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Putting the speed into Speedhunters, our motorsport coverage in 2012 was as varied as ever. The nominations for this award have been compiled by taking the top 10 most popular motorsport events (based on the largest volumes of web traffic through our doors) and adding in five international events which we believe are worthy of nomination. The nominations are…

Nürburgring 24 Hours

A favourite amongst the editorial staff, the annual ‘Ring 24 is quite simply massive in every aspect. A starting grid of over 150 cars tackle the Green Hell in all types of weather and conditions.

Airstrip Attack

A runway and some of the fastest production and tuner cars around. No timing systems, no lights, just a blacktop and two cars gunning for it.

Daytona Shootout

After 75 laps of the Daytona course Kyle Busch took the win, but it certainly wasn’t an easy one. Earlier in the race a touch from Jimmie Johnson sent Busch sideways onto the apron: his lightning reflexes that caught two massive drifts kept him in contention, and he went on to win the qualifying race by the narrowest of margins. This is the stand-out moment in NASCAR for us this year.

(Photo Credit: Matthew Stockman / Getty Images for NASCAR)

F1 Brazil

It looked all over for Sebastian Vettel on the first lap: relegated to last place after Turn Four and suffering damage to his Red Bull RB8, a lesser man would have called it a day. What followed was the drive of his life, cutting through the pack and doing just enough to take his third consecutive driver’s crown.

(Photo Credit: Red Bull)

Formula D Irwindale

It all came down to the finale of the 2012 FD season, with one Daigo Saito showing that he can throw it down anywhere in the world. The Speedhunters editorial team onsite all agreed it was the best drift event they had ever attended.

Idlers 12 Hours

‘Amateur Endurance’ racing is how Dino billed the Ilders 12 Hours. This grassroots event captured your imagination and was one of our most popular motorsport events in 2012.


One of the largest and best sport compact drag meetings anywhere in the world. Oh, and lots of big power rotaries too. No wonder you loved the coverage so much.

Le Mans 24 Hours

The greatest endurance race on earth. Audi have been dominating in recent years, but Toyota have sent a clear warning that they won’t be lying down for the Four Rings.

Macau WTCC

With zero margin for error, Larry documented one of the toughest street races on earth.

Pikes Peak International Hillclimb

Although some may consider that Pikes Peak has lost some of its charm for 2012, the now all-paved course means one important thing – more speed.

Revspeed Super Battle

Time Attack at its best, the Tsukuba Super Battle pitches Japan’s best tuning houses against each other. As Dino quite aptly puts it, ‘the clock never lies’.

Spa 24 Hours

The third 24-hour race on our list, but by no means the least important. The Spa 24 Hours provides everything any motorsport junkie would ever want, including what must be the largest grid of GT3 cars assembled all season long.

Time Attack Series at Brands Hatch

The UK Time Attack Series has developed its own and well-deserved reputation as one of the leading Time Attack series anywhere in the world. Their Brands Hatch round is one of their best. Judging by the page views, you also agreed.


It may have been dominated by one car, but that didn’t stop you showing your enthusiasm for our coverage of the annual World Time Attack Challenge.


Our final nomination for this category: from Loeb’s domination to Gronholm’s huge accident, X-Games provided a lot of talking points in 2012. We are all wondering what 2013 will bring in the rallycross world…

Paddy McGrath

Speedhunters Awards 2012

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Where is Gatebil ?


@TomsGrende My thoughts exactly! That was, and always will be the best event speedhunters will cover every year!


Definitely Formula D Irwindale!!! YEAH! XGames as a close second I think!! That's real racing right there!


Where's the watkins glen nascar sprint race?! Best nascar race in years by far.


Le Mans :)


Circuit of the Americas? was that not a big deal?


WTAC was awesome so ill go for that


Not as 'big a deal' as Interlagos in our opinion.


no WRC....??? c'mon


what about drift shifters, roaring success


@midgeman Sarcasm meter is pegged.


Wow, Shift-S3ctor is honored to be nominated! Check out the Airstrip Attack official video we posted today.... http://youtu.be/cNi-2aQLo-s?hd=1


@PaddyMcGrathSH  @TomsGrende Whoops, forgot that I already voted there. Thanks Paddy!


Normally, I wouldn't vote for Formula D Irwindale just because i don't want to be a drift fanboy.
however, the final round this year was RIDICULOUS. So many upsets, tense moments, absolutely INSANE driving. Most action packed round of formula D i've ever seen, and the most fun i've ever had watching a motorsport event. I think it deserves to win.


Im not going to vote on this one because every motorsport event is special for me (Nascar and drift not included). And also because your missing another very important part of motorsports which are events like Dakar, Baja, Carrera Panamericana, Targa Tasmania, Isle of Man TT(bikes jeje), etc.


I thought the NASCAR Watkins Glen finish was much more exciting then that Daytona race.


@USteppin this. Perfect example of what nascar should be


Keeping it real with airstrip attack! Amazing event


It was shortlisted for the final nominations, but others won out.


@Maciej Drazczyk I think a lot of this may have to do with how poorly the media coverage of the 2012 WRC season was handled by the FIA. Hopefully next season, with Red Bull Media House on board, will be the beginning of a new era for WRC.


@TomsGrende No problem!


hey! nurburgring is in the options, but not in the post! whats wrong?!?!


@jgbalves Yes it is, nominations are listed in alphabetical order in the poll.


Well being that I live in Colorado Springs, and am looking at Pikes Peak as I type this. It has def have to be the PPIHC. The magic of waking up at 2:30 and driving up the road, (race morning nobody drives slow), waiting for the gates to open drinking beer with the other race going fans. Sittin and spittin talkin about drivers, and the cars. All waiting for the 30 seconds they come flying by, the local hill climb community here loves the racers and the atmosphere the race provides. Now all we need are some WTAC cars to come and attempt to tame the Mountain. She is a beast.


Pikes peak was the awesomest!


Targa Trophy events should be consider as a nominee! Their California 1000 was epic.


Targa Trophy events should be consider as a nominee! Their California 1000 was epic.


Targa Trophy events should be consider as a nominee! Their California 1000 was epic.