Poll: The Cars Of July

As we recover from the assault on the senses that was the month of July, it’s time for you guys to pick your favorite feature car of the month. Among the 23 machines featured during our Scandinavian-themed celebration, we’ve seen everything from rat rods, to time attack silhouettes, to clean street builds. Now you guys have the difficult task of selecting just one out of the bunch.

Before you make your pick, here’s a quick refresher on the cars of July.

Predictability is Dead: The Turbo Mercedes 190

A Beetle that Thinks it’s a BMW

Attack Mode Enabled: The MI Performance E34

Greatest Velocity: A 617hp Alfa Romeo GTV

That’s How We Rolls: Racing Like Royalty

Shelby Would Have Approved: The V12 Cobra

Art of Deception: The Hansen Motorsport Audi S4

The Battled Hardened White Warrior

The 851BHP Toyota-Powered BMW Hybrid

Swamp Ramp Turned Hot Rod: The Rusty Demon

Intercontinental Missile: Volvo V8 Wagon of Fun

Period Perfected: Berg Cupping in a Golf

Less is More: A Norwegian Style AE86

Black Smoke Redux & The Spirit of Scandinavia

Reinventing an Icon: KRB’s 829hp Lotus Lives

The Side Project: A 700hp Classic BMW

The Minority Report: A Gatebil Time Attack Build

A Station Wagon Unlike Any Other

Too Much is Never Enough: A 1,294hp Supra

El Plymo: Swedish for Lowrider

The Quattro Warrior: An Audi 80 Unlike Any Other

Skyline Meets Supra: A 2JZ-Powered R34

Dropped and Rocked: The V8 Mk.1 Escort

Good luck!

Mike Garrett
Instagram : speedhunters_mike

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