Starting A Revolucion: The Latest Zonda

Part of the job of car companies like Pagani is not just to build mind-blowing automobiles for us to dream about, but also to continuously find ways to improve upon them. The latest product of this mindset is the finalized iteration of the Pagani Zonda Revolucion – the car that’s being called the fastest Pagani ever.

Now when you declare you’ve built the fastest version of what was already an incredibly fast car, it takes some serious specs to back that up. Power-wise, the upgraded version of the Zonda R’s six liter V12 now produces am impressive 800 horsepower.

But as strange as it sounds, even with 800 horses on hand, the Revolucion is about much more than raw power. The carbon-titanium chassis for example has been reduced down to a ridiculously light 1,070 kilograms.

Other race car technology on the Revolucion includes a six-speed magnesium sequential gearbox and a traction control system with 12 different settings. The car even comes equipped with a fully functional DRS system on the rear wing should you want to play F1 driver at the next track day.

If you are looking to pick up a Zonda Revolucion for yourself, the car is now on sale for the moderate sum of just 2.2 million Euros – before taxes of course.

The dreaming though, is free as usual.