The Dark Side: Black Hoodie Is Here

Some people think that black is depressing. Others think it’s just about the most practical colour ever, earning you favour with goths, funeral directors, ninjas and mechanics. The last because they know that it’s the one colour you can’t stain. Who needs fancy washing liquids when you can just not worry and get oil all over it anyway without anybody noticing?

Sept-Oct Speedhunters EDTN 2013-8667

Not that we’re implying you’d do such a horrible thing with our new black hoodie. No, we’re sure you’d take great care of it, hanging it reverently in pride of place in your wardrobe, banning anyone from borrowing it and perhaps stroking it occasionally. Perhaps. But if you were to maybe wear it when you were working on your car, and a bit of dirty oil were to fall on it, we wouldn’t tell anyone if you won’t.

Sept-Oct Speedhunters EDTN 2013-8683

There are a few patches you might want to keep away from such staining situations though, such as the matt black Speedhunters logo on the sleeve, the silver SH logo on the breast and the full silver and white logo on the rear. Yep, lying down on your back in an oily puddle whilst wearing this is probably not recommended. But otherwise, this is definitely the recommended shade of hoodie for working on your car. Or perhaps just for students who don’t wash clothes a lot.


You’ll also be happy to know that the TireBombs are now back in stock.

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Are these made out of the same material as the 1st ones?


Are these going to be at Final Round of Formula D? I want to check these out in person.


Would you be interested in doing a bulk ship to Australia?
Shipping costs just blow the price right out for me.


Unlikely unfortunately


Yes :) the printing is different now though.


Come to WTAC! We will have a booth there.


RodChong ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dang it.


RodChong I'm 99% going to be pit crew for an NSX there, so I'll try sneak out for a bit to buy one.
How many dollarydoos are they?


aussieANON RodChong I just bought my tickets for WTAC today, still thinking of bringing my coupe down for the show and shine too. See you there.