Poll: Everything You Know, Forget It

I like to spend my Sundays immersing myself in car culture. I like to sit down somewhere quiet, and take my time reading some of my favourite publications. If there’s live race coverage on the TV, I’ll try to factor that in as well. Last weekend though, I had a thought. What if the areas of car culture I love most disappeared? For example, I have a predisposition towards European car manufacturers and their performance divisions in particular. What would happen if  I woke up tomorrow and all things performance were outlawed? Would I still be a car guy? Would I learn to appreciate other aspects of car culture or even come to love them?

Thankfully, this is of course a hypothetical situation – for now anyways. But it has got me thinking. I’m even looking at other automotive sub-cultures with a completely different point of view now too.

This week’s poll relies on your honesty. Try to choose another area which you could see yourself settling into, now that the one you love is gone.

If you choose other, please elaborate in the comments below…

Paddy McGrath
Twitter: @PaddyMcGrathSH
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