Discussion: What Makes A Supercar?

As we begin to head into our supercar celebration here on Speedhunters, I figured it would be a appropriate to preface the festivities with a little discussion about what exactly makes a supercar. Like a lot of terms thrown around in the automotive world, there are really no strict rules as to what does or doesn’t make a supercar. Instead, it’s a word that for decades has been used (often loosely) to describe all matter of high performance machinery. The question is then, what is your personal definition of supercar?

Does a supercar have to be built in a certain place? Does it need to have a minimum amount of horsepower? Does the engine have to be behind the driver? Should it be produced in extremely limited numbers?

Let’s hear your thoughts!




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a supercar:
A vehicle whose very presence is special and who can incite looks and admiration from those who know it. Does it have to be well known and poster ready? no. The viper was a poster car, but I see that as a blend of muscle and sports car more than a "super car." A super car isn't just about performance but about the satisfaction in not only driving, but also observing the car, though if you remove one from the other it can affect the "stature" of the vehicle as a Superlative generating piece of automotive beauty.
Take the Prowler, it's got the sports car/muscle car looks but falls flat on performance. While still a healthy performance machine, it wasn't as impressive as it could have been. It fails as a sports car and excels as automotive art.
A super car has the looks that draw admiration, envy, or even jealousy. It is an exclusive automobile that can pound the pavement while still arriving in luxury and comfort. It is a no expense spared exercise in attention to detail and an expose of artistic freedom on wheels.
The ultimate of Super Cars to me, still, is the McLaren F1. It had unreal amounts of luggage space for a super car, while being all purpose. It was a no compromise chassis that allowed the purest vision of a road going race car to be realized. Every decision made in the car was for a reason. Sometimes a supercar can be excess for the sake of being Excessive (Take for instance the Bugattin EB110 and Veyron, the Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa). 
In essence, a Super Car to me is the purest essence of what is artistic, powerful, menacing and delightful in automobiles. What that means to others is up for interpretation.
For this reader, it's what makes you think angry elegance, or flamboyance with a purpose.