Join The Modified Tuner Shootout

Speedhunters, help us find the fastest street car!

For seven years now, Modified magazine has been running the Tuner Shootout with hosts NASA AZ and UMS Tuning in Phoenix, Arizona. This unique event pits some of the fastest and most powerful Japanese imports in America against each other in a two-day battle that starts with a power test on the UMS Dynapack. After that the action moves to Firebird Raceway for an autocross, a ¼-mile drag race, and a Time Attack, all under NASA AZ’s supervision. The highest scoring team leaves with a big trophy, a sunburn, and some prime real estate in a 20-page cover story in the Shootout issue. Not a bad way to spend a weekend.

Last year Modified changed things up by turning the Shootout into a street car competition, which meant adding an emissions test, a dB test, and the requirements that each car meets basic street-legal standards and isn’t gutted to within an inch of its life. There’s also greater emphasis being placed on inviting privateers to compete, rather than just the big name shop teams. The scope of the Shootout has been expanded beyond just Japanese cars too, with plans for at least one Euro and one domestic machine to join the fight this year.

With that in mind, the editors at Modified would like to invite you to submit your car if you think it has what it takes, or to encourage your friends with competitively built cars to send in an invite request. Time is of the essence though, since the event is just over a month away now (March 15th and 16th), and the one stipulation they do have is that the car needs to have an original MSRP well below $100k. Modified’s not a supercar magazine, so as much as you might like to see an AMS GTR or a Underground Racing Lambo in action, these aren’t the droids they’re looking for.

For all the rules and tidbits check out the link below or send your submission directly to Editor-in-Chief, Peter Tarach at



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Nice! Was that Full Race R14 at the top? Their Skyline conversion they did with 4wd RB26 was insane! I own a copy of Modified mag when they did a feature on it.


GAAAAAAASSSSSSSP.   I need like 1 year... maybe two.


@HighBoOsT100 Yes I believe that is the R14. Mental build.


@HighBoOsT100 Yes I believe that is the R14. Mental build.


Would like to see APR or HPA rep the Euro crowd. Or just something stupid fast from the 034 Motorsport guys.


just based on the giant full race logo on the side and the small one over the tail lights i'd say it's the R14


Damn, I'm a straight pipe, can't go!


Damn, I'm a straight pipe, can't go!


These are some awesome looking cars, wish I owned one of them. Thanks for making this post.