Following on from our introduction to 1980s Week here on Speedhunters, this montage shows off some perfect slo-mo examples of the cars in question on the edge and over the edge. Dust, fire, snow, smoke, cheering. Wings and bodywork barely held on. Battling oversteer, barriers, the elements, the crowd. A sensory overload of everything that was great on the tracks and stages of the 1980s.

If you want to see just how dangerous Group B was, go to 1m20 in and the Lancia 037 jumping over a crest and into a sea of people, who organically open up as the car lands before closing in behind. Or at 2m36s when the T16’s tail drift causes fans to nonchalantly jump out of the way. It was expected! You’re up front for the best view, you take your chances.

Simply incredible stuff. More on the way!

Jonathan Moore

1980s week on Speedhunters



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'Not aviable in your Country' - Thanks Youtube -.-*


Every time I watch these I'm amazed at how close the people would stand. Don't know if I'd have the cojones... But that sound!


i'm quite disappointed really, i was born in 85 so im never gonna see a period like this :(


Dio esiste....impossibile affermare il contrario dopo aver visto questo video


All this video really did was make me want a rally Porsche...


"go to 1m20 in and the Lancia 037 jumping over a crest and into a sea of people"The jump is in Portugal. The crowd where is fanatic! In 2012 was like this:


This video confirms my suspicion that I was born 20 years too late...


The Group B 'pure sound' vids on Youtube are great if you want to hear them too


Antti is great and will continue to be great at making shorts films


Make sure you mention this awesome motorsport piece was brought to us once again by Antti.


Wow, it's 1984 and I am sixteen again watching "Wide World of Sports" on a Saturday.
(Amazing, like the the first time I saw Senna drive).


everyone should have watched this at least once!!!!


The "1" in Formula 1 should stand for 1,000 horsepower!


“Pure driving. Real racing. That makes me happy.”


Love the Annti Kalhola videos!


Racing in it's rawest and purest form... This video both made me shed a tear while grinning at the same time... Such an adreline rush! I wish I was born in those times, oh just what times!...