We’re deep into the F1 launches for the season ahead, and all but four cars have now been released into the wild. As the cars are rolled out, the teams are also highlighting the work behind the scenes with videos like this one from Red Bull about the manufacture of the 2013 RB9. There’s even an ironic tip of the hat to flexible wings, showing that Red Bull do have a sense of humour…

Along with a lot of people I’m sure, I prefer the marketing dollars to go on this kind of video rather than the glitzy, exclusive and expensive launch events of old…

Jonathan Moore



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I find the launch videos to be pretty boring. I'd rather just look at the new release photos and examine the cars that way. And really, there isn't a whole lot to be seen from the cars in launch guise other than major changes (nosecone, sidepods, livery changes, etc.), seeing as the manufacturers don't want to give away all their offseason secrets. Test Day 1 at Jerez is when the real fun begins :)
I'm not a fan of the Red Bull livery, never have been. But the new F138 and C32 look amazing! Can't wait for the 2013 season to begin.


one of the best launch videos yet!! BUT saying that...its still an ugly looking car, that stepped nose...ugh!!


 Agreed about the ugly. So glad most teams have decided to use the vanity panel route.


thats was neat


Now that was cool.  Technology that most of us use for prototyping is used for their production parts.


@midgeman You could ask yourself why the antenna was moved from the front nose to the side of the air intake. You could ask yourself why they changed the side plate's design for the rear wing. You could ask yourself why they went back with the enkei NT-03 wheel design. You could ask yourself why they changed the front side canards on the front splitter (with a simpler design).
You could ask yourself tons of questions. But I guess to you, all this is boring. (granted this is the pinnacle of motorsport). I guess just admiring the livery is good enough for you, so be it.


That's about the coolest F1 theme video I've ever seen! =D


 Uh, what? Nowhere did I say I find the cars boring. I said, "I find the launch videos pretty boring." I even went on to say that I enjoy examining, not just briefly glancing, at the release photos. You do realize that a lot of the panels are only there as space fillers on these launch cars and they will be replaced with the actual new spec when testing begins? Sure, some of it may stay the same, but I'm not going to take these launch cars as full on 2013 spec racers. Granted, the video above isn't actually a launch video, but more of a promotional video, and I did find it cool. Don't act like you know me, like you can assume things about me based on reading a comment. Little do you know that Formula 1 is my favorite motorsport. You could read my comment again, and take the time to understand what I am saying. You could not jump to conclusions about someone you know nothing about. You could aslo, dare I say, not judge a book by its cover. But I guess you repeatedly like to make a fool of yourself.


@midgeman Oh God, another SPE!


You got it, buddy.