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Each week seems to be passing us by faster and faster. It won’t be long until we’re back into a full motorsport season, but until then, I’m more than enjoying the submissions from each of the #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER channels. I think it’s just the sheer variety of submissions that impresses me the most, not to mention the ever improving quality. The quality can be so high though that I’m sure it might be intimidating for some, but it’s only by examining what makes an image good, can you improve on your own work. If you haven’t been featured yet, don’t be discouraged. Instead use every opportunity to learn, improve and try again. It’ll only be a matter of time…

(Above) What makes this image for me is the amount of negative space and positioning of the car in the lower right corner. No need to fill the frame every time you take a shot.

A nice and clean image submitted by Tamás – it’s balanced and nicely polished.

A suitably slow shutter speed has been deployed by Nicolas for this Exige pan. Composing the shot to include the full reflection of the car is a nice touch.

Max is one of two submissions this week to revert back to traditional 35mm film for his #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER ‘shot. Excellent framing to go along with those beautiful tones that only film can produce.

We had a couple of submissions this week which would fit perfectly into our theme this month including this shot of Kyle Mohan at Irwindale.

People taking photographs, kid pointing, people applauding – these little things all add up to make this more than just a photo of a car.

This is a great example of filling the frame. The tilt of the camera has allowed Garret to capture an interesting view of this pit lane moment.

One of those quiet moments in the paddock, the colour toning is what makes it for me.

Dario submitted this simple but well executed Scirocco photograph – by lighting the car, it has helped to pull it out of its surroundings so it’s the first thing you see.

A just slightly off-centre composition, slow shutter and good panning technique has allowed Daniel to capture this Sharp image.

The second of the 35mm submissions. I’ve said it before how shows and the like can be quite difficult to capture interesting shots at, mostly due to the number of people moving about. Dan has gone in a different direction to most by using the people in the frame to create the interest in the photograph.

I’ve been following Ciprian’s work for some time now and this is what I expect of him – clean lighting on a well polished background. Love the colours and the flare too.

By under-exposing this shot, Cameron has created an interesting silhouette tackling this winding section of race circuit.

A relatively long shutter was used here to show the front wheels spinning in the snow. Great lighting and colour treatment too.

This high point of view has ensured no obstacles have got between the subject and lens of Adithya. The harsh sunlight has been balanced to show the strong shadow of the car whilst still showing detail on the passenger side of the car.

Paddy McGrath



We created #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER to allow you the opportunity to share your skills and car culture experiences from around the globe with the rest of the Speedhunters audience.

How do you get involved? It’s simple…

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Have you submitted already but yet been featured? Here are some tips to help you…

DO – Submit your best work, regardless of when it was taken.
DO – Take your time shooting and consider each detail
DO – Try to submit each image no larger than 1000PX wide.
DON’T – Put a huge watermark on it. We’ll make sure you’re credited!
DON’T – Send us huge image files that kill our e-mail system!




写真は、800×533 ピクセル以上のJPGのフォーマットでお願いします。




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That surreal moment when you suddenly spot one of your pictures.
Holy crap that was unexpected.


Great work all!


i'm a big fan of negative space, in photography, in illustration, and in everything else. a compulsive need to fill every gap with STUFF has never been something i posessed. 
p.s. the wheels on that bmw gt car look weird


Has that Lotus Esprit been featured on here before?


@ComJive The Cookie Cutters? haha


My exige shot ! Thanks Paddy !


"...slow shutter and good panning technique has allowed Daniel to capture this Sharp image."
I see what you did there...


Ha love the family reaction to the Esprit..."whys that wheel sticking out like that"  it seems he is thinking (man pushing stroller)


@izzy_ortiz the kid is saying, "whoa......now that's LOW"


@izzy_ortiz the kid is saying, "whoa......now that's LOW"


Awesome! My picture got featured! Very happy to be a 'Speedhunter'. Hopefully more to come in the future :)


Awesome! My picture got featured! Very happy to be a 'Speedhunter'. Hopefully more to come in the future :)


That red E30 is parcked near were a work and I pass that sidewalk every day...I'm telling you, it's got to be a monday or a tuesday very late in the night (or very early in the morning) to not catch anyone or any other cars arround!
To bad that Ciprian didnt catch that big statue behind the car.
It will had have a interesting effect a 20m high "cavalinno rampante" - the Athlettico Madrid fans would know it very well as the "Los cojones"
@Ciprian-whould you shoot a JZZ30 in the making? Drift project?


Wow! Thanks for posting up my submission Speedhunters! Very honored to have you guys share my work!


daniel if you can link a desktops of the lexus it will be freakinn aewsome  love it ! great work too !


I'm honored guys. Thank you.


Pleeeeeeeeeeease, make a desktop version of the first picture. I would love to have that as my background.


Thanks for throwing my shot in the mix! Honored!


Thanks for throwing my shot in the mix! Honored!


@marcus landrix I can do tonight :)


@marcus landrix I can do tonight :)


My picture is here?
Ohgod this is so awesome


Guys, this is one of the best feelings I ever had, recognising my own shot in the list. thanks for sharing, I'm honored!


@DanielSharp  @marcus Here is a link to the feature article containing the LFA picture. If you click the photo, it will take you to flickr for wallpaper sizes. http://www.downshiftaus.com/2013/supercar-skidpan-day/


i loving the skyline pic..........where can i get the desktop size of it?


It will be great if printed and put it in my room :))


@DanielSharp  @marcus  thanks a lot man !


@Ali Uygur The first pic of the Mustang is epic


@Zeph thanks! :) I'm glad you like my shot!


@Zeph thanks! :) I'm glad you like my shot!


@Zeph thanks! :) I'm glad you like my shot!


@Zeph thanks! :) I'm glad you like my shot!