The Strip Club… Project Volvo Wagon

1980s Week on Speedhunters has been a stark reminder about one of my own personal cars from that era. When I look at my 1989 Volvo 245 estate, I wonder what it could have been by now if I’d have realised that it was a proper project car and not just a bit of fun. If I’d have just focused on it from the start. We all know the stories of people with half-finished builds, good intentions, unrealistic budgets and ultimately an incomplete project. Well, my Volvo 245 is one of those. Welcome to the Strip Club.

I bought it by accident in 2001. I already had a 240DL that I’d bought for £5 (yes, really) and had done a few thousand miles in, and figuring it should get some love I took it to a local Volvo specialist for a service. This was probably the first time I’d paid somebody to work on one of my cars in over 10 years. On the way there the heater core blew… It was winter and they had this Volvo 245 GLT  part exchange/trade-in on the forecourt that I was told I could have on a 24-hour test drive. Dog guard, leather, heated seats, FSH, two owners, factory 15″ alloys… You know, all the stuff that I’ve since junked.

The fact was that I needed a proper daily that I could eat, sleep, work and drive out of. In amongst the tens of cars my Dad owned were a couple of Volvos –this is the only reason I can find for me buying this one. Even with 200K miles on the clock, it still cost me £1,000 with a fresh MOT. But at the time it was just over 10 years old – now it’s 23! Like I say, if only I’d just stuck with it. But then I never fully intended for this to be a project, which I’m fairly sure is how the best ones start.

I think this has been the Volvo’s enduring charm. I’ve never placed any value on it, so I’ve never sold it. But how did it become a stripped-out, turbo-powered wagon? Well that one’s simple: I broke the rear shocks towing a really heavy car home across country on a really heavy trailer… Another distraction. A short while later I was at British suspension manufacturer SPAX. I asked about a kit for the 245 and they said they’d make one – I paid up, and then my Volvo was lower.

Yes, I was on a slippery slope and sliding down fast with my hands clamped over my face. Over the next year or so, I stripped the interior for another article to show how you can get free power, gaining 12bhp per tonne. Then came polycarbonate windows, a six-point cage and a whole load of other cars… Because nobody would seriously modify a Volvo, would they? I aspired to own hot rods, M-powered cars, obscure Japanese models. All of which have since come and gone. Leaving the Volvo sat quietly in the back of my lock-up, ready when I needed a cheap car to get around in. Or across Europe on a 4,000 mile adventure, after which I sprayed it the green/grey/brown colour it is now.

All of that work was done getting on for 10 years ago now, and the Volvo really was there for me whenever I needed it. But I always swore that when the engine gave up I’d replace it with something better. Even so, no matter how many chances I gave it to throw the towel in, it still took 50 thousand miles before the cambelt snapped in a fairly undramatic fashion on the motorway. Now, I could bore you with the endless engine choices I played with, but ultimately it came down to being able to tell people it was powered by a Volvo motor. Not a V8, or BMW M3 engine, or an RB25 or even a Cosworth – all of which I considered.

In England we never got the turbo 200 series, because the turbo downpipe is a little close to the steering column and the master cylinders are right above the turbo itself, so I guess Volvo never saw the point in developing it. For about four years I didn’t live in England, preferring to roam the Earth, and it was near the end of this time that I saw the perfect 240 donor advertised for sale. It had been built with real care and attention by a nice guy called Mike, who had documented it along with the help of the Turbobricks Forum. For the asking price I couldn’t replicate what I was buying, so now I’ve got two Volvo estates. The shot above is obviously in the same position as the first picture (albeit a few years apart). Given that the silver car is lowered it gives you an idea of just how much lower the Strip Club is than stock.

Loosing another couple of years which saw the newer estate road-tested to Italy and back via Switzerland, and I’m doing a shoot in the workshops of Huxley Motorsport, December 2011. I don’t know why I asked Hux what my money and two cars would get, but I’m glad I did. In a little over two months in the Summer of 2012 he took both estates and made one.

This made me very happy, because what Hux did was something I now realise I could never have done. Build the Volvo the way I wanted it, simple as. I don’t have those skills; I’ve built my beach buggy and the odd barn, done an engine swap or two but what he did was look at it as a project, rather than a job.

I remember being stood in the absolute middle of nowhere in Scotland, surrounded by some 4x4s, answering a text message asking me what I wanted to do with the exhaust. My answer? “Side-exit stainless; notch the sill if you need to.” Done. The list of jobs Hux did seemed endless: another text consisted of, “I’ve made hard pipes because what you had was crap.”. He was right, I was thankful.

If you can, I urge you that when you’re done with your daily fill of Speedhunters you follow the link at the end to Huxley Motorsports’ Facebook page. I know not everybody uses the social media, but there’s an album on there with loads of pics he took whilst doing the work. If you’ve got this far, I think you’ll enjoy it. One modification I’m a big fan of is the front MacPherson strut/coil-over conversion, and seeing as they’re running Bilstein inserts, Hux figured ‘Brynstein’ stickers would look good. We’re sorry Mr Bilstein, it won’t happen again… He also raised the front crossmember to give me another 50mm of ground clearance: it’s a big problem when you run a low 240 and just this small amount has helped loads.

Taking a closer look at the Volvo has reminded me of just how many jobs I’ve done on it, or parts I’ve sourced. Like the clear indicators that took an age to arrive from America, or blacking out the internal headlight surrounds.

On the inside it’s kind of evolved since I stripped it out: the carbon bucket seats have minimal padding and came cheap from a friend who didn’t need them any more. Surprisingly they’ve been comfortable for over 40 thousand miles. They’re not ideal though, and I’ve been considering softer options. The Takata harnesses are a newer addition.

I did have some five point, three inch wide harnesses in there, but since Takata became an official supplier to Speedhunters I got the chance to try their product out. Not wishing to offend anybody but the Takata green just isn’t for me: it would have clashed with the outside colour and I like things that don’t show the dirt too much on the inside.

So the new black colourway they’re offering is an obvious choice. There are some really nice touches that were absent in my last set of harnesses too: the rubber-dipped metal clips for one, or the foam-inserted pull ends like a stuffed crust pizza that you can grip to pull tight. At the recent Autosport Show, I showed the Takata guys some more pictures of the Volvo on my phone… They seemed to like it, although they may just be really polite.

This is my shifter. It’s made from a replacement hip insert. I can’t tell you where I got it from, but fear not – it wasn’t needed. My friend Wayne operates as the Intergalatic Custom Shop nearby, and I often call over for coffee as we both work alone. This is the result of one of those visits when I went to show him what I’d found.

Up until last year the steering wheel was a two-spoke, suede Personal, which now hangs on my office wall, polished smooth after years of abuse.

It was replaced when it came out of the rebuild with a Personal Grinta limited-edition ‘Kingston’ wheel. I first saw them advertised in America, and when the guys at Driftworks got them in it was a must have. As the ad on Driftworks says, ‘Even comes wit’ a green horn push an’ ting’! Although I replaced that with the blue Volvo one I had. In my subconscious, never-ending quest to mix and match styles I couldn’t resist it.

The NASCAR centre pad is there because I spent a lot of time and money at JEGS when I was in Ohio, although these are actually really cheap. I also got a load of SFI-approved rollcage padding, it’s always been a bug of mine when you see bare rollcages and people driving with no helmet on.

The window net came about for the same reason, as I can slip the windows out very easily by swinging that alloy bar forwards and pulling them clear. So the net is necessary… Honest.

It just so happens I can also imagine I’m running the wall at Daytona when it’s down.

Many, many things need attention on the Volvo. The engine needs some standalone management, and I could go on… But what I really need is a decent dash with some gauges that work. I’ve started making one from old license plates, as they’re light and easily formed, so now I just need to decide on the gauges I guess. Oh, the decisions.

The more I look around the Strip Club, the more I realise as much as I’d like to think it’s been a series of considered decisions this has been pure evolution. Everywhere I look are marks of my travels and experiences, like this ‘Mind your head’ plate I picked up in the back streets of Hong Kong. I figured it made sense to warn somebody if they climbed in the back.

Or the more recently added Speedhunters stickers, right in the front of the passenger seat on the backside of the sunstrip. Just so they know what they’re getting in to.

To the left hand side of this picture is a gentlemen called Kjell, who lives in Sweden. Which is where I took this picture a couple of years ago. It’s the top of a barn hidden away in the countryside, and it’s owned by his father who used to build the 240 Group A touring cars for Volvo R Sport in the 80s. He has original wheels, composite airboxes and all sorts of alloy parts… I saw Kjell at Autosport in January and I told him I wanted to come back for some parts. I think there may be a roadtrip this summer.

Wheels have been the bane of my life through this project. For years the combination of a 5×108 PCD and low-ish offset of ET20 meant that aftermarket wheels were virtually non-existent, so I had to rely on the standard 15s. Then about seven years ago I tried some 17-inch Peugeot steels banded to 9-inch, but they leaked. Way back in 2002 I went and spoke to Compomotive Wheels at the Autosport Show about getting some 17-inch MOs… Remember what I was saying about how I should have just got on with it? I even ran some American Racing five-spokes on it for a very short while using adapters – the latter I still have. Up on the shelf I also have some 17-inch Halibrand style rims and some very rare 15×8 Pontiac Firebird Turbo rims too, so who knows what’s next?

Well maybe now I’ve accepted it as a project I should know. I certainly have a plan: bigger wheels, more power, bigger brakes, respray the interior to match the underbonnet in HUX grey and possibly the rear suspension from an M3 to give me some diff choices. The tow bar is staying though; this isn’t a race car.

One thing I really need to do soon is make a composite bonnet, as lifting the standard steel one on and off its pins is not the most elegant or easiest of tasks. But realistically I currently have seven other cars, six of which could be considered projects, so hey – this could take a while.

I do know that I just need to get on with it. Rod keeps on saying 2JZ and 800bhp to me, but the fact is I’m a Volvo guy and proud of it.

1989 Volvo 245 GLT


2,316cc plus Garrett T3 turbo, 531 head, engine has been fully rebuilt with standard Volvo parts but balanced and lightened where appropriate

Head has been ported and polished

Custom made 2.5in stainless steel side exit exhaust

Remote oil cooler

Approx 180bhp


Front: Standard struts converted coilover type with Bilstein inserts and custom specification springs, front crossmember strengthened and modified for clearance, polybushed

Rear: Standard trailing arms with Bilstein dampers and lowering springs, polybushed


Zimmerman drilled and vented discs front and rear with uprated pads and standard four piston callipers on front, two on rear, normal handbrake


Standard panels with body side trims removed

Colour change to RAL Brungrau

Brown tinted polycarbonate windows on side and rear

‘Strip Club’ pinstriping on rear tailgate

Clear front and rear indicator lenses

BMW E36 M3 Evo lower splitter plus plywood lip on front bumper


Completely stripped of standard trim, door panels lightened and all electrics removed, windows now have sliders in front doors, rear are fixed, no stereo

Carbon-fibre bucket seats

Takata five-point, three-inch wide black harnesses

Six point Caged FIA-approved bolt-in roll cage with full MSA-approved padding

Personal Grinta ‘Kingston Edition’ steering wheel with NASCAR spec central pad

SFI-approved window net

Narrow band air fuel ratio gauge and boost gauge

Battery relocated to behind passenger seat


8x17in Compomotive MO fitted with locking wheel nuts

Bryn Musselwhite

1980s Week on Speedhunters

I’d like to give a massive thanks to Hux @ Huxley Motorsport in Worcestershire, England, for getting the car to where it is today – the world would run smoother with more people like him in it. Check out Huxley Motorsport for more info and look at the Facebook page for even more albums of cool projects. There are loads of Volvo build shots there too.

Build-up thread on Turbobricks detailing the donor



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Brilliant, great to see another Volvophile, tweaking the old bricks.... "Don't tell my mom!"


When you go back (to Kjell's)  for the road trip, lets see an article on their SICK widebody Ford AngliaTouring Car.!!


That's damn cool, gotta love mentalist old Volvos. Reminds me of the old touring car wagons. Sweet project/post!


Very cool car! I love seeing modified wagons for function! Please keep this thing going for as long as possible =)


epic car! Ive been on turbobricks since 06. I am a volvo 240 junky. Really would like to visit that group A barn heaven!! keep on rolling!! Volvo for life


my new favorite car. Old volvos are some of the coolest cars around, especially a wagon! I hope you keep us up to date the project!


Seriously? Is this something to write about. There must be any better Volvos than this?


This is great. Two of the cars I have owned have been Volvo's, and thought they never got the respect I felt they deserved from others, I loved them to the last drive. The first one I owned wouldn't quit even after the turbo blew its seal and started spraying oil onto the downpipe. I miss my old Swedish bricks. Maybe I will go find an old turbo wagon to start wrenching on.


Cool story, cool car, cuz. Though it irks me slightly that despite being immersed in the world of old Fords, this is my kids' favourite car.


Cool car man! Dont forget about an hydraulic handbrake! :)


Bryn, I love your write-up. Best bit; the gear shifter. Mental.


Nice car, 8 valve B23 is a strong engine, you could triple the hp with it. Bamse has also made the sedan 240 cool.


@Joachim Waagaard ^Yeah, it's just a totally stock Volvo Estate, after all.^

Speedhunters Bryn

@AnthonyBurrows Haha, that picture was taken when I went over to shoot the Anglia for Classic Ford Magazine. Since then it's been supercharged and fitted with a sequential box. So yes, when I make it back it should defintely be a feature car!

Speedhunters Bryn

@Hotcakes Thanks Cakes, it will hopefully be more mentalist in the future.

Speedhunters Bryn

It's been around for a while and won't be going anywhere anytime soon, it's gone from having no value to me... To having far too much value!

Speedhunters Bryn

@JaredDaneDelfosse There is something about them huh? :)

Speedhunters Bryn

@JaredDaneDelfosse There is something about them huh? :)

Speedhunters Bryn

@otar That's the plan, we decided to introduce some project cars to show you guys what we get up to when not using a computer or a camera. So expect some more!

Speedhunters Bryn

@JonathanHaley It's funny but if you bought any other car with 200K on the clock it would be rock bottom cheap, because it's a Volvo people expect them to do mega mileage. They're built like stone.

Speedhunters Bryn

@classicford_simon There's no accounting for taste... You've taught them well.

Speedhunters Bryn

@greenroadster Funny that, I almost place too much value in this to go drifting/skidding with it. I'd almost have to build another one so if I wrecked it I wouldn't mind. It may well come though :)

Speedhunters Bryn

@Millsy I think I took the term hipster too far...

Speedhunters Bryn

I'm not a massive sedan fan, unless they're done like that! I've just spent the last half hour watching those videos... I love it, such good work. It's got a really good look to it. I've been to the cruises in Helsinki too, awesome night out. In fact I just bought a car in Finland that will need collecting this summer, where are you guys?

Speedhunters Bryn

@Joachim Waagaard There are better Volvo's than this, yes. Take a look further up the page at the video posted in the comments... That's a better Volvo right there. This is my Volvo though, it's a project and will get better with time. This article is designed as an introduction, so that you the reader can join in the process and hopefully draw similarities between our projects and your own. So what do you drive Joachim? Seriously?


Lovin the side exit exhaust! Perhaps a T5 conversion is in order? They did make a awd version of the t5 so maybe that can be made rwd only??? Who knows?


I don't know how I feel about your switch from the devil's derv, but needless to say - we need a race.

Speedhunters Bryn

@Curlytop T5 is more hassle than it's worth at this stage, converting one to inline would cost the same as getting big numbers from this engine. The 5cyl growl is nice though...

Speedhunters Bryn

@PaddyMcGrath No fear I still have two dervs on the fleet, I fear your M-Sport would still kick my Alfa's ass though. Unless you want to take on my bike carbed, Zetec engined Mk1 Cortina 2-dr... Oh yes. That just happened :)

Joachim Waagaard

@Speedhunters Bryn 
Hello Bryn. My comment was probably a little bit harse, but that was the first thing that came through my mind... I must say, I really appreciate the variety of cars here on speedhunters. I really do.I also love Volvo`s since being a Scandinavian. But what I felt when reading this article is that this is something you see every day here in Scandinavia, nothing that really blew my mind. But of course it would be boring to just read about the high end/ high budget builds/cars. Next time, I will put my words better. I don’t want to insult anyone, but I still want to say my opinion. Hope you don’t take I personally. I’m sorry for that Bryn!I do have a few cars, 93 Mazda Rx7 v8 Ls2 drift car, 04 E46 BMW M3 and some other cars that are not worth to mention. You can feel free to check them out on either my facebook or some of the Gatebil articles here on speedhunters (where there is also tons of pictures of my white RX7 and my old brown Skyline R32)Best regards Joachim Waagaard

Speedhunters Bryn

@Joachim Waagaard No, no, not harsh at all. It was a fair point and taking as such :)
This is the great thing about Speedhunters, that we can interact with each other. I appreciate in Scandinavia this pretty much everyday for you guys. It's partly where I got my inspiration from, so I know all too well how much better they are over there! I've long wanted to go to the Vallakra Festival too. Sounds like you've got some nice cars, I kind of knew you would ;)


Speedhunters seriously needs more Volvo features. I seriously think they are a underrated car.


Dat Canal + door hanger ...
You know why you usually don't disturb people when they are watching Canal +, right ?

Speedhunters Bryn

@Chris Besset I'm not saying anything... ;)

Speedhunters Bryn

@LukeB Why so serious? :) But in all seriousness you're right.
I agree wholeheartedly, although the rest of the world may disagree with us :)


Actually, all you need to drop a 2jz in a 240-series os to modify the oilpan to clear the beam supporting the gearbox.
On a LHD car, that is :)

Speedhunters Bryn

@frpa I know, the engine bay will swallow all sorts of motors... To be honest I'd prefer a blown LS motor to the 2J. Neither will be happening right now though, I'm dedicated to the Volvo cause. For now.


@Speedhunters Bryn Ah, crap, Vallakra is same weekend as RRG this year. Well, if you plan attending any of the other Scandinavia modified / custom shows this year Bryn, give me a shout...


There is currently an 850 estate abandoned on the A3 near Kingston.  I'm MIGHTY tempted to head back there with a trailer to collect it
Love the car sir, you're doing it right!


There is currently an 850 estate abandoned on the A3 near Kingston.  I'm MIGHTY tempted to head back there with a trailer to collect it
Love the car sir, you're doing it right!

Speedhunters Bryn

@UtterPiffleJuly, Gatebil? :) You might have to fly there, but be driven home in something old and interesting.


I love the compomotives.  I have something of a similar style on my Firebird.
Speedline Mistral 6's.  Really couldn't find much information on my specific wheel, and they've been out long enough that Speedline IT and UK don't have any other info like production numbers, etc. etc.


This Cincinnati boy almost teared up seeing that OHIO plate in your collection across the pond...Cool build man, always had a special spot in my heart for these things...

Speedhunters Bryn

@Kitch If it's a T5 then enjoy the understeer and lack of lock. If it's anything else don't sully your Volvo experience.

Speedhunters Bryn

@WarShrike Nice style of wheel, something different for a Firebird too. Ironic I have a set of earlier Gen Firebird Turbo wheels sat waiting on the roof of my office, one day maybe.

Speedhunters Bryn

I've had many happy times in Ohio, down around Columbus mainly. I did buy a '47 Ford Tudor from Cincinnati in 2008, then drove it back across to New Jersey to be shipped UK side. I had the 'INGLESE' plate on a 92 Chevy G20 I toured the States in the year before, registered in Licking County :)


@Speedhunters Bryn Yup, bought them off an old racing team that campaigned a 4th gen Camaro in the SCCA World Challenge series.  They were worse for wear but are great for daily driver use after I had them repainted!  I have always had a hankering for getting an older Volvo wagon, this coverage doesn't help the itch!


@Speedhunters Bryn  @frpa
 Stick to the brand, any fool can make big hp with an "off the shelf" item.
Go for a six cylinder volvo or even just a 16v fourcylinder.or stick to the old red block and have it worked to 3 litres..


Love this car, all day long. Pure class Bryn


@Speedhunters Bryn  @LukeB
 If one choirboy is off beat from the rest, who sais he the one thats wrong?


@Speedhunters Bryn Good deal! Glad you (at least) enjoyed this place...Good chance I might have seen the Tudor...I speedhunt this town everytime I'm out of my house!

Speedhunters Bryn

@Speedhunters It was original body work black with a nose down stance... How it made it back to Columbus I have no idea. I ended up doing over 100 different jobs on it, became good mates with the guys in Jegs too. Keep hunting!


I live kinda near Hux, I've seen his old SR20 powered KE70 a few times, looks insane... Anyone know what he's driving in this seasons BDC? I've heard rumors it's a V8 Ovlov


Call me weird, but I've been dreaming about building a volvo wagon for quite some time now. A 745 with a t6 whiteblock, or 245 with a chevy v8, lt1 or ls1. I've always loved the idea of a sporty, quick wagon, but the m5 and cts-v are way out of my price range...


Ps, you're car is amazing, I love it.


Very nice article! Having a Volvo 240 sedan myself, its really nice to see some Volvo coverage, especially here in the states. You have a sweet build going and I'm looking forward to see how it progresses. Good luck!


Reading this article is a bit like peeking into the future for me. I bought a 245 almost a year ago now and mine is evolving in a similar fashion, although it's a bit more reserved - for now anyway. When I first bought it I wasn't sure it was a good decision - scraping the mirrors on the road when negotiating round-abouts, getting hosed by fully loaded mini vans from stop lights... it was hard to picture this prawn trawler doing anything even remotely fast. I was thinking about selling it back to the grandma I'd bought it off but friends talked me into keeping it as it was dirt cheap. If I'd never found Turbobricks or seen Bamse's Turbo Underpants on Youtube I never would have believed these could go like hell. I can't even begin to imagine what my brick will look like in a few years, let alone 10+ like yours. They certainly can be made into a good sleeper.


@Speedhunters Bryn Yeah, I am building a few right now, got a brick red 79 242DL that I am putting in a SBC 350, 5speed, toyota 8in rear axle. red 1980 244DL putting a B23F + Carb, Cam, oil cooler, thats for the girlfriend, a white 84 244GLT with a B21F from a GT mild built, Flattops, BMW oil squirters, Holset H1c, megasquirt. and  beige 83 242DL ratrod/hoodride type with a high compression B21F GT engine with dual carbs. I have had about 20ish volvos and each one has its own story! I am also putting together a Whiteblock T5 RWD engine set-up with a toyota w58 transmission. I will be putting it in a 89 nissan s13 coupe. (If you ever do a T5 swap use a T6 auto bellhousing and a Toyota auto 1uz to w58 5speed adapter plate. THEY BOLT RIGHT UP TO THE VOLVO BELLHOUSING!!!!!)


@Speedhunters Bryn Oh yeah, if you need a US connect on getting parts I would be more then happy to help out. I need some RHD parts really bad. trying to get a 240 RHD manual rack, firewall plates, and a dash pad/trim.


@Speedhunters Bryn Bamse is at Helsinki area. I am just a follower, not crew.


Bamse has just the right attitude for building cars :D About this "The Strip Club" I got 240 Estate B230F and i would love to some day build fast 240 Estate. I have usually been 740 sedan preferring but now im starting to like 240 Estate even more :) And keep that Volvo engine! Its sin to put non-Volvo engine to old RWD Volvo. Best engine for this would be B230FT with some tunes. 8v is easy to work with and reliable!


Hell yeah, your car is awesome Bryn! Screw the motor swap, I think it just needs a bigger turbo and more fuel!


A lurker here on speedhunters and turbobricks both, just with an FYI.  There is (was?) a guy on TB making fiberglass and carbon fiber flathoods for our bricks.  Dunno if you caught the thread or not.

Speedhunters Bryn

@JoeWhaler Go see him and find out, it'll be worth the wait though if not...

Speedhunters Bryn

That's made me smile, yeah getting beaten by the paperboy on his BMX was a highpoint of previous ownership.

Speedhunters Bryn

Corey, you are a man of vision and taste. My thoughts exactly.

Speedhunters Bryn

@DaFraz I didn't see that no, I don't get a chance to look at TB much although I've been registered on there for 8 yrs I think. I do have some composite people locally, but I have a feeling I'm going to give it a go myself.


If you want to keep it Volvo why not put a t5 engine in it? And if you're going on a road trip to Sweden again you got to let me know ;)


If you want to keep it Volvo why not put a t5 engine in it? And if you're going on a road trip to Sweden again you got to let me know ;)


If you want to keep it Volvo why not put a t5 engine in it? And if you're going on a road trip to Sweden again you got to let me know ;)


If you want to keep it Volvo why not put a t5 engine in it? And if you're going on a road trip to Sweden again you got to let me know ;)


Brilliant story & photos Mr Musselwhite. Thank you. I got to say tho, i found your piece strangely light on actual views of the car - which is disappointing, as it's so pretty.


I dig the current wheel spec!


Oh look, Mangart. Twice if i'm correct!


@Speedhunters Bryn They Are also wonderfully simple to work on. There is so much room in the engine bay compared to modern cars, so if something does go wrong it a cinch to fix it. It's hard to beat knowing that you're always going to have a car that's going to work for you no matter what, and that's what you get from old Volvo's. It's something people don't understand until they have one themselves.


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An inspiration for my 240 build. Very slow going because of lack of funds, but slow and steady! Maybe one day it'll be complete enough to submit. Keep it up! I can never decide on staying Volvo, or going engine swap. My mind changes about every other hour.


I've got a 92 wagon. If you want more power look for a Volvo b234f cylinder head. And look up yoshifab for the conversion parts. A 16v turbo easily can make 400bhp.


Where can you get the polycarbonate windows from. Been on the hunt for ages for my 240 wagon???


Love it