For Sale: The Nurburgring

There’s no doubt a lot of you have heard about the ongoing uncertainty over the future of the Nurburgring. There have been some recent developments on the situation and unfortunately things aren’t looking good. The facility officially goes up for sale next month, and although there are rumoured to be between five and ten parties seriously interested, if a buyer isn’t found before the end of the year the European Commission will likely force the whole place to be closed. While the future of the track is unknown this point, enthusiasts should be concerned that government officials have expressed that the land will not have any future involvement with the ‘Ring once it’s been sold, which could spell the end of the popular Touristenfahrten open ticket access.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t look good. If you’d like to stay updated and get involved make sure to check out the Save the Ring website and Facebook page.




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I never heard about this deal with the Nurburgring again, but we are in 2017 now, so I guess & I hope things turned out to be okay for the track and all the motorsports enthusiast around the world, Im from New Jersey, USA.
My dream and goal of a lifetime has always been to be able to go around the Nurburgring one day, from which Im closer to make my dream come true, I just hope that if I encounter any delays on my plans it will not be too late for me to experience what others have accomplished.