#iamthespeedhunter: Fleeting Moments

Honestly, I’m beyond superlatives at this point. I’ve no idea how you guys keep delivering such a high standard every week. Simply put, it’s inspiring. This is also the first week where I’ve started to see #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER live in the field, with images leaking in from the recent Rallye Monte Carlo. I’m just itching for the full motorsport season to kick off and see what you guys can really do…

(above) This is a photograph not just about the car but the landscape and environment. We can see the route the car has taken, but the remainder of the route is left to our imagination.

By purposely underexposing this shot, Tom has created a much moodier atmosphere of this race start (restart?). Strong central composition along with an almost equal amount of cars either side keeps it balanced.

Low point of view, shallow depth of field and a clean backdrop. Pop. 

Although a little underexposed, this tight crop is full of action and interesting details. From the reflection of the car to the spray of the water coming off the front wheels and spraying through the vents on top of the far side wing. Nice

An almost cinematic crop along with a semi-slow shutter speed to show enough movement without removing the car from its environment.

When you do need to hide a busy backdrop, drop that shutter speed down.

Another from what looks like a spectator area, proving that you don’t need press access for good shots. Slow shutter used this time to reduce the impact of the foreground.

By approximating the rule of thirds, Joris has created a nice balance to this image. It might look like an ‘easy’ photo but with the white snow throwing off the exposure meter, the relative lack of light under the trees and the speed of the car makes this a deceptive image.

Jordan has used a high vantage point along with some simple light painting to create quite a nice portrait of this Porsche.

A shallow depth of field and shooting in some beautiful light is always a recipe for success.

A lot of photography newcomers seem to forget that when shooting slow shutter action shots, that if you go too slow, the movement of the car can cause the shot to be soft or blurry. Finding the right balance is key.

This a sublime black & white submission from Germain. Black & white photography is about more than just removing the colour, look at the tones he has captured.

Red cars are surprisingly difficult to capture the colour of accurately. If you overcook the saturation in post, you can remove the depth from the paint. Needless to say Erhardt has done a great job here.

One of the shots that really made me go ‘wow’ when it landed in my inbox. It’s more like a painting than a photograph. Subdued colours but great detail in the shadows and highlights. Well done Chris!

We will finish this week’s round-up with another proper black & white submission from Adithya Anand. Heavy vignetting and strong contrast allows the car to pull away from the background distractions.

Thanks to everyone for submitting and to you for reading. For those of you wondering, I’ll have the best submissions from the details theme up next week.

Happy shooting!

Paddy McGrath



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写真は、800×533 ピクセル以上のJPGのフォーマットでお願いします。




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Just wondering when detail theme pictures will be posted? I'm quite sure they haven't been yet.


@David_ As the submissions are still flowing in, the post will be up next week :)


@PaddyMcGrath Ok, thanks.


Awesome as usual. Thanks again for the education Paddy.


any chance of getting a desktop of the ae86 and s15? that photo is epic


awesome pictures. usually drifting pictures don't impress me that much, but that AE's nose peaking out of the smoke is just so rad!


Great shots!
Love the rally and 'Dark (re)start'!


I would do photography, but I have no idea where to start and what camera!


Cheers @PaddyMcGrath !


That first pic (Aurelien Viallatte)... Awesome!


That first pic (Aurelien Viallatte)... Awesome!


Silvia and AE86 drifting.....wow!


Silvia and AE86 drifting.....wow!


@MitchThompson At the bottom of this blog post he posted one http://freshlywhipped.co.nz/?p=2112


@MitchThompson At the bottom of this blog post he posted one http://freshlywhipped.co.nz/?p=2112


Thanks Paddy!!!


Thanks Paddy!!!


Fantastic, never thought I would see one of my pics on Speedhunters.


Great pics, especially the first one.


I need that picture of the datsun steering wheel for my desktop...stunning!


Thank you for the feature!


Hey that's right, Mr Smith's shot really is like a painting! Wow.
Please could somebody tell me what type of motor sport/event that is in Mr Kuiper's fantastic shot?