The Mclaren P1: It Goes Like A Million Bucks

As the insanely amazing McLaren P1 nears it’s official release, McLaren continues to release tidbits of information about its new supercar.

The latest info reads like this –

0-100kmph (62mph) in less than three seconds.

0-200kmph in less than seven seconds.

0-300kmph in less than less than 17 seconds.

They also gave some info on pricing, stating that the 903 horsepower machine will set US buyers back $1,150,000.

So, how many of you are ready to order one now?




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Yeah let me order one right now!
*Checks bank account balance*
Oh yeah...


For what its offering i didnt expect it to be any cheaper. But you have to ask are rich people becoming better drivers because with all these supercars coming out with these high horse power figures it seem a bit questionable to offer these types of cars to people that get driven around by there "help". A thousand horse power is a thousand horse power regardless if its controlled by super computers or God himself.


@hanablemoore You'll still find pictures of these wrapped around immovable objects.  There will be those who get this car out of shape and exceed their talent behind the wheel, no matter if it is the guy owning it, somebody running a shop or a valet.  Driving skill isn't associated with your finances, even though how much is in your own wallet can help in certain venues like F1...I know plenty of country bumpkins that can't drive for anything, and then others that are your bluegrass versions of Ken Block but in a tired old Datsun pickup.


@WarShrike I see what you mean about finances but i think their should be some accountability like driving school or something when you purchase such a vehicle. It just seems like its getting a bit out of hand with the power these cars are coming with. What happened to adding lightness or better tech. Like ferrari and mclaren are in formula one and has a hell of a racing history but both there new hyper cars has more power then there formula one cars. Also the people these cars are intended for has far less skill then there formula one drivers. I just expected a lil more effort in engineering when it comes to these cars and the companies i mentioned.  Its not hard to add hp to your car we all know that.


@hanablemoore @WarShrike Ferrari actually do driving "pilota" courses at there firorano test track for customers , wih the final grade giving them a race license


@hanablemoore  @WarShrike Good.  I guess ferrari dont want to be misrepresented.LOL


@hanablemoore  @WarShrike   this car has the some of the most advanced engineering in the production car market today, to come out with a production car with 903 horsepower that can be used everyday,  we all know its relativity easy to extract hp but reliability is another thing, a carbon Kevlar chassis that's an engineering significance in itself how many productions car today have that? the list goes on this car is cutting edge tech that deserves respect form all aspects of the automotive world


@driftnz  @WarShrike True but all the tech they put into it they could not achieve they same goal with 700 hp. I admire these companies as much as anyone. There greatness is undeniable but i didnt think they would resort to adding hp just to say they have the most. These are also companies that only produce super cars so the tech they are using may be exotic to us but its nothing special to them. Maybe im expecting to much but converting there race car tech for everyday use is nothing new.


@hanablemoore They said the same thing about muscle cars in the 70's. For the most part though cars like these are for showing off how much money you have, not how fast you can drive it.


definitely ordering one!




Just buy an R35 GT-R. Same stats, 1/10 the price? no brainer really... Has a Nissan badge instead of a Mclaren, but watch the Mclaren drivers face when he see's a Nissan badge in front of him... priceless!!!


@Thommo You are kidding right? that extra 9/10s buys a very exclusive vehicle that will probably stop much much quicker than the lard-assed R35, accelerate twice if not tree times as quickly, and have levels of aerodynamic that would cause all those computers in the GTR to fry? Not to mention a KERS like system! 
The P1 will quite literally run laps around the GT-R...modified or not


It's kinda depressing when you know those wheels and brakes probably cost more than your entire years salary :( Looks good but!


I would buy a house then a few rally car's and have more fun with a better experience.


True im speaking from my point of view. If im spending that type of money on any vehicle i want something thats a engineering marvel . Ferrari and Mclaren are basically making the same car. The new Ferrari F150 and this car has almost the same tech. When the f40 came out it was revolutionary. Nothing like it. Same for the Mclaren F1. So i was expecting the same from both.Oh well it is what it is. Just my opinion.


@Thommo Idk... 
I always found the R35 GTR to look incredibly boring around a track. They aren't nearly as nice as its competitors also. Heck I would take a E92 M3 over one. Call me crazyyyyyyy 
GTR still looks like a fat turd next to most of its competitors =P


@Thommo This will destroy a stock GT-R in every category besides price. The GT-R is a great entry level enthusiasts supercar, but the P1 is just on an entirely different level. Sort of a joke to even compare the two really.


@Thommo Come around to yourself dude so much wrong with that comment


I respect the GTR for being fast and all but to me, they always looked *incredibly boring going around a track.


The fact is in every year in and year out almost one fifth of the Canadians are entering into the light vehicle market and annually over 4 million light vehicles change hands, which is a staggering figure.


Hopefully it makes the same noise as the MP4-12C+much vulgarity.


@JackOlson  @Thommo That's debatable. A GT-R with equivalent power and proper tires would be a threat to this car in my opinion. I certainly don't think you can say it will run circles around a GT-R or "overload its computers." Are you the one making jokes now Jack?


Mine's ordered, along with a flying pig!


Mine's ordered, along with a flying pig!


Mine's ordered, along with a flying pig!


I'm planning on getting it. It's going to be so dope. All I have to wait to do is wait for Hot Wheels to release it.


I'm planning on getting it. It's going to be so dope. All I have to wait to do is wait for Hot Wheels to release it.


I'm planning on getting it. It's going to be so dope. All I have to wait to do is wait for Hot Wheels to release it.


@Thommo It still wouldn't even be close... a GT-R comes in at 3,800 lbs the P1 should be significantly less. I'm not knocking the GT-R, in fact my favorite car is an R32 GT-R, I just find it laughable that people think the GT-R is in the same class as the P1. It's literally superior in every respect (price aside). I can't wait to see the P1 get compared with Ferrari's F70


much much more sinister in my opinion


@hanablemoore  This is the first production car ever to use carbon carbon brakes.  It has the most downforce of any production car ever released.  We don't know the full specs, but it may be the first car to ever have real time fully active suspension.  It will be one of the fastest production cars to ever lap a track.  The F150 and P1 are totally different.  One has a very powerful N/A V12 and the other, a turbo small displacement V8.


How fast this laps the Nurburgring will really prove its worth, and I get the feeling that comfort will be kept in mind while retaining maximum speeds just like the MP4. Mclaren really does push the boundaries on innovations. Now I would like to see the new Enzo perform against this machine. Also there have been rumors of the 918 coming into production... 7:14 on the Nurburgring is no joke. Personally I would like to see the new Enzo and P1 to top that time by at least .01. I mean they have won the most F1 races by far.


@JackOlson  @Thommo That's a fair opinion, but basing the performance of the GT-R on weight alone isn't accurate. As much as I hate to say it because I've been racing 12 years now and have worked as a racing instructor and been trained by guys who were world champions / national champions....the GT-R does wonders with it's computer systems. I've never seen a car as heavy as the GT-R clock such fast lap times. 
I'm speaking from experience when I say it's my honest opinion if these two cars had equal power and equal tires I think it would come down to the driver and the track. It's not in the same class as the P1 from an aero stand point and it certainly doesn't look as good, but man...the GT-R is faster around several tracks than the ZR1 and the ZR1 is almost 1000lbs lighter. That says a lot. 
I'm not trying to bring price into the argument, but lets just say for laughs someone wanted to throw a million dollars into a GT-R minus the initial purchase cost. Would you bet your own money against a GT-R with a million pumped into it? I'm being ridiculous for a reason:
Speed is speed. Exclusivity doesn't buy lap times. I would put any amount of money on a GT-R with $200,000 worth of work pumped into it slapping the sh*t out of a P1 on a race track. A lot of the P1's lap times come from the Mclaren clout, not from what the car is actually worth. 
In my opinion, no car in the world is worth more than about $250-300k. You can build a car for that price now that will rival any million dollar super car. Someone recently just built a GT40 that did 283mph in a STANDING MILE. The Veyron and the P1 would sh*t bricks if that GT40 rolled up next to them. 
Price is entirely relevant when you talk cars because modifying a car is just like a business investment. Would you invest $1,000,000 for a $500,000 return if you could get the same $500,000 return on a $100,000 investment? Thats the P1 vs the GT-R. 
To say it would absolutely destroy the GT-R is missing a lot of what goes into building a car and investing in speed. Thats my opinion.


Meant to say a lot of the P1's price comes from the Mclaren clout, not lap time. My mistake, corrected.


As soon as I saw the price mentioned in the post I KNEW I was about to read some "just buy a GT-R" comments.  Gold.


12 years racing and pipping a nissan "skyline" filled with money against a Mclaren built car its still gonna be a nissan like. Mclaren should scrap their f1 cars and just by a nissan gtr and throw money at it until it wins beccause its a better investment. This car will only go up in value in a few years.


12 years racing comparing a nissan with a ton of money spent on it to a MCLAREN hyper car. End of the day its still going to be a Nissan. The mclaren will go up in value. Maybe the f1 team should just quit ,buy a GTR and throw money at it then. Going by your logic you could make any car faster than it in fairness sure why buy a p1 when you could buy prius with 200000 g's spent on it.


@DomoKun If you're buying a car for speed Domo, and you are mechanically inclined, have an understanding of what creates speed in a car, and can drive well you can achieve hypercar results for a hell of a lot cheaper. Look at the Ultima GTR beating top gears lap record with a GM based LS engine. 
Yeah it will still be a Nissan, but if you want to go fast instead of pose around or make an investment you can have the speed for much cheaper. A majority of customers who will purchase the P1 will never use it anywhere near its upper limitations because they are afraid of damaging it, or will sit on it until it appreciates. Is that the purpose of a sports car?
You can make almost any car faster than the P1 on a track for a fraction of the price if you know what you're doing, but go ahead and believe that exclusivity and huge price tags actually mean something. could have a 250 Formula E super kart and a Rolls Royce / Maybach to tow it for less than half the cost of this car. IMO the P1 is worth no more than 350-400k, but thats just me.


@hanablemoore That's the unfortunate truth Sam, 99% of these cars will never see a track and if they do some 17 year old kid in an S2000 will likely be clocking faster lap times. Some people don't get it and get entranced by price tags and "exclusivity" which oddly enough is a word I've never seen mean a damn thing on a race track. 
People can do w/e they want with their money, but personally I'd rather have a lot of other cars before I work fork over a million on anything, Ferrari, Pagani etc.


Those carbon disks look filthy (in a good way).


@DomoKun  This is an absolutely ridiculous statement.  350k for an all carbon hypercar with active aero, the latest in electronic controls, top of the line brakes never seen on a roadcar before, and 900+ hp?  You've got to be shitting me.  The P1 on road tires is faster than a GT3 car with slicks on a track.  There is nothing on street tires except for maybe the most extreme time attack cars that is faster. 
Whatever car you build will have antiquated suspension, aero, inferior chassis, worse braking, and no KERS instant power and torque boost out of the corner.  The Ultima GTR is a great car, but it is significantly slower than the P1.  I would not ever want to drive a Rolls Royce/Maybach.  Far too boring.  I'd drive the MP4-12C everyday and the P1 on weekends.


@TougeSpirit  @DomoKun Honestly dude...I'm not usually this blunt with people...but you're pretty dumb if you think push rod / pull rod suspension is "antiquated." Just because something doesn't have active dampening / active aero doesn't make it obsolete. You're also pretty daft to compare a GT3 on slicks (a car that makes almost half the power) to a car that makes over double on street tires. You also don't make any reference to a specific track or performance test which is something I would definitely expect an engineer to do.
On a wide open track yeah sure the GT3 wouldn't hang with the P1. On a mountain pass / autocross it would be up to the driver more than the car which isn't something I would expect a guy who sits behind a computer for a living to understand. 
If the Ultima GTR is so significantly slower than million dollar hyper cars why is it that it took down top gears track record previously held by the FXX driven by none other than Michael Schumacher. The Ultima was down on aero, down on power AND down on technology. It was running what you would call "antiquated" suspension with a driver who had much less experience than Michael Schumacher and it still clocked a faster lap time. How do you explain that Mr. Engineer?
I would be happy to drive a Rolls to the track and then jump out and get into a 250 Formula E super kart (which by the way costs about $30,000 and would annihilate the P1 on any track). Don't believe me? for much cheaper can be had that will equal or best some of the fastest, most expensive, and most exotic cars on the market. You just have to know where to invest your money. Sorry dude, as much as I'm sure you love technology and computer simulation there are certain things about cars that are just common sense that you don't need to have a degree to understand. Ask any racer whos been around for a few decades, they'll tell you the same thing.


@TougeSpirit  @DomoKun I said $350-400k because for about $400,000 you can purchase a Caparo T1 (£270,000). If you can afford a Caparo T1 you could easily afford another set of tires / wheels for the track. 
You really think the P1 on OEM rubber is going to walk around a Caparo T1 on a soft compound slick tire?


@LegacyCT a few rally cars for a million bucks? what are you high on? O.o


@LegacyCT a few rally cars for a million bucks? what are you high on? O.o


@Frozzy  @Thommo  Try being inside of it when going "around the track"....