Poll: The Greatest Seventies Supercar

It was quite difficult to settle on a theme for this week’s exotic poll. These days, there are so many cars that blur the lines between performance car and supercar, so we decided to go back in time a little to an era where things were a little bit more clear cut. To kick off our theme, Jonathan posted a fantastic article detailing the highlights of the 70s supercar era. So we thought what better way to end it than to return to that period for the theme of this week’s poll. As always, don’t just vote but tell us why in the comments below…

(Above) Aston Martin V8 Vantage


De Tomaso Pantera

Ferrari 356 GT4

Lamborghini Countach

Lamborghini Jarama

Lancia Stratos

Lotus Esprit

Maserati Bora

Paddy McGrath
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To me the best Supercar must not just be the fastest but also the safest, cheapest to repair, the most comfortable on a long high speed drive, or indeed just around town. It must also handle brake and sit on the road well at high speed, there probably is only one car in this collection that does all those things and that is the Bora. I have driven Panteras' one Muira which terrified me and was also taken for a drive in a genuine Lancia Stratos. I have also owned two genuine low milage GTHO Phase 3's here in Australia ( they were pretty good considering their original cost!) 
 I have now owned a Bora for 13 years and I just can't get enough of it, my Phase 3's were quick but they are no match for this Maserati at high speed I can tell you, a Phase 3 may be able to hit a 160 mph ( I had an XW GT that was able to hit 150 mph years ago but it was airborne a couple of times)  with the right gearing but god help you if you have to stop in a hurry! I know of two people that were killed in E Types, and several in Porshes'. The list goes on and on, guess there might a better Supercar out there somewhere but I can't think of one, maybe a Ferrari Boxer but just don't hit anything in one because you'll either be dead or legless. The Countach is good but a bit uncomfortable and the parts are all bespoke items that cost a stinking fortune to buy!
About the only thing all these cars have in common is that they over fuel and this causes early ring failure due to bore wash so a rebuild every 35,000 miles is usually on the cards. Or you could lie and say "no mate she doesn't use much oi, that blue smoke you saw is from the tyres"!