Toyota To Introduce Two New Rwd Sports Cars?

In the last year or so, few new performance cars have attracted more attention than the Toyota 86, Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. If reports are to believed, it sounds like Toyota would like to to complement the 86 with two additional rear-drive sports cars. According to Car Advice, chief engineer Tatsuya Tada has confirmed that Toyota has already begun development on both larger and smaller cars to join the 86 in the lineup.

Although neither has been approved for production yet, the idea would be to have the current 86 sit right in the middle of the three. The larger car would most likely be the oft-rumored new version of the Supra (perhaps produced in partnership with BMW), while the smallest would sit below the 86. Obviously details are sketchy at this point, but the idea of having not one but three rear-drive Toyotas is certainly something to be excited about.

Would the new small car be a reborn MR2? A roadster? Something else? We’re curious to hear your thoughts on this!

Mike Garrett
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This conversation is killing me!!!  I have 1991 Toyota Cressida (RWD Sedan) that I'm just about to give up on, and then I see all these rants and raves about RWD cars.  I've been on a new/used car search for months now and nobody (car dealerships/salesmen that is) has a clue why I love my car so much.  3.0L straight 6 RWD 1991 TOYOTA!  There is NOTHING (that I can afford) that can replace this car.  I love, love, love my Cressida.  But, it leaks here and then there and then here again.  Poor thing is just old.  But, I'll tell you what......I love it when I'm trying to merge onto the freeway and people look at me like "hurry up old lady" and I just put it down and laugh my butt off as I disappear.  I might be getting old(er), but I still like to have fun.  I just watch them in my review mirror.  They look like the Jack in the Box guy on the commercials when he doesn't smile. I'm glad to see so many people voting for the Supra to make a come back.  It was basically the sports car that hides under the Cressida body.  Should I keep my Cressida alive?


Its gonna be mid-engined I can bet!