Discussion: Which Car Should Be Brought Back?

I think it’s safe to say that now is a great time to be a car enthusiast. It’s hard to think of another era that had a higher number of fast, cool and fun new cars available in every price range. Yet for some reason we also find ourselves thinking about the past and our love of cars that have long vanished from showrooms. So for today’s discussion, I thought I’d ask which model from the past needs to be reborn for today’s market?

My personal answer would be the Datsun 510 (or 1600 or Bluebird depending on where you are from). Rather than Nissan coming out with a new Silvia to rival the success of the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ, I think it’d be awesome to see a compact rear-drive sedan that would deliver great dynamics but with enough space for you and a few passengers. I’m not necessarily talking about a retro styled 510, but a car with the spirit of the original. It wouldn’t have to be super powerful, but it would have the same attributes that made the original 510 such a hit.

Give it somewhere between 200 and 250 horsepower and  then price it between $25,000 and $30,000 US. It could available as a two-door, four-door and even a wagon like the original 510 was. How great would that be?

That’s my silly idea at least. Now I’m curious to hear your ideas. Which great car from the past needs to be revived?



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I would probably buy one if they made a new 510 as described! Would have to be more desirable then a new motor for my Z33 though, witch is pretty desirable for me atm :)


510 for sure! a new audi urquattro. but one that will actually make production




Either the Silvia or the RX-7. Bring them back exactly the same, just upgrade the safety and reduce the weight.


I'd like to see Nissan release a Silvia to compete with the Toyobaru, but the car I'd love to see coming back is the RX-7. Here's hoping the forthcoming RX-9 proves to be the ticket!


ChrisScherzer I think it is pretty hard to upgrade the safety and reduce weight at the same time. I think most of the modern vehicle weight increase is due to safety equipment.


There's too many to name...
Honda S2000
Integra Type-R
Audi Sport Quattro
The list goes on and on.


I know the sad reality is that with most owners on here, the cars we enjoy weren't built quite in a time of emissions and safety priority. Hence they will never be built again.. HOWEVER.. what about floating the original blue prints to emerging countries' designers to produce? 
Heck these older designs are surely safer and friendlier than most things chinese companies produce, we get our car and they get a hit, everyone wins!


That Mazda should bring back the RX-7 is a no-brainer.  That's what I'm holding out for.  Other resurrections I'd like to see;
Cressida (or some variation)
Eclipse GS-T (or some variation)
Buick Grand National


@MyFWDcanbeatyourRWD More than half those cars already have legitimate successors though...


@MyFWDcanbeatyourRWD Yes please to the ITR and S2000.


The Pantera is the only non obvious car I can think of to add to the conversation.


The Ford/Lotus Cortina could be rad if it were done right.


Ae86 cause im not a huge fan of the frs/brz. the sc300, Cressida, or the rx7!


Word is that Ford UK may be bringing the cortina badge back with a rear drive version of the Kuga chassis. No engine or design clues yet but being ford with there multi-platform builds, it'll be a best bet of the Eco-boost 4cyl, which isn't a bad thing. And yes a lotus version would be sick.




Cologne Capri


Personally what I'd love to see is Honda team up with Lancia and make a modern, rear drive, V4 powered Fulvia/S2000/S800 roadster or coupe. The two could be styled differently (like the upcoming Mazda/Alfa roadster) and could even be different performance specs (I'm thinking a supercharged version)


A proper Lancia, not a re-badged Chrysler.


A New Datsun 510 with retro styling like the Dodge challenger would be the bees knees....


Plymouth 'Cuda (AAR)
Plymouth GTX
Buick Grand National 

A 240-280z (do something similar to Rocky Auto's rb30 powered z, that would be awesome)
Superbird ????!
Ford Fairlane ThunderboltThe list can go on and on. But I shall leave it there.

Patrick Deschenes

Never mind the 510, bring back the real gem: a Ford Escort MK2. Something small cheerful, and RWD. Make it a Sedan, a Coupe and a wagon. Then a few years later, make a low slung one and call it a Capri.
I bet you it would outsell a whole lot of cars...


s-chassis, supra, I like the idea of the 510, I think at least a little update to the s2000 should be done.


To be honest, I'm still not thrilled by the new incarnation of the hachi-roku (FRS)... Or the BRZ for that matter. Not that they don't perform, but seeing the FR-S next to the original 86 just doesn't look right.


a new rx7, maybe a new ford mexico or maybe a cortina. I love those little cars


Option86 yeah no resemblance


Corbin  Option86 Definitely agree. It's like Toyota shouldn't have drawn quite so much attention to the fact an old model is what they were trying to emulate. Maybe call it something new and have it sell based on it's own merit, rather than some kind of nostalgia for the AE86.


Skyline, but the cheaper versions like the GT-T and stuff. I know the G35s are basically Skylines, but a retro version of the 32s and 33s would be kind of cool. And a new 240, RWD Celica, RWD Escort, pretty much any RWD sports car from the '60s-'80s that they don't make anymore.


how about the Bronco as a real suv


I'd love to see a modern rendition of the 240Z. Something light, nimble, and somewhat economical but with plenty of potential for aftermarket support. Think along the lines of Nissan's version of the GT86.


I'm with you Mike, if it looked a lot like this, I would be the first on the list to buy one.


economical kenmeri, 510 is on the list too..


KP61 Starlet, except with a better engine. 
Market it as a city car with a bite, and make it cheap so I can buy it and do skids.


A Datsun 510 Sucessor WAS made it was called the Nissan Sentra SE-R from 91 to 94.Toyota MUST bring back the Supra to stay competitive they can only push this new 86 for so long.


should be datsun 510 but with new age technology and totally upgraded interior alsosuspension etc.... like drive by wire etc etc etc .... companies should do one old school with new technologies like make 500 of them and call it quits but with part readily available from others .... so it would be a datsun 510 that can take 9 inch width wheels things like that .....


@Geoff that would be awesome oldschool with new age looks that dont stray away from the original




I want something like the original Austin Mini, but RWD. Tube frame chassis with enough sound insulation to be somewhat civilized and an interior that's reminiscent of the elegant simplicity found in the early 911's. It'd be challenging and fun to drive at the limit, yet economical and civilized around town. I wouldn't change a thing about the original shell, it's timeless, and there's a surprising amount of space.


'56 Belair. Original body shape and lines (not an updated, futuristic version) made from aluminium or composites and dropped onto a new chassis/engine/driveline combo. 
Why haven't car manufacturers done this already? Not just with the Chev but with ALL the old iconic vehicles that people love and restore or wish they could acquire. Stop making futuristic cars and make nostalgic bodies with current underpinnings. Imagine the possibilities . . . .


Toyota Tercel 4WD. Or Subaru Justy. Cheap, small, bulletproof with push-button 4WD.


Bring back little 4WD hatches to the everyman. 1.8L Turbo Mazda GTX, SR20DET Nissan Pulsar GTi-R's, even Mitsubishi had their Cyborg's with MIVEC engines that went really well. All the hatches (from what ive seen around NZ) have gone in either of two ways, kinda fast but kinda big, or kinda small and built for a nana. I reckon a nice driving car, like another 1.8L, 1.6L with a turbo/supercharger in a Micra chassis, or a Mazda Demio/2. Efficient around town, can go when prodded, and with a turbocharged motor there is ease to start up aftermarket performance. 400hp hatches? Yeah buddy


Or the International Scout.

Charles Montgomery III

Toyota Starlet - RWD Hatchback :D 
Give it a new turbocharged motor and a viscous LSD for a dealership package.  I'd buy it, even if I'm a Nissan fan.


The real problem is the insane federal regulations of the US. Not
only do they mean heavy, big-proportioned cars for as long as they
exist, but they are also what kept the US from getting Skylines, actual
Silvias, Evos 1 thru 6, 90% of the cool European cars, and more. You are
telling me that Japan or Germany are countries with no safety or
emissions priorities? 
Also, they will be built again. Industrial 3d
printing is in its infancy, and there are a lot of people who don't care
what a bunch of dckhead federal bureaucrats decide is ok and not ok to
build or own. Coincidentally, a lot of those people also happen to be
involved in the early 3d printing movement, and a lot of them happen to
be car enthusiasts.


I say that the successor to the Suzuki Cappuccino OR the Honda Beat would be in high demand in this day and age. No need to give it any hybrid drivetrain, just high-revving small displacement engines with some potential, modern suspension geometry (in-board/cantilever would be fantastic) and LIGHT WEIGHT!  What do you guys think?
~Cliff Tallman


Ford Escort Mk2


Any rear wheel drive car under 900 kg... (1985 lb) but must include a LSD with a quick steering rack :)


Saab 900 Coupe


Brett Allen Corbin  Option86 Personally, the nostalgia of old cars is just that, nostalgia. Bringing
back old name plates or retro versions of cars doesn't tend to create
new memories, as you continually compare to the attributes/traits of the
original car, creating unrealistic expectations. The GT86/BRZ compared
with the AE86 in spirit/ethos is correct, but comparing directly is
unrealistic. Technology and time of design makes distinctly separate


I wanted to add... If a an old nameplate is revived, then the new vehicle should be brought back as a community/modular  vehicle... Similar to the localmotors.com ethos... a design for the car is chosen via a competition... the vehicle is then built by an expert team... and to overcome certain legislation (and weight that will be added with that), each original owner must have a hand in building their vehicle. 
Imagine being able to design the new 510 or MR2!


a modern 510, rear  wheel drive, with 200-250 hp and similar dimensions say to a modern Honda Civic SI sedan would be awesome. im sold.


Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint / GTV


Bring back the Subaru Brumby! ( sold as a Subaru Brat in some markets).
It would appeal to heaps of people whether it was running an STI drivetrain or even a big turbo diesel.
4WD, lightweight and it could handle if they based it on an impreza chassis ( not the legacy, that baja thing they tried to sell looked rubbish)
Plus the rear facing booster seats were awesome.


Datsun 1500 SSS! Cheap and good car to be modified!


Audi RS2 developed by Porsche! another collaboration would result in the end of understeering audi RS models!!!! Rear-Drive or AWD estate!!! Bring it on!!!!




An Opel Kadett, like the one Hammond named Oliv3r...


the car to bring back should be the supra with a biturbo straight 6 and a manual trans for sure

turbo beams ae86

bring back the ae86... put a new gen BEAMS 2.0 or a new high revving i4 with ITB's into FRS facelift...no subaru engine please...god bless,,you

turbo beams ae86

Option86 agree, hate the engine, love the interior, exterior looks like a bug but i wouldnt mind it if it had a real 4AGE type engine under the hood


any Saab turbo


510 rwd, na, light weight, IRS, rack and pinion, wishbone front end and  as basic as possible to keep prices down. Or Brat/Brumby but no torsion bar rear and wishbone front end, also basic/farm vehicle spec to keep prices down. RWD Cosworth Escort and ultra low weight.


I think... well, i m not talking about a particular car here, but I think some of the cars from the 80's should be brought back. 
it is always the 60s and 70s when we are talking about a retro car, then the topic might straight skip the 80s and start to talk about the drift cars from the 90s like the s13, 14, the honda civics, or whatnot from the same era. 
those boxy cars are realy the left outs, like the skyline r30 and 31s, corona, 4x4 corolla, s12 and many more.


My Pick would  probably be a Shelby Cobra or a Shelby Daytona. Big Muscle in light chassis.
Also an older RX-2 or RX-3 also RX-7 as-well. But really I would just be happy to see anything with a rotary back on the market.


My pick would be Citroen SM, or Opel (Vauxhall) Manta.


RX-7 (FD3S late models)
with original Bodywork but updated Interrior <3 updated 13B design! XD


Mazda should bring the AZ-1 back with styling and rotary engine from GReddy VI AZ-1 while retaining its compact kei-car size!


how about the new EL CAMINO with LS engine setup


Well, I should love a new Ford Puma in the market. Was talked some years ago, just like a new Capri, but was all speculations


For me, a new mazda cosmo would be awesome! A new soarer perhaps?
I totally agree with the 510 idea, too!


Toyota should make a RWD Corolla.....


I'd have a proper successor to the FD at the top of my list. Also, Saab 9000 turbo.


izzuera123 Yes!!!! I'd so get one!!!!


I have wondered why Ford hasn't stepped into the sports compact rwd world. The mustang is good, but a Maverick rebirth would be awesome. Using the Eco boost v6, and a 5 speed manual, in a smaller package than a Mustang I think they could have a hit. Not only with performance oriented guys, but as well being able to post a good MPG rating. If Ford can achieve this, along with the Fiesta AWD, they will have a good anchor in the sports oriented field.


S2000, Supra, RX7 and the MX3 :P


IMHO a Porsche 944 concept would be very awesome.


Mustang - Why doesn't Ford make a mustang still? Give us a little 2+2 coupe/fastback/notchback with a moderately sized engine 
Z Car - How hard would it be for Nissan to make an attractive little 2+2 coupe, RWD that handled well with a small revvy engine
190E - Benz stopped making small sporty sedans for some reason. Why?


Supra, Soarer, a Corolla coupe, Pulsar GTiR, Silvia, Celica, Prelude, Integra and the list goes on. And that's just a list of cars we've lost from the 90's.


So many comments, so many cars, almost none of them viable.  Especially at the price points demanded. 
What I want is a small, fun 4-door with excellent handling and a nice sounding engine (it doesn't need to be powerful) for $20,000.  It does not need to emulate anything from the past, it doesn't have to have a particular drive train.  It just needs to be fun, not horrifically over-styled (which probably makes it unobtanium) and built properly with bullet-proof reliablility.  I realize all of this in one car is just about impossible.


Audi s6 (1995-2000) Perfect chasis, perfect engine, just enough power to act cool..


Luka024 The Supra was brought back, as the Lexus LFA.


Luka024 The Integra was also reintroduced as the Acura RSX.


Mclaren F1 The Supra was reintroduced as the Lexus LFA, to compete with the Nissan GTR.


DMC DeLorean, hands down.


ford escort  ( like the mk2 model ) hands down !!!


I would ask for the return of the FD RX-7... I want a new Rotary... I would love a new Datsun S30, but I know we supposedly have that in the 370Z.
In the FWD, I would like the Corrado VR6 to come back... it was such a good looking compact. As to the North American domestic, a RWD Comet would be great too. I'm interested in the Cuda return, but I don't have high hopes yet.


A new prelude would be nice.... but instead of fwd they would have to put rwd and keep 4ws


5280 Luka024 How is the LFA anything like the Supra?


CorollaMan High five if you drive a FWD econobox Corolla like I do


buzzboy They do - Mustang V6
They do - Infiniti G37 (albeit not small)
They do - Mercedes C-class


A new Silvia would be cool, and probably the most viable.  
A 510 would be interesting, but it's never going to happen.  Picture this: a Sentra-sized, Sentra-priced, rwd Sentra to compete with the...Sentra?  See the trend?  They're not going to re-tool the Sentra floor pan and engineer a rwd suspension just to make a few enthusiasts happy, much less make an entirely new car that doesn't go for the throat of the 86 (i.e. not a sedan).
Compare the economies of 80's-90's Japan and America vs. now and you'll see why such beloved cars were produced then vs. not being produced now.


@Bobkat buzzboy they actually make a 5.0 v8 as well 2014 well in america they do


I would drool over a new silvia or datsun 240Z. Maybe the rebirth of an inline motor :) with a turbo set up so it's legal to upgrade turbo in california :)

Anyone know why toyota and nissan dont make inline motors anymore like the legendary 2JZ and RB26?


Project 350ZTT It adds length to the car=more weight. So handling, gas mileage, and acceleration suffer. Making the engine more compact means they can also bring it further back for a more even weight balance.


Only the engine of the Beetle and the 500 should be placed where in the old, original version of those cars the engine was.


Silvia, 300zx, RX anything but the 8, Supra, Skyline, Corolla RWD 2 door and wagon, Eclipse turbo, Mr2, Integra type R, Civic hatchback type R or Si, Crx Si, Prelude, Chevelle, Cuda, Syclone/Typhoon..And the list goes on...


I just want Mini to give the cooper AWD and fix that interior. Thats all I want. Nothing else


Us Aussies should send the Commodore SS ute over, badge it as a El Camino. Look up "world record ute" on YouTube and tell me that ain't worthy of the name. Besides if your not happy with 270Kw 6.0L we have the HSV Maloo, 6.2L 325Kw. And if you must, a track pack puts harder shocks n springs and gives 340Kw. Nuff said?


Suzuki Cappuccino to the States with a 4cyl motorbike engine...


There is only one answer to this. CELICA! Even more so, the alltrac. They also need to participate in F1 and WRC again and regain the crowns they once held. Enough with the green grass eco bull. Go fast again!


Wires Totally agree with the RX, supra and S2000
But i think the capella/626 evolved into the mazda 6 (and the mazdaspeed being the GT version) and the MX3 is the mazdaspeed3... perhaps the newer ones cant compare to the originals, of course ( even more so about the small 1.8 liter and 2.5 liter v6 K series engine...)


Hi there! For me, one and only one... Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type-R (version VI) ;)


That`s true but i mean a retro design like new camaro and challenger. that would be nice.


Bring back the funky Honda Prelude line. K24, 4WS, VTEC, and please Santa, pop-up headlights.


I'd love for toyota and nissan to bring back the rwd starlet and 510 respectively but with even bmw and mercedes making their smaller models front wheel drive, it doesn't look likely. I've resigned myself to being extremely limited in my car choices as I refuse to drive anything front wheel drive (due to personal preference and a number of awful close shaves in fwd's)


Please, any RWD by Nissa but with NEO VVl Engines will be great... At lease 8k RPM


All of them four cylinder coupes that muscle car lovers hated. I'm tired of seeing hot hatches. The 86 needs stiff competition.


Mazda RX2, RX3, RX7, Porsche 924, 944, 928, and Mitsubishi Starion.


Nissan could re-introduce the S15 Silvia exactly as it was 12 years ago and outsell every other sports car on the market, Toyobaru triplets included. For sedans a new Ford Sierra RS Cossie would definitely do the trick whether rear or four wheel drive just like the original. Maybe softer suspension this time around.


Honda City Turbo. end of line.


the audi rs1, a proper wrx sti, karmann ghia, corolla AE 86 and any rwd sporty nissan


D1RGE EXE As a 88 Prelude Si 4WS owner, I couldn't agree more!  Tho a cool 510 could work too!


ChristianVrancken VW already ruined the Beetle, they dont need to ruin the Ghia as well..and 370 Z is rwd sproty and nissan, lol


Trentworth Just make a US version of the S15, and id probably trade my 350Z


I'd like to see another supra actually. It was a monster back in it's day, and we need that again.


im with mike on this bring back the datsun line up
and even if you are wanting something to compete with the newer cars i.e the brz and 86 why not even model it more like the old 240z/260z retro looks 

i would kill to see a little ute rolling around it seems utes are just getting bigger and bigger would be awesome to see something like a 1200/b110 or  a mazda 1000 ute with fuel injected power so its still great fun light for a track car 700kg weight but can still throw some dirt in it and also your moto for the next day


They should bring back newer versions of the old 90s hot hatches. Toyota Starlet GT/Glanza, EK9 (I'm on the fence with the new TypeR being a fitting heir to the original), Pulsar GTiR (I really hope the concept photos I've been seeing around will become a reality), 323 Turbo etc...


mitsubishi gto and eclipse gst


it would be great to have a mini cooper thats "mini" not a blown up "MINI" cooper.... its just too big for its name... literally.

honda prelude.

a street legal Honda Civic that would compete in Group-A ...much like the original Spoon Type One

toyota starlet; lightweight-compact RWD.. or perhaps a 4WD version for JWRC

...and RWD TOYOTA corollas, wagons would add variety and touch to the brand.

Mitsubishi Starion....or a Mitsubishi Lancer that can be tuned-up....Evo is a great car but i think we just rely too much on it...  how great it would be for the to produce a decent, fast car thats street legal and not as expensive as the EVO?

a datsun 510 and 180B

re-introduce the same old s15 with new "touches"..... just like what Mazda did with their  RX7 FC...RX7 FD....RX7 FD spirit

Daihatsu Charade




datsun 510 and skyline in oryginal "skyline" name.


I want to brought back my father's 510... and sit with KE70 in my garage




The S13.


i think porsche should revive the old air cooled porsches..
the sound was awesome, the cars were light and they were hard to drive..nothing fo sissies like the recent porsches.


How bout the 330 Cedric?


a mazda with a 3 rotor n/a engine like the cosmo. and no vacuum hoses. and i mean none. i think its alittle bit sad that the wankel engine seems to be on its way out. all they need to do is improve the fuel consumption and longevity. yes i am a mazda owner and no i am not a civil engineer so im demanding things i dont even know can be done but you wont know unless you ask eh? =P


Revive the Honda S2000 with some more powerful stuff under the hood, and probably some tighter body line.


I totally agree nissan should defiantly come out with something to compete with toyota and subaru.  dont matter if its a 510 or a silvia/240sx and long as it front engine rear wheel drive and reasonably priced would be awesome.  and having it come with a already turbo engine wouldnt hurt either.


I totally agree nissan should defiantly come out with something to compete with toyota and subaru.  dont matter if its a 510 or a silvia/240sx and long as it front engine rear wheel drive and reasonably priced would be awesome.  and having it come with a already turbo engine wouldnt hurt either.


smore than anything, it has to be a nissan s-chassis. a new S15  or even a new model (S16?). yeah, nissan have the 370z, but it doesn't seem as pure as a drivers car. a car  that is a little cheaper than the BRZ/GT86 family, but properly fast, properly fun, and i'll have mine with a big wing thanks.


- New Suzuki Cappuccino (in cooperation with Caterham), light 2-seater RWD roadster.
- Honda RWD roadster/coupe, something between new NSX and CTR Turbo, but in GT86 price range.
- Mitsubishi Mirage/Colt as a hot hatchback (Cyborg R, yeah)


- New Suzuki Cappuccino (in cooperation with Caterham), light 2-seater RWD roadster.
- Honda RWD roadster/coupe, something between new NSX and CTR Turbo, but in GT86 price range.
- Mitsubishi Mirage/Colt as a hot hatchback (Cyborg R, yeah)


The Chevrolet Corvair, everyone but me hates it for its "dangerous suspension" but I say that's a lie I like its successor the Camaro but I would like to see a modern one since I'm only 14.


Getting R34's back would mean the world to me and many others


I understand the want for a 510 but personally i'd like to see the 210 or even 110 brought back.......


Toyota corrolla AE82 GT 4 Door sedan definitely with AE101 powerplant.