On My Command: Unleash On Green Hell

This was the scene with just 10 minutes to go before the start of the 2013 Nürburgring 24 Hours, as the leading GT3s headed the huge field on their slow formation lap. Ahead of them, a hard day of racing around the most fearsome track in the world.

Ominous spots of rain began to fall within a couple of laps but soon burned off. It wouldn’t last of course. The predicted storm hit just as darkness fell, creating the the most treacherous conditions possible: torrential rain and fog plus the Nordschleife. 176 cars started. A dozen cars had already been claimed by the forest after six hours, and the race has now been stopped under a red flag because of the worsening conditions. The order is a little mixed up, as the race was suspended just as teams had begun to cycle through pit-stops.

2013 Nürburgring 24 Hours after six hours (red flag stoppage)

1: #25 Marc VDS BMW Z4 35 laps
2: #50 Manthey Porsche 997 GT3R +52s
3: #18 Manthey Porsche 997 GT3R +3m13s
4: #44 Falken Porsche 997 GT3R +3m19s
5: #23 Rowe Racing Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG +3m30s

Words by Jonathan Moore

Instagram: speedhunters_jonathan

Photo by Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto

Speedhunters at the Nürburgring
The 2013 Nürburgring 24HR on Speedhunters
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That was one hell of a rain storm, unprepared for it we drove home. Sucks as I wanted to get some night shots but I had to work the next morning. Still had a great time though over the course of the last few days.


what Sean said! stop with the teasing and show us moar!!!!


Nice photo guys, this go my wallpaper on mi computer!

sean klingelhoefer
sean klingelhoefer moderator

For the love of god, POST MORE THAN ONE PICTURE!!! I'M DYING HERE MAN!!! lol


Meh. Looks like rain is the main problem for motorsport this day, X-Games in Barecelona has also been stopped by rain.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner
Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Looking forward to the complete round up of the race, hope the rain holds off!