#iamthespeedhunter: A Matter Of Colour…

… or color as some of you would say. Regional spelling differences aside, we couldn’t be happier with the quality of the photographs you submitted for our first #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER theme. I think our inbox is going to need some time to recover for the next theme – more on that in a bit – but for now, let’s take the time to appreciate just some of the amazing photographs that you have created.

Topping the pile this week is Nicolas Serre’s perfect pan of a Legends Cup Car.

Using a long exposure and a little bit of luck, William Guillon benefitted from the tail lights of a car passing through the frame.

I’m still jealous I didn’t make it to Gatebil this year, but I really felt like I’ve experienced it vicariously. This dusky submission shows the benefit of the perfect light.

Even with harsh day light, you can still come up trumps. Radek Brejcha’s 370Z against some bright street art was in perfect keeping with our theme.

Mr. Huxham has been at it again, this time desaturating the background to help this McLaren pop.

Jordan Adkins caused me many dilemmas this week. He sent an e-mail with so many quality submissions that I nearly gave myself an aneurysm. In the end, I settled on this beautiful red Trueno in an underground car park. Red is a really difficult colour to photograph but Jordan has done a top job replicating the depth of the paint.

With such an open theme like ‘colour’, we got some great interpretations. From all of the colours of the rainbow to much darker tones, you really challenged the theme.

Sometimes the absence of certain colours helps others scream.

There’s a lot to be said for being out there at the right time however.

David Clarke used the setting sun to great effect here. In photography class, you’re normally told to never shoot into the sun but there’s always an exception to every rule.

A bright paint job accurately captured is tougher than you’d think. It’s very easy to screw up colour temperatures and end up a shade or seven in the wrong direction.

Working with autumnal colours is another interpretation, although this opportunity tends to only come around once every year …

A very effective method is to drop your shutter speed way below your comfort zone…

… and watch as the world dissolves into a blur of abstract colour.

Sometimes though, a lady in red is all you need.

Next week’s #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER posts will be catching up with some of the non-theme based submissions we’ve received along with announcing the next theme. It will also be the last week where I’ll be considering submissions for our first annual #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER Award so make sure to get your submissions in to us in good time.

Paddy McGrath



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写真は、800×533 ピクセル以上のJPGのフォーマットでお願いします。




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Great photos everyone! Really love David Clarke's Camaro shot, so vibrant!


awesome photos!  is it possible to get red ae86 for desktop (1440x900)?


Alright, that's it. I'm signing up for a photog class...


so glad you took my pic on top , Thanks !!


Thank you very much for featuring my photo and the compliments that followed, Paddy. I'm honored and incredibly happy! Definitely a milestone and makes me want to work harder!


@NicolasSerre Really great shot but I'm curious as to what kind of event you shot this at because I've only seen Legends run at the local short track speedways & that shot looks like a road course...


@Dusty Monkey  @NicolasSerre Legends cars run on road courses frequently in Europe. Only in America do they only run on short ovals.


Yes it is . In France they run only on road courses


That Legends Cup Car kinda looks like that BMW M3 GT2 (I think) Art car.


For the second time! WOW! Thanks a lot Paddy! Some really great photography everyone!


Radek Brejcha's Blogroll (REDZED 370Z photo):http://www.shatsu.cz/realdeal


Few from Australia in there! great to see.. but i guess, it is the land of colour and contrast...


Few from Australia in there! great to see.. but i guess, it is the land of colour and contrast...


Two french on this selection! That's cool ;-)Thanks Paddy for the selection.  And congrats to all.WillVision


So many awesome shots! Love the Esprit and GT3 especially. Honoured to see mine (the Vodafone V8 Supercar) among them all.


great to see my pic in there paddy ... from a fellow irishman , thank you


The lad who owns  the white 180 never paid for the respray of that car, its easy to have a nice car when you dont pay for the work to be done on it.


the Porsche RS pic and the Silvia/240sx one could literally be posters- high res versions would be amazing!!


Thanks Corey. Thanks again for the kind words Paddy.