Discussion: The Greatest Car Movie Ever?

With all of the excitement over the upcoming Formula 1 film Rush, I figured it would be fitting to have a little reader discussion about the greatest car movie of all time. Over the decades there have been so many great automotive-related films made that it’s incredibly hard to choose the best. Perhaps you dig one of the classic road films like Vanishing Point or Two Lane Blacktop? Maybe it’s a car chase epic like Bullitt or Gone in 60 Seconds? Perhaps it’s a motorsport film like Steve McQueen’s Le Mans? Maybe it’s even one of the cinematic masterpieces from the Fast and the Furious franchise?

Whatever your choice, I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Now let’s talk car movies!




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Gerald G  Wangan Midnight....

boost me till i burst

For me has to be RUSH 100% love the film, the story, the NOISE. Plus love Cadwell race track (old school and all the better for it) I think they filmed quite a bit of rush there.... if I'm wrong please say. need for speed the film? I really really hope its not too ott not too Hollywood I'll give it a look soon as.