Return Of The Chevelle?

Although this is purely rumor at the moment, recent trademark filings by GM have led some to believe that the return of the Chevelle nameplate may be imminent. Besides the Camaro, the Chevelle is perhaps Chevy’s best known muscle car, and a name that’s been absent since the late ’70s. Nobody knows exactly what GM is planning to do with its trademark, but there is the chance Chevy might reintroduce the Chevelle name to its lineup, just as it’s done recently with “Z/28″ and “Sting Ray”.

If this does turn out to be true, what would you like to see out of a modern day Chevelle? A retro-styled muscle car? A coupe version of the Commodore/SS? Maybe a compact FR sports car like the 130R Concept?

Source: GM Authority

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Bring back chevelle SS
I been waiting since 1969 to get another one. Ted running out for me so please my wish finally come true. It's a guaranteed sale of one new chevelle SS.


Having owned four 1970 Chevelle SSs myself early in the 70s, and all my friends owned them as well, I'm quite familiar with what it meant to have one of these incredible cars back then... But times have changed. 

Millennials are not into cars the way Boomers were, and  when they are, they get excited about cheap imports they can modify.The vast majority could never afford a true 21st Century muscle car, or the insurance. Can you imagine the cost of insuring a 22 year old with a Camaro ZL1? This is why the average American muscle car owner today is grey haired, and the average Corvette buyer is 60 years old! Add to this that there is no street racing culture like there was back then; they will lock you up and take your car away if you are caught street racing today. 

After owning a slew of great cars, I can attest that owning American made muscle now has about as much charisma attached to it as wearing a mullet. But drive a Porsche,  a Audi R8, a Ferrari,  and a handful of others from Germany or Japan, and you'll immediately get respect... Pull up in a Hemi Dodge Challenger, or Charger SRT, a Shelby GT500,  or even a Corvette, people will just look at you as classless, clueless, or just not very successful. Young guys don't buy American muscle cars. And worse, hot young girls wouldn't wish to be seen in one, or with a guy who drives one... They are just not cool. 50 years ago, American muscle was a much a chick magnet as a Ferrari is today... But, no longer.

For car enthusiast, the current offerings of American muscle cars are fun vehicles, but driving retro cars from the 60's is like showing photos of what your wife used to look like 50 years ago. 

I don't know about you, but I'd rather be living in the 21st Century than looking back on past glories. Remembering the past is wonderful, but trying to relive the past is akin to dying... Detroit needs to begin making 21st Century muscle cars that make the people buying them look cooler than the guys driving Porsches, or Ferraris. Now that's a tall order, but I see no reason it can't be done.