All Things Bright And Beautiful: C03 Expands

With Summer now in full swing (yes honestly, Google tells us it’s so), we thought we’d bring you some more additions to the Speedhunters 03 EDTN Collection. The latest products in the line-up are both of the bold variety, because, well, who doesn’t like bright and shiny things? If you were at Gatebil Sweden a few weeks back, you might have noticed a number of us wearing the latest version of the classic Speedhunters hoodie. The lighter, heathered look fabric is perfect for warmer temperatures…

… and of course, the hoodie features all the little touches you’ve come to expect from us, including a subtle logo on the sleeve for when you’re trying to surreptitiously cruise around the paddock in a floor-scraping, black-smoke-billowing, compound-turbo-sticking-out-the-hood hot rod…

… as well as a mini flourescent SH logo on the front, and full logo emblazoned across the back. Now nobody can miss you in the pit lane.

On the merch side, we’ve now got this chrome effect sticker sheet. Let’s face it, chrome is cool: in your engine bay, on body trim, on a melting Terminator…

And as well as the Speedhunters logo stickers you’d expect, there’s also #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER ones if you’re out there Speedhunting yourself and a #JoyOfMachine one that would look perfect slapped on the toolbox of any wrenchers.

So make like a magpie and go get yourself something bright and shiny!

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Suzy Wallace
Instagram: speedhunters_suzy