-9

As a drift car, it’s been important to maximise the car’s handling capabilities, so the car has been set up with A’PEXi coilovers, along with an R34 front subframe, Driftworks front knuckles, adjustable rear lower control arms and widened front lower control arms to allow the track to be increased and maximise steering angle for those sideways moments.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-15

It’s all business at the helm. When Alexander takes control, he’s kept from being thrown around by FIA-approved bucket seats and four-point Takata harnesses, and the chassis is reinforced by a full roll cage.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-14

Everything’s been shifted rearwards in order to try and improve the weight balance too. The driver’s seat sits ten inches aft of its original position, while the steering column has been extended in length by six inches.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-18

The original gearstick has been replaced with this funky curved number, and a hydraulic handbrake has been fashioned from the same awesome material as the screamer pipe. More on that in a second…

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-16

Of course, there’s always room for a Speedhunters sticker!

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-4

Ah, there’s that piping again! I have to say I’m absolutely in love with that screamer pipe. It’s got the functionality of a train funnel, the volume of a foghorn and the looks of a machine gun barrel. Where the ammo is measured in psi. Love it.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-6

Of course, the heart of the build lies in the engine bay. The RB26 lump was taken from an R33 GT-R but runs a relatively mild state of tune, with standard internals, bigger Bosch injectors and an uprated intercooler all being controlled by the MegaSquirt ECU.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-23

The main hike in power comes from the Precision turbo, mated to a black steel manifold, Tial blow-off valve and of course…

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-20

… that screamer pipe. As you can probably imagine, it sounds angry, producing a guttural howl like a tortured soul keen to vent its displeasure. Rather fittingly, in Alexander’s own words, it’s “loud as hell”.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-12

Any exhaust gases not vented that way does so through the side-exit, heat-wrapped exhaust.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-5

The power is transferred to the wheels via an RB25 gearbox and welded stock diff, and thanks to the RB’s grunt, the set-up sees nearly 500hp at the tarmac end – easily enough to scare any unwary onlookers. Alexander owns a Seibon carbon bonnet for when the screamer pipe is detached but mentions that it’s rarely used. Which is just fine by us.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-22

Over the years, the S13 has evolved from a street car to a dedicated drift machine built for the Swedish PowerDrift series. It’s been used hard and for a single purpose – to have fun. But it seems it’s not been fully tamed, and this summer – after our photoshoot with the car – it threw a rod straight out the side of the block.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-27

Alexander’s not been deterred though – his only consideration now is whether to get another RB26 or whether to change things up a bit and go for a 2JZ-GTE instead. It’s a perfect example of how the car has progressed – slowly improving all the time. A monster fed by Alexander’s imagination.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-31

So for the moment, this particular monster has been crippled. It’s retreated to its lair. The woods are once more safe to roam, and the Swedish people’s eardrums safe from assault by screamer pipe.

Nissan 180SX RB26 JapCrap PMcG-1

But don’t get too complacent. With plans to make the S13 more powerful than ever, who knows what could be watching the next time you’re out in the countryside. If you’re out for a stroll in the Swedish woodland next year and a roar fills the air, then perhaps you should watch your step. Because it seems monsters really do exist.



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There is such a thing as more is less. Keep it the way it is. Be baller. Build another car around a 2JZ. Love the ride...


I love this car with so much passion, this is what i want my s13 to look like (color wise) with a type x body kit and pig nose front end. love the post!


Oh typical RB26 oiling issues he should have taken care of them before racing.  Mine puts out the same power but I am not racing it yet so it will be rebuilt and oiling issues fixed before I do.  Silly mistake.


stixbnr32 How do you plan on resolving it? Dry sump?


PaddyMcGrath stixbnr32 Na in NZ I will most likely run a tomei pump, oil restrictors, Oil return galleries increased,  Extended sump and baffles, Extended oil pickup, Maybe an accusump if i do not need to remove aircon.  Also return feeds from a catch can.  See what else is recommended by my engine builder.


stixbnr32 I've heard lots of people have success with Accusump alright. Best of luck with the build!


PaddyMcGrath stixbnr32 Yeah thanks mate - its all abit of a mission on the Rb26 but has to be done if you want to race with one (street is fine) and run around 350-400kw atw and not be on borrowed time.


is there a video of this car somewhere


This thing must have some pretty ridiculous wheels spacers with that izing and 50mm overfenders


I know some Japanese people must take this offensively. JAPCRAP!?!!?!? really? why build it if it's crap. go build whatever car your country makes. or is it worst then CRAP. POS. ignorant POS


@asian I'm pretty sure this is not meant as a derogatory term, but rather as a tongue in cheek fingers up to people who view these cars in a negative way. They obviously don't view them in that way or they wouldn't own them!


I freakin' LOVE this car! Different rims and a v8 and you almost have my car!


I am not a complainer - actually this is my first post - But in my biased opinion; this is a pretty lame build when it comes to s13's. Megasquirt? Widebody for 8in small lipped wheels? Its not a bad car by any means.. but definitely not groundbreaking, or any more original/interesting than cars I can locally see.


@Mark Simmons What's wrong with megasquirt? And sorry that this car doesn't have one off custom offset volk racing/advan/gram lights super ultra light wheels like every other S13 out there. It still puts out 500HP in low tuning and i bet it goes like stink and does exactly what it's supposed to do. Maybe the owner will do a chevy v8 next, since that's the trend to follow. Would that make you happy?


@Mark Simmons Did you somehow miss that awesome exhaust setup?


@Mark Simmons I were in this guys garage yesterday, and i can tell that it's now dropped on 10" SSR proffesors. Happy?


NolanLonn The Eurolines were just temporary wheels, I think he's on 10J SSR Professors now.


@asian someone needs a snickers


Hello everyone! Alexander here, im the owner of this s13. Thanks for nice coments!  
As some allreay says this was my temporary wheels that i had in the garage. I now run Ssr Professor 17x9" et3 in front and 17x10" et-1 in the rear. 
I allso will rebuild a new rb26 with full spec, tomei oilpump, gallery, restriktor, extra output for the oil in the rear of the head.

And the reason for the engine failure was that i run stock rb26 rods and cylinder 1's rod snapt in the midle. No oil problem to cause that.

If you want to see more of the car please visit our JapCap BombSquad page on facebook.


Alexander, where did you get the pipe to make the exhaust tip and ebrake handle. Or did you drill holes yourself?


Love that steering wheel, could you tell me what make/model it is? Thanks!


what turbo is that?


Precision 58/62 (AR 0.63)
Already wrote up there...


OMP Corsica