#iamthespeedhunter: Meet Elijah Lane…

Hello fellow Speedhunters readers! My name is Elijah Lane, and I’m an automotive enthusiast/photographer from the States. More specifically: hot rod territory, Kentucky. My photographic enthusiasm began when I was roughly 13 or 14 years old. I started researching photography and learning how the more advanced equipment operated. It really caught my attention how photos I saw on ads in magazines and on television were produced with such quality.

The first camera I bought was a little base model DSLR . You know the one I’m talking about; tiny screen, megapixels equivalent to a cellular phone from the early 2000s. I quickly adopted Chase Jarvis’ idea of the best camera being the one that’s with you. Following this idea, I didn’t mind the level of my equipment any more. I would make the best photo I could possibly create with the best equipment I could possibly have.

A couple of years passed and as I grew as a photographer and had some of my work showcased in local art centers, I thought of how I could take photography a little more seriously. I wanted to try and take my hobby to the next level.

I invested in a professional level DSLR and that was, I think, the initial start of my photographic passion.

I think my automotive enthusiasm was always hidden inside me since I was young. It just needed a little something to be released. That something was a gentleman down the street with a loud, rusty thing, that at the time, I had no idea what it was. I had never seen one before. That something was a rat rod. The rust on the body crumbled off onto the street as the engine screamed around the subdivision.

That’s when I became intrigued with automobiles and all the bits that made them go. I started going to local shows and meets and quickly fell in love.

Garages themselves are sometimes just as interesting as the cars in them. From those rare parts, spare tires, and paint from gloss red to flat black, to old license plates and vintage coke machines.

Out of all the styles of cars, the rat rod is definitely my favorite. Simple and intuitive, bringing the classics back to life with monster engines attached. I’ve always said that a rat rod sounds like a dragon gargling a load of nails and bolts.

The local rat rod show in the area happens once a year and never ceases to impress. The Dillehay Street Hullabaloo brings in rod builders from hundreds of miles around to showcase their creations in this weekend event. Taking place basically in the middle of town, you can hear the engines for miles and smell the burnt rubber for blocks.

I started learning more and more about cars and how they work. I felt that this adventure was similar to one I had lived before. A photographic one. I started noticing that all the content coming out of my CF cards were cars and continued the pattern until I exclusively shot cars. Combining two passions into one fluent idea.

The use of depth of field had completely taken me over by the time I had a little experience shooting cars. I love foreground followed by a blurry background. It makes the eye focus on what needs to be paid attention to.

This Honda really stood out at a show full of mini trucks and classic muscle. I made sure to capture its braveness.

The classic Volkswagen Bus and Beetle; a match made in heaven. This photo was shot at a ‘Circle Yer Wagens’ meet on a little riverfront fairground. There’s something about vintage Volkswagens. The way they look from the front is unique to me. They seem to say “Drive me, you won’t have a care in the world.”

A lot of the time, to see luxury cars around where I live is a rare occurence. But just a few hours drive to an annual auto expo gave me the opportunity to get this shot of the beautiful Jaguar XFR with its buttery red paint being detailed throughout the show.

When I shot this Porsche GT3, I wanted to capture the dirt and grime all round the bottom of the body proving that it isn’t just a show car. Or a car you only take to the track. This GT3 is daily driven on a roughly 80 mile round trip.

I’d like to say cheers to Paddy for this opportunity and the Speedhunters team for producing extraordinary content every week. As someone who has Speedhunters as their homepage on every device and computer I own, I’m extremely thankful to have my photographs showcased on one of the greatest automotive websites around. Thanks again Speedhunters and Au Revoir!

Elijah Lane



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