Toyota Working On New Supra With Bmw?

Rumors of a new Toyota Supra have been circulating for some time now, and new reports are suggesting that the reborn Supra might be a result of Toyota’s collaboration with BMW. According to a story from Motor Trend, a new mid-size sports car is being developed as part of Toyota and BMW’s tech-sharing collaboration, and we should be seeing a concept version of the car at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. According to the report, Tetsuya Tada of Toyota 86 fame will also be serving as lead engineer for this new project. The story also hints at a chassis derived from the 86/FR-S platform, possible hybrid powertrains and a BMW version of the car that will wear unique sheetmetal. There is no confirmation that the new car will be called the Supra, but it seems to be a logical fit.

What would you like to see from a BMW-Toyota sports car?