Speedhunters Awards 2012 :<br/>photo Of The Year Round Two

Here we are with round two of the inaugural Photo of the Year award. Each Speedhunter has submitted five of his favourite images of 2012. It’s up to you to choose your favourite image by each photographer, so you will be voting more than once. Remember that you’re voting on the photography, rather than the subject.  The Speedhunters themselves will be presented in alphabetical (by surname) order, with the first five in this previous post and the last five in this post. Let’s get started…

Brad Lord

The former Editor-in-Chief of NZPC, Brad made the sensible decision to come and collaborate with the rest of us looneys.


Scorch Racing S15

Rhys Millen

PAC Mazda 6

The Godfather

Sebastien Loeb

Paddy McGrath

The token Irishman amongst the team, we don’t know how he got in here and we can’t seem to get rid of him.

ALM Audi A4


The Shed

Toyota GT86

Keiichi Tsuchyia

Jonathan Moore

The professor of suave and our very own international man of mystery, some say that he’s envious of the new beards on the block.

Porsche 962

The Flying Supra

Audi at Le Mans

Ferrari 458 at Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch at Night

Bryn Musselwhite

A man of many and varied talents, some of which are even useful.

Ford & Friends

Roarin’ Rat


Datsun 140Z

BMW E30 M3

Jeroen Willemsen

The Netherland’s finest export and a Kultivated Speedhunters OG.

Audi TT

Rods at Essen

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

Top of Eau Rouge

Gulf McLaren

Speedhunters Awards 2012

Please remember to vote once per Speedhunter. Voting Closes December 24th.

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I would say that a picture of the "Dorikin" with the new AE86 (GT86), doing some cool pose for himself not for the camera....I would say that this is the best advertise for any car. You can not be cool near an uncool car. This is super cool :)


abolutely insane !,Paddy the keichi 86 shot is iconic ,Jonathan the audi at le mans is sublime ,Brynn Roaring Rat but narrowing them down like that is tough, they are all good


This lot is absolutely jaw dropping!!!!