Hot Rod Peugeot: The Rcz R

In addition to the madness of Gatebil that’s about to unfold in Norway, the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed is also happening this weekend in the UK. Goodwood is becoming an increasingly popular place for automakers to show off their latest projects, and among the this year’s debuts is the high performance RCZ R from Peugeot.

Billed as the the most powerful production car in Peugeot’s history, the RCZ R takes the already swooping style of the RCZ and ratchets up its performance level by several notches.

One of the biggest changes between the R and the standard RCZ is under the hood where the 1.6-liter turbocharged four cylinder engine has received an array of upgrades. Beefed up internals with new forged pistons, along with an upgraded turbocharger and exhaust manifold, make for an output of 270 horsepower, compared to 197hp in the regular version.

With the added horsepower, Peugeot says the RCZ R will hit 60 miles per hour in 5.9 seconds. The car also features other upgrades like more aggressive suspension tuning and a lower ride height with special 19-inch wheels and tires.

The interior gets some love as well, with aggressive bucket seats and red stitching throughout. You can’t go wrong with red.

The RCZ R is scheduled to go on sale in Europe in the early part of next year.


Mike Garrett
Instagram : speedhunters_mike