Helmets are personal things. When I was a kid, I always coveted my dad’s AGV bike helmet, done out in classic Kenny Roberts colours (red and black, with a white eagle each side) and with a Barry Sheene Donald Duck sticker on the chin. I now have a cheap but effective race helmet. It’s the only helmet I own, but it’s mine. It’s not got custom paint, just some Speedhunters stickers slapped down the side to make it look less off-the-shelf.

Helmets make an identity. Think Ayrton Senna, think bright yellow helmet. Mansell’s red, white and blue arrows. Schumacher’s bright red. That’s what always surprises me about Sebastian Vettel and his ever-changing helmet design; it’s no criticism of his driving skill, but for me watching any kind of racing goes on three levels. Car make, driving style and the helmet colours with the eyes staring out from behind the visor. I love the instant association you can get from identifying iconic helmet colours.

This video takes us through process behind the creation of factory Corvette driver Tommy Milner’s latest lid, from the initial design through the laborious and highly complex paint process to the final, matt-stealth finish. It’s a labour of love and the result is stunning (which is no surprise, seeing as Andy Blackmore was involved). I love the way his previous design has been worked in, and seeing the effort involved is captivating. Check it out!

Jonathan Moore
Instagram: speedhunters_jonathan



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Wow, that's really cool! I never knew that drivers could choose their helmet like that.


Wow, that's really cool! I never knew that drivers could choose their helmet like that.


oooo, do a famous driver helmet feature! just a bunch of different helmets :)


I have been fascinated by helmets for the past month, so ironic lol 

Thanks for posting this


This post makes me wanna paint all my helmets. :D


Damn that was cool. As he scuffed and masked the carbon all I could think was "please leave some carbon exposed!"


@kstyle They did a Formula D one awhile back!


This makes me want to get mine painted so bad.  The semi-3D effect where the paint borders the carbon just behind the visor is awesome.


Dam I almost cryed . That was so awesome !


Dam I almost cryed . That was so awesome !


Look at the website of Jaime Alguersuari, Dani Sordo or Lucas Ordoñez's helm designer:


Go to Censport Graphics actual website to see more of his work and who he is.  (The artist featured in this video) @Mikel Tyler Cenarrusa is a Basque American and a fan of Efren Vasquez. Just thought you would like to know :)