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Bored out of my mind waiting for my university admission exam (or HSC for those of you who live in NSW, Australia) results, wanting fresh contents for my new-found blog EIGHTEENTWELVE and to have a crack at the #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER program, I decided to take a three-hour road trip from South Sydney to visit the National Motor Racing at Bathurst, right next to Borcky’s Mountain, the Mount Panorama Circuit.

The Museum showcases a huge variety of racing related vehicles, from open-wheelers to dragsters, from motorcycles to safety cars, and everything in between, which can be sum up quite well in this image.

But twas the touring cars I wanted to see and shoot, and what’s a better starter than this immaculate replica of the first Bathurst 500 winner in 1963? A Mark I Ford Cortina GT, driven by Bob Jane and Harry Firth, finished a full lap ahead of the runner-up. The car is amazingly simple, amazingly stock. To see what I mean, check out this cool video by Irwin Racing driver Lee Holdsworth put together before the 50th running of the Great Race. You can watch it here.

Here we have the chassis that took the chequered flag at the Mountain in 1967, campaigned by again, Harry Firth and Fred Gibson. And it was recorded as the only green-painted XR Falcon GT.

Ten years later Allan Moffat and Jacky Ickx took the top step of the podium, driving this very XC Falcon. The 1-2 finish with Colin Bond and Allan Hamilton was not only Ford’s most famous win, but also regarded by most as one of the greatest moments in the Great Race’s history.

Fast forward another ten years, Tony Longhurst and Thomas Mezera drove this Sierra Cosworth RS5000 to victory in 1988. The model was chosen because the heavy Falcon was no longer competitive under the international FIA Group A regulations, during an era that was later dominated and ultimately terminated by the Godzilla, R32 GT-R.

“The Green Eyed Monster” AU Falcon, Craig Lowndes’ first Bathurst Ford raced in 2001. I reckon if Monster sponsored a race car back in the days, it would have looked something like this.

With Team Vodafone/Triple-Eight Race Engineering took out another Team Championship, we should all have a look back at the beginning. Campaigned in 2006, this is the first winning chassis constructed by T8, first Bathurst winner since the death of Peter Brock, and first Ford to win the Great Race since 1998.

From Betta Electrical, to Vodafone, to Red Bull next year, sponsors come and go, but with the skills and talent of Whincup and Lowndes, T8 will not disappoint.

Anyway, enough of the Blue Oval. I bleed red. And let’s talk Holden.

Another genuine Bathurst winning chassis, driven to victory in the hands of Larry Perkins and Russell “the Enforcer” Ingall in 1995.

Saving the best till last, let’s wind the clock back.

Now this is a scene that sent chill up my spine.

Driven by none other than Peter Brock and Larry Perkins, the VK Commodore finished first in the last Bathurst 1000 ran under the Australian Group C regulations, where race cars are essentially road car with a roll cage and fender flares to contain the wide rubbers, yup, they still have the back seats on! The Holden Dealer Team (HDT) staged their own version of 1-2 finish to rival the Ford domination in 1977 with John Harvey and David Parsons’ Commodore came closely second.

The most iconic livery in Australian motor racing history.

Back to the 70’s, this is the answer from the Lion after 1977. The A9X Torana dominated the 1978 season, and of course, on the Mountain. And yes, its younger brother, the 1979 Bathurst winning A9X was the one that established the legendary status of “Peter Perfect”, in which he led the race by six laps and set a new lap record on the final one.

I always have a soft spot for the shape of duck tail spoilers…

…of course, motor racing is all about being functional, and this is the difference twenty-something years made. I drooled over that little piece of carbon fibre trunk lid spoiler on the 2003 Bathurst lap record-breaking and race-winning VY Commodore of Greg Murphy and Rick Kelly for a good five minutes.

I later drove the Mount Panorama Circuit in my, well, two-litre naturally aspirated GC8 Impreza, clocked 150km/h on Conrod Straight, around half as what a modern V8 Supercar can easily achieve. It was slow, but was definitely an epic finish to an already awesome day out. Did run into some trouble with the 15-year-old EJ on my way home, but luckily nothing could be hung on “THE JOYS OF MOTORING” display…yet.

Troy Guo



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Awesome post,


Cool stuff! It's amazing just how different the cars are in Aus vs. America and Europe. Most of those cars I've never seen before!


wery nice photos


very nice photos


Is that the same Triple 8 team that also make Touring cars here in the UK for the BTCC?


great post. probably not wise to post your conrod straight speed though, lol. considering its a public road, with a MUCH lower speed limit, :P
great work though. love this museum, really should head back there over the break!


@roeby According to my knowledge UK was where they came from, but no, they are two individual teams now.


Great post mate!


Thanks Speedhunters! And thank you Paddy for choosing the post. This means A LOT to me! Love you guys! =D


@TroyGuo troy, you should try get a post in about summernats, i think it would go down well on this sight :)


Seeing those Brockie Holdens bought back some memories, he was my Hero....RIP Peter Perfect.


no pictures of the corolla's there? if i recall correctly one of then is the most successful race car ever, not a typo, it's supposed to be the most winningest car to race ever, or something like that


Great place, Australia's racing history goes back way before Bathurst though. Bloody lucky you didn't catch a kangaroo down Conrod too - even more dangerous than travelling 2.5x over the limit. If you want to see the track at speed, get involved with a support race crew and be there practise and race day. Lots of fun and exhilarating!


thanks a lot for the post!


How'd your ATAR go?
Great post though. Nice speed record hahaha


Of course the r32 isnt in there -.-Most aussies will refuse the skylines existance in touring cars and say "nah mate, the v8's would kick your rice burners arse every time"


@aussieANON It's coming out tomorrow mate *fingers-crossed* Thanks! And I like your sarcasm...=P


@EthanGuzzi that r32 is currently for sale, thats why it's not on show there


What no SKYLINE GTR!  Crazy.


What no SKYLINE GTR!  Crazy.


What no SKYLINE GTR!  Crazy.


I was about to say, why so much about Ford, I love the Holdens. But I see you were trying to be fair :D.


Would do about anything for an A9X Torana sitting in my garage. Even a replica. One of the best looking race cars of all time. Iconic.


@777 The most 'winningest' car in Australian race history was a white Mini speedway car lol. Not sure which Corolla you're referring to, you'll need to be more specific


@777 The most 'winningest' car in Australian race history was a white Mini speedway car lol. Not sure which Corolla you're referring to, you'll need to be more specific


@777 The most 'winningest' car in Australian race history was a white Mini speedway car lol. Not sure which Corolla you're referring to, you'll need to be more specific


I remember growing up and seeing the the Green Eyed Monster Falcon on TV, was epic. Would love to see it in real life.


I remember growing up and seeing the the Green Eyed Monster Falcon on TV, was epic. Would love to see it in real life.